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 Is there a limit to verbal abuse from an employer before some sort of legal recourse can be taken?

 is it legal to take a persons whole check?
an aquantice i loan a small amount of money ended up qutting her job. I knew she had one more check soming so, i went to her house the day she got paid. she told me child support took the entire ...

 work related injury question?
I'm a CNA. at work i lift, roll and turn patients (including turning the cranks for the older type hospital beds). some of the pt.'s can weigh more than 200 lbs. (I'm 5'1, 125 lbs)...

 I was offered a job and then denied due to a bankruptcy. I am in TX. Is that legal?
I was actually told that was the reason! They also said that I was there top candidate but because I would be working half the time with staffing at banks then they could not hire me because of the ...

 I have a human resource question regarding discrimination and indangerment?
Our payroll person told me she was cutting a final check for an employee that was going to be terminated the next morning. It was 5 p.m. and only a couple of people in the office. One of my closest ...

 lawyers and their career?
about the ...

 Is this wrongful termination?
My fiance has beening working 15 years for a fortune 500 company in California. About 6 months ago he was about be layed off but found another position in the company and even got a title promotion ...

 is it normal/allowed for employers to take back your commission if an item you sold is returned?
...not at a clothing/retail store, but for example at a position where you sell engineering devices to university departments?...

 Do U think I have a case, or 2 based on race?
My supervisor and her boss, which is both black, made me resign from my job of 4 months because they said I looked and sounded too "urban" on the job. Puzzled, I went to my supervisor'...

 Legal questions about a job?
My husband has been waiting for a job as a supervisor for a tree service company to open up for a month now. He got his crew of guys together to go to work. Now today they go to take their drug test ...

 Legal Advice Needed - UGTMA account?
UGTMA.... is an account of money from an elder to a minor, I'm not quite sure how it works, but my fiance's great grandmother left him money in an account of this type. It's an ...

 How can i get a work permit if im on summer vacation already?
Ok school just got out and most jobs require me, a 16 year old, to have a work permit to work there. i live in california if that helps. where do i go or how can i get one if possible?...

 pre employment drug test after work?
got 2 interviews, got the job offer a week later, accepted it, and was asked to fill out some paperwork to bring to training. one of the forms made us agree to pre-employment drug testing. 2 weeks ...

 Workplace bullying ok?
I have recently been bullied in my work place when my boss threatened me saying "there will be trouble" repeatedly over the phone after I shared with a close work friend a story about what ...

 Can a Manager work with a relatives?
my bf has this manager who works with HIS boyfriend, but at his last job the managers were not allowed to hang out with any employee after work and a manager couldnt work with his or boyfriend/...

 My employer is trying to change my commission?
I have worked here for 3 1/2 years. In 2007 they decreased commission from 8% of everything over goal to 4% of everything over goal. I signed something called an EAF agreeing to essentially "...

 what if you pin a poster up on a sign could you get in legal trouble?

 Would someone with a long criminal record be able graduate from college and get a good paying job?

 Can an employer make daily schedules? I have to call in each day to see if i work, is there a law against that?
i can't make any plans because of it, is that reasonable? additional info: i live in Texas and i am a ...

 Is it legal for my employer to mandate a BMI physical and deduct $15 a week from our pay check if we fall ?
below their alleged standard?
My company just started a BMI physical and stated that $15 a week will be deducted from the paycheck of employees who do not meet their standard.
While I agree ...

bob sagget
If I am scheduled to work, then arrive and get sent home, do I have a case against the company?
I was scheduled to work today and when I arrived I was sent home. The company is trying to get me to quit by cutting my hours drastically. Also, I am frequently in a situation where I am unable to clock out on my own, so I have to count on a manager to put the right time. It should also be noted that I am docked 30 minutes for lunch every day, even if I didn't have time to take a lunch break. Should I talk to a lawyer?

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2009-03-07 14:27:47 +0000
You do not mention as many of those who post what state you are in. In California they would have to pay you. No way of knowing if your state also has this law in place.

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2009-03-07 16:36:07 +0000
Not sure what you mean by "a case against the company". A lawsuit, since you mention a lawyer? No. But depending on where you are, and when they tried to contact you to tell you not to come in, you might have a right to be paid for some minimum length of time. As far as cutting your hours drastically, that's their legal right, although you might be eligible for unemployment. For the lunch break, they have to pay you for the time you actually work, whether you are supposed to be at lunch at that time or not, but if they tell you to take a lunch break and YOU decide you are too busy without their authorization, they could fire you for not following what you were told to do - without knowing more about your job, it's hard to say on that - if for example you're the only nurse in an area and your taking a lunch would leave patients unattended, that's very different that if you're in customer service and your taking a lunch would mean some incoming phone calls wouldn't be answered.

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2009-03-07 00:00:47 +0000
Why are they trying to make you quit? I would talk with a lawyer. Call around to see who will give you a free consultation.

Keep track of the hours that you worked.

and no matter what, DO NOT quit your job! Keep going until they let you go. Otherwise, you won't be able to get unemployment.

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