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trevor e
I'm a salary paid employee, if my company decides to shut down for a day, is it legal for them to dock my pay?
They take 8 hours of pay from my paycheck each time they shutdown for a day because of lack of work. As a salary based employee I was under the assumption that I would get paid whether the plant was operating or not.
Additional Details
I live in N.Y.

I also understand that the company shuts down for lack of work and financial reasons. I'm not looking to get the pay back, but my own financial needs are being sacrificed for the companies gain. Not many people can afford to lose a days pay a week and still mantain the same lifestyle.
I also work several hours of overtime each week without extra pay.

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Chris M
What state do you live in?

In texas, you should have a contract you signed when you started the job stating the salary you should be paid, and if they can change the amount. Re-read that document to ensure your wage cant be changed.

If it cant, send letter. If they don't pay you, take them to small claims.

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Call the labor board in your area and ask them that question and they will tell you. If you are a salaried employee it would not affect your pay; but, if you are an hourly-paid employee, I believe they can. I would call the labor board before I would suggest ill feelings about your pay to your boss!

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Jeff D
Depends. Are you non-exempt or exempt? If salaried exempt, I do not believe they should dock you. But, you need to ask a lawyer.

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Check your employment contract agreement or employee handbook. You may have agreed to those conditions and forgot. If you never agreed to those conditions, then you have a case. You can file a wage claim or you may file a case in small claims court.

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You are correct in your assumption that "salaried" (exempt) means you are paid for a full week at a time, regardless of the number of hours worked.

However, the company is permitted to shut down for a full day and not pay its exempt emloyees for that day. It sounds from your description that they are taking advantage of this by shutting down frequently and not paying employees. You might want to contact the department of labor in your area about their shady dealings: www.dol.gov

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Your assumption was wrong. They only legally have to pay you for the time you work.

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That sounds right.

Start by quietly mentioning to your boss (who is probably also being docked) that you've been getting docked on closed days, and you think this must be a payroll mistake, since you're salaried. It could be, and if it is, they'll fix it.

But they may expect you to accept the pay dock. Realize that they're not shutting down because there's no work, they're shutting down to save money (because there's no work to generate income). Again, talking quietly and non-confrontationally with the boss will tell you whether this is the case. If you and the boss relate well, he may share some private company info or maybe his feelings about it with you. This can help you to decide how to pursue it.

By rights, you can demand the docked pay. If you want to take this route, have a free consultation with a lawyer or two, to get their opinions on the matter. If you decide to, you can choose one of the lawyers to file suit for your missed pay.

But if the company is hurting financially, they may decide they can't afford you, and you'd be out of a job. They'd still have to pay you for the docked time, but they can legally lay you off.

it is possible that you could negotiate a bit. If they can't pay you and you want to work with them, ask for extra comp time or pay for the next time you have to work overtime. You could also try to take a role in helping them to get more work.

You also need to think about how viable the company is. Can the company be expected to recover from this lean patch, or should you look to jump from a sinking ship?

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