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so how can I live
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i was just ...

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 employer-reference question?
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Erin B
How to word a misdemeanor on a job application?
With a disorderly conduct charge on my record what is a good way to describe to potential employer

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Why would you offer that information??
Keep your mouth (or pen) shut unless you have to explain it when asked. If so, I would say, oh, when I was young I did something really stupid. A friend and I got drunk and got charged with disorderly conduct (or something similar where you are saying I did it, it was stupid and I am embarrassed and trust me that is part of my past) and I learned from it. But unless they ask you directly or you have to answer it for a legal job (government, etc.) don't offer it.

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Super Racer
Don't. They usually just ask for felony's. If it's not a felony, it don't count.

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Why would you need to explain that to an employer? Last time I checked, they were only allowed to ask about fellonies. But, If they do ask about it, just tell them that you were young and stupid and learned your lesson. Assure them that it will never happen again.

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It depends on where you are applying. Some job applications only ask if you have been convicted of a felony, and if so, do not describe the incident at all. You can go to your local police department usually and purchase a copy of your criminal record for a small price, and see what shows up. That way if the company does a check you know ahead of time if it will even show up. But if they ask about any crime or say felony or misdemeanor then you should not lie, because it could come back to haunt you later. If it was something harmless say, you had too much to drink and acted a bit rowdy somewhere, just explain the whole incident in the space provided on the application. Sometimes just stating the charge does not explain to the employer it was a more harmless offense, if that is the case. Also sometimes people are put on probation and at the end of the probation completed successfully, the case is closed and will not present itself in a prospective employer's background check. If it only says felony on the application, don't tell them at all.

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David V
If the application asks for it, simply put CPC 647 and the sub-code (647(a), or 647(k)(2)).

No reason to word anything, unless it asks you for one. If it does, simply say 'In 2007, I was convicted of violation of California Penal Code 647(a)', or whatever the violation was.

You were convicted of breaking a specific law. If you try to explain it on an application, you may make it sound worse than it really was.

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Tarheel Rob
Generally speaking now days a company will do a back ground check prior to employment. On an application it may ask you to list any felony indictments the reason being that the back ground check is because the company is doing a background check based on your home county. Meaning that if you had a legal problem in another state it likely would not be found.

Why you ask would a company do a back ground check like that? Well simple the way a back ground check works is that it's more costly.

However you don't know how much this company is willing to spend so if the application asks for felonies list any felonies. If it asks for misdemeanors list them too regardless of location.

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