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Fire me for looking for another job?
At my current job, I perform critical tasks that can't be done by anyone else. For personal reasons, I want to move to another part of Michigan in the next 3-6 months. I felt bad about the idea of giving my employer only 2-week's notice, because I knew they wouldn't be able to replace me that quickly.

So I told my boss that I saw myself moving in the next several months. And I thought it would be prudent to start on a transition plan. My boss was impressed with my honesty and agreed with the wisdom of my idea.

Unfortunately, my boss's boss took it personally. Within days he hired 2 people to replace me (I do a lot of work!). And now I've learned he plans to fire me as soon as these 2 have an "acceptable" level of knowledge.

Is this legal? My performance reviews (ironically the last one was done by my boss's boss) have been glowingly positive. My productivity is better than anyone else's in the office. I put the interests of the company before my own.

What recourse do I have?

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None. Many states are "at will" meaning, they can terminate you w/o notice or warning. You have warning. You made a mistake by telling anyone your plans, what you should have done was get another job, have it waiting and then given your 2 weeks notice.
Of course your boss's boss took it personally; you're quitting! He has to run a business and he needs to find replacements for you. Nothing personal, but he does need to be practical. You made your mistake by telling anyone about your plans and now you have to suck it up and find another job quick before you're unemployed.
Once they knew you were planning to leave, no matter when, they had to cover themselves.

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Sorry, you sound like a very responsible person, but your director is just being prudent. Obviously they are confident you will help the two hires get up to speed. You yourself make the argument that the training process will take more than two weeks.

Once they are performing at an 'acceptable ' level, what would your role be? Maybe your manager will be able to ease your terminate date back to close to your preferred date by having you do 'busy' work, like documenting your job functions or doing priority 3 clean up work. But really there would no longer be a business need to retain you. Even if the new two hit some problem and need your help -- what are they going to do after you leave, call you at your new job?

Your director plays the game the corporate way. You can learn to do the same (actually, you probably can't), or you can continue to do what you think is the right thing, and take your lumps when they come.

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Francesca Thomas
You have effectively been fired, so you could leave the boss right now. Let them train up your replacements - that will teach them to treat you like dirt.

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Anna P
Make sure you get a letter of recommendation from the company prior to when you leave, and make sure that your record shows that you were not fired for cause. You can file for unemployment, and you want to make sure you get it without them contesting, so make sure you get the letter.

The person who "fired" you acted irresponsibly and misused your integrity, but don't do anything that will reduce yourself to his level. Teach the people, and make sure they are not left w/o the information they need to do the job. This is unfortunate, but many managers don't really know how to manage. Be civil right up to the last minute. You can tell prospective employeres that you left the position (as technically this is what happened). Make sure you have copies of all your prior performance reviews and any other evidence of superior work performance.

Well, I guess you will have time to relocate now :) Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Good luck to you and your new direction in life.

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If he fires you you can file for unemployment - the best of both worlds!

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You don't really have recourse on this one. You did a decent thing by letting them know. But unfortunately, they can fire you without a reason, so not much you can do.

Good luck.

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If your state is an "at will" state then they can let you go with or without reason. Look through your employee handbook and see if there are "at will" statements notifying you of this. I would just wait it out and see what happens. If he does let you go then you can try to file with your local EEOC office for wrongful termination, but it may not work out for you.

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