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 Corporate Law Vs Criminal Law?
Corporate Lawyers Vs Criminal Lawyers
Which Type Of Lawyer Has It Better?
-I Want To Know Average Pay Of Starting Lawyers And Lawyers Who Have Been There For A While
-Hours Worked and D...

 Can my employer search me?
I wanted to know can my employer put their hands in my purse and move things around when searching me when i leave or can they only look and I move my stuff around? Also I live in California in case ...

 What would you like to ask?To be a DEA agent will my first name stop me from getting that job?
its a guys name margarito but very uncommon its a spanish name do you you think my name will stop me from getting a job or my education will count for the most part please give some ...

 My rights when it comes to buying stock?
Hi so i have opened my ow boutique, it has been open for about 7 weeks now. There is another clothes shop down the road from us that have been there for about 3 years ihave been having real big ...

 How do you find out if you would make a good professional mediator and would enjoy it?

 what is the law in alabama concerning salaried employees?

 Which course is better to study legal secretary or paralegal?
Which one pays more and do I need to get a licence for either? Location: San Antonio, T...

 Could anyone help me a job for legal works in Calgary, Alberta? I finished my Legal Assistant Course Program?
at ICS Canada and Bachelor of Laws degree in the Philippines . Please give me opportunities. T...

 sex appeal job ??????????
well me and my friend are wondering what kind of jobs are considered like sex appeal jobs for example like jobs you can make ...

 Workmans compensation question?
In the state of Colorado if you have a workmans comp claim can they fire you before the claim is settled?...

 need legal advice please!?
So my dad was fired for "not being able to complete his charts on time". i could possibly type for a day about how he increased the hospitals gross by millions in the year he was there, how ...

 My employer changed my hours worked to prevent overtime pay.?
Recently, we have been disallowed from being scheduled for or working overtime. I believe my employer has changed my hours in our payroll system to prevent me from receiving overtime pay. I noticed ...

 Paralegal Diploma?A good Idea?
I am finishing my General Bachelor degree in Psychology this year.... I am really interested to go into law school, but it is really costly and I don't think I can get in any law schools in T...

 Networking and Law opportunity?
Here's the skinny:
I've got a great opportunity to manage two properties for a very influential and well connected (with Obama, Biden, Bush, etc.) family. I also have an opportunity to ...

 EASY lawyer question?
I want to become a lawyer when I'm older. I want to be in the government after I become a lawyer (i.g. senate, house of repesenatives in Washington D.C.) I don't want to be in Criminal Law ...

 Can an employee request an employment contract? If so, can the employee's attorney produce one?
My friend recently was offered a job at another firm (Company B). She has not told her current employer (Company A). When she does, she believes that her current employer will make a counteroffer as ...

 Need professional legal secretary to review my resume for free & advise?
I have no literally no money for professional service and used the "free" ones in past and got some different advice. I think I have added too much information that is "common sense&...

 Two different companies, same name. Is that a legal problem?
I am on the verge of starting a business, name picked out and everything. I just found that there is a business on the other side of the country with the same exact name. Its similar in trade, but ...

 What's the process to be a Lawyer/attorney?
Like, what is the step by step/year by year detailed explanation?...

 Lawyer or SSI who's at fault?
Lawyer sent a letter to the wrong appeals office but on a timely manner and I have proof the clerk received it.I called my Lawyer periodically to follow up and make sure case is still open,Lawyer ...

Does walmart hire people with felonies?
I am a 20 yr. old male who was arrested (but not convicted) of 4 felony counts of Burglary of a Habitation back when I was 17 & I am currently on Deferred Adjudication probation as a result of the crime I committed and has been on for almost 3 yrs. without any violations or any addition charges added on & tomorrow 8/19/09 I have a interview at walmart and I just wanted to know what to expect before I go.

I live in texas & I attend college

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Every time you walk into a walmart, you are supporting slavery.
Don't work there.

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Hang your head up, and tell yourself you are just as good as the rest of them. Who knows, it Wal-mart does or not? But just look at the interview as practice, and if you get the job GREAT. Just smile and be professional, and look like you really want the job. Also, straighten your crap out- I hate burglars, traumitized me. Don't do that anymore- start using your brain (in a good way to make money).

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