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honey b
Do I have a chance at winning a sexual harassment suit against my employer?
A new manager started, and the whole night he made sexual and flirty comments to me ( i have whitnesses who will vouch me). Later that night, he followed me into the walk in cooler and had my back on the wall and my front firmly pressed against his front. I told him in an angry voice to move 2 or 3 times before he did. I have been asked to write a statement for the company, should I get a lawyer first? How do you find one who collects payment after the case is won instead of an upront fee?
no cameras
no one saw the "assault"
he denies is
i am not the only female employee with complaits about him
i live in missouri
ive been on my job for 6 mo, he for 2 wks

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Libby T
Before I begin, let me reassure you that I empathize, and sympathize, with you completely. Years ago, I had a similar experience, except in my case, a group of 8 women were fired from a small mfg co. of about 110 employees. Management felt there were too many women "of a certain age"; we were replaced by male college dropouts.

Now for the bad news. You will be amazed at how quickly your witnesses, even the women who experienced the same harassment as you, disappear into the woodwork the minute you try and persue legal remedy through the chain of command, or the EEOC. The lawyer I consulted warned me this would happen, and it did. When people are faced with a possible loss of income via retaliation, they will claim loss of memory; they were mistaken; "it wasn't that bad/it was a blessing in disguise," and so on. People you considered friendly coworkers will suddenly develop amnesia.

Also, even if you get a "right-to-sue" letter from the EEOC, as I did, an attorney will require a retainer (2k, 20 years ago). The company can, and will, drag the case out as long as they can; they can afford to wait you out. You will grow tired; weary; disillusioned; bitter.

For these reasons, and many more, I advise you to pursue the matter as far as you can within the company. Certainly, try and get the horny toad the re-training, and/or reassignment, he desperately needs.

However, for your own piece of mind, I'd advise against pursuing this through the legal system unless you can get your witnesses to give their notarized statements to you *in advance*; otherwise, the case is as good as your word against his...and the company's, if they choose to side with The Jerk.

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You really need evidence. If it is his word against yours, there is no proof.

In addition, if you wear short skirts, makeup, flirt, etc then they can use that against you.

In addition, they can pressure other staff to make up lies against you.

It is difficult because he could escalate his behaviour into sexual assault, or he could back down.

Here are some things that can help you.

1. Spy camera
2. Spy recorder (looks like a pen but is actually an MP3 recorder)
3. Your mobile phone.

Get the proof then kick his butt.

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If the company is responding to your complaint, and it sounds like they are, you have no basis for winning a suit against them.

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first you can NOT sue in federal court under the protections of Title VII unless you first file a complaint with the EEOC.... before you have ANY chance of winning anything you must have reported this to the company and allowed them to correct the problem (you have done that) so
if the company addresses the problem then there is NOTHING for you to sue for.....
suing the individual would probably be a total waste of time, because even if you won (which is questionable) you may never be able to collect anything...

you did the correct thing by reporting this NOW read the information from the EEOC so you know how to proceed.......

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