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 Can parents demand tuition reimbursement retroactively?
My parents are very strict about my studying and I want to get a doctorate so my grades are important. I live with them and they pay for school, but don't allow me to work. Long story short, ...

 Job Hiring Discrimination Question - Do I Have A Case?
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 They want me to lie? Work cover up!?
Basically someone at my work messed up, I saw them mess up but didn't say anything right away.

Pretty much one of the shift supervisors was having a fit (like they do everyday for any ...

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ok i interviewed for a job that was posted at work. There were 2 other people that applied and interviewed along with me. We have been waiting for an answer on who got the postion. Come to find out ...

 Anyone mind answering some legal questions and giving me some advice on a matter? am i in the wrong? slander?
the second paragraph is confusing i think. It is meant to say :

I got a text from a friend, didnt know who it was and as i worked it out i said "Wonder where she got my number from&...

 What can a previous manegar legally say and not say about me?
I worked at this small business for about 5 years ..it was great working there , and i was even nominated employee of the year twice . I then got married and had to relocate , and the hour drive ...

 other jobs for a lawyer besides practicing?
is there any point in getting a JD degree if you don't plan on practicing law (trial lawyer, disputing cases, etc). I have a BA in communications/journalism - i would like to get into the law ...

 Has anyone every had a background check conducted on them before the jobs was actually offered?
I interviewed for a rehabilitation counselor position with the Department of Corrections a few weeks ago. I received a call about two days ago from a lady requesting my W-2 forms for a background ...

 How could i get a job like this? HELP?
Okay, so one of my favorite shows is Law and Order SVU (Special Victims Unit) One of my faveorite characters on the show is Dr. George Huang, who is played by B.D Wong. Dr.Huang is a Criminal P...

 unemployment question?
I had to take my kids mom to doctor, she was in serious accident and has lost most mobility, shes in wheelchair,and i have noone to take care of kids over summer vacation. i called in to my job and ...

 Unemployment Benefits?
If a person is layed off from their job, but is offered another positon making less pay then before, and they don't except the position... will this person still be eligible for unemployment ...

 Job not excusing absence even though I have a doc. note legal?
I took a day off last week for my 13 month old daughter b/c she was coming down w/ a cold took her to the doctor incase it was more than cold (swine) which it wasnt. But I called in work told them ...

 I resigned from my job and received documents saying I was terminated.?
I resigned from an unbearable job, effective month end and from a job which I thought would be the best job I could ever have had initially. I submitted my resignation, and the boss came in and told ...

 My boss threatened to hit me with a ******* crowbar.?
first he told me to speed up my grinding machine, then when it started burning the parts i was grinding he told me to shut it off. I did and reset them all and put the speed back down to a reasonable ...

 What should I do about this employment problem?
As you all know by now this economy has caused many to fear for their own employment, so my biggest question is can you collect unemployment benefits if you are fired from your job?...

 I need help on becoming an FBI agent.?
I really want to know what I should study in college in order to become an FBI agent, and also in their criteria I don't know what "Diversified duties (require an advanced degree with work ...

 I was fired because my friend quit his job. Is this unlawful?
The vice president of my company quit his job - 3 hours later I was fired b/c of my friendship with him. I wasn't even at work when he quit. Is this wrongful termination? Do I have a case?...

 I got fired, they lied?
I was recently fired from my job of 3 years. My supervisor and director of operations lied about the reasoning for firing me. They stated i had several sit down meetings about my attitude and work ...

 is it illegal to say you're 18 on a job application?
I want to work for chacha.com but I'm only seventeen......

 Break Policy?
I have herd that it is against the law for businesses to deny employees break privileges. Could any one tell me if this is true or not? It would be really cool if some one could give me a web site to ...

Can you collect unemployment if you had to quit your job because you were moving out of state?
I understand that in most circumstances you are ineligible for unemployment benefits if you quit your job, but what if you had no choice? My family relocated out of state and I had to choice but to leave my job in NJ and move with them to SC as I can not afford to live on my own. I gave my employer a month's notice. I filed for unemployment benefits with the state of NJ as instructed since I did not find a job immediately after moving. I was given a phone interview a month after filing and will receive their decision in about a week but I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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No you can't. It wasn't the state's or your employers fault you had to move.

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if you quit your job because your spouse was transferred to another state and made a higher salary then yes you can collect, there are no other reasons to collect if you quit.

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Go to the hearing and state before a judge why you quit. The judge is usually understanding and if you have enough monies from your last employer to quality for Unemployment Benefits, you will get your check(s)!!!

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Well, contrary to the beliefs of many people, you CAN get unemployment benefits if you quit your job to move to another state (for certain reasons). I do know of people receiving benefits because their spouse got another job in another state so they had to move. In those cases, the spouse that had to quit to move to be with their spouse. But in your case, I'm not certain if you will qualify. In addition, to be eligible for unemployment, you must have worked for a certain minimum length of time within the past 18 months, so if this is your first job and you only worked for a few months, you might not even be eligible because of that.

But all you can do is to try! Good luck to you!

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If you voluntarily quit your job without "good cause connected with the work," or if you voluntarily retire, you may be disqualified for benefits. "Good cause connected with the work," means that your reason for leaving must be directly related to your job and be so compelling that you had no choice but to leave the job. For example, a person quits work to move out of the area. While this is a good personal reason to quit, the reason for quitting is not connected with the work and the person would be disqualified.

If you quit your job, or if you voluntarily retire, you will be scheduled for a claims examiner interview. The examiner may request certain documentation as supporting evidence of your separation. The examiner will determine if you are entitled to benefits based on unemployment insurance laws and regulations. It is not likely that you will get unemployment.

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If you're married and your spouse took a job out of state and you moved to be with your spouse, you might qualify. But if it's your parents, a boyfriend, or siblings who moved and you moved with them, no you wouldn't qualify.

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the state will decide based on the facts in your case but it is possible that you will be eligible.

the majority of people that answer questions on Y!A concerning unemployment insurance do NOT have a clue as to how the system works.
every state's regulations are basically the same but each state defines what they see as "good cause" to quit a job........ all you can do is go through the process NO one can tell you if you will be eligible or not until you file and go through the entire process including all the appeals (if need be)....

you also must qualify for unemployment, this is based on your earnings in the past 15 to 18 months (varies by state).
if you qualify then the eligibility process begins.....
elgibility is based generally on WHY the job was lost and what the employee did or failed to do to prevent the job loss.......

the ONLY certain thing about unemployment insurance is NOTHING is certain.......

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