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 i would like to know if this is legal?
so my ex-landlord called me today and told me he is going to keep 1600 dollars that i put down on this townhouse as a down payment that was 100 % refundable as soon as i moved out. ok so when i took ...

 Which job do you consider more impressive?
FBI Agent or a Lawyer? just trying to settle an argument.
Lawyers have to do so much more to earn their job, and they make tons more, but the FBI also has a certain prestige to it as well....

 I was recently dismissed from a job with a law firm, the reason was told to me as: It just isn't working out.
My question is: I was just there a little over three months and I need to get another job asap to keep up with living expenses and other debts that I have, -- can this former employee "bad ...

 Can you sue your employer and still use them as a reference?

 I need some advice please?
my ex boy friend owes me some money. i gave him 200 for rent and 200 for gas and food for a road trip. we were in two seperate states. he asked me to visit him for a weekend and we agreed that he ...

 Can my employer bully me into working even though I have a valid sicknote?
I am signed off work by my doctor at present for a week, and my sick note is valid until wednesday. My employer has been calling me to tell me that she has booked appointments for me on tuesday, and ...

 Is it legal to post a "Wall of Shame" at work?
At my work, if a worker misses any piece of information, the company will post that paperwork along with the employee's name on a "Wall of Shame" as a way to deter this from happening ...

 do employers have to provide a staff room for lunch break?
Or do you eat at your desk? Answering phone, etc means you are still actually working when on lunch break. What is the law does anyone know?...

 Can you draw unemployment after loosing a temporary job that lasted a year?
My friend has been on this job for a year, It was full time but only temporary but they just now decided to let her go b/c they didnt need her anymore. I dont understand why they wouldnt just hire ...

 Left work as systems were down for the whole day and could not do anything - is this unauthorised absensce?
i work for a call centre which relies heavily on our internal systems. there was a system upgrade during my shift which lasted until the end of my shift. we cannot do anything during these systems ...

 I want to resign whilst on suspension but I'm on full pay?
I want to resign from my job but I was suspended 10 weeks ago with full pay.I have another job and can start anytime.I feel that if I start the new job then my present employer can make things more ...

 I'm interested in being a lawyer. I'm only a freshman in HS and I feel like I should start reading law books?
I'm really interested in studying the law and how it works. I have an addiction to crime shows like "Law and Order: SVU" and "Law and Order: CI" and other shows like that. Is ...

 Can I lie about my age for employment?
I am 15 and I really need a job. My family is having a crisis, and I could really help with the cash flow if I was working. I've been told I look 18-19, but I never get calls back due to my age ...

 I got fired because of facebook...?
I worked in a restaurant and mothers day was supposed to be a mandatory day to work however it was also my 1 year anniversary with my husband. The week before I talked it over with my boss and he ...

 How long can a employer sue you after being fired??
well lets say my best friend got caught stealing stuff form work and they fired him and now he is worried about them suing him or coming after him and i thought i could ask other people what they ...

 My wife's employer has told her she has to go back to work full time after our baby is born Is this right?
My wife currently works 4 days a week but at a yearly apparisal she was asked what if she was going back to work and then told that her job would only be open if she goes back full time. Can her ...

 I am out of a job and can't find one, and I think i was wrongfully fired?
I am a restaurant manager with a little experience, I was always a chef. I was fired last Saturday, and was told it was cause of probabtion, but the night before, I broke my toe, I still worked, but I...

 What would you do if your boss.......?
What would you do if your boss.......?
The owner of the company I work came into my office this morning with a box of personal mail and paperwork. Some of it's even his wife and kids. He ...

 how can i lie on my cv about my previous employer?
i hurt my back at work 8 months ago, and when i wanted to go back to work my employer fired me! so i am pursuing a personal injury claim for the slipped disc i suffered in my back. i want to work but ...

 I work in reatail and my contract says i have to give 3 months notice.?
I think that is so ridiculous as its only a shop and who on earth would hire me when they have to wait that long! Anyway I handed in my notice the other day. I gave them one month? Is there anything ...

Tall Green Alien
Can they legally make you take a personality test in the office?
They want to make us take the Myers-Briggs test. Do I have to take it?
Additional Details
Maybe I don't want to be categorized. Maybe I would prefer to have my work judged on my work rather than a personality test. Maybe I don't want to know the results because I don't want to put my mind in a box.

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Common Sense
1. Who are they?
2. Yes. An employer can require this.
3. Why would you think they couldn't?

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They can't force you to take it....cuz you don't have to take it unless you are willing to take it in exchange for the job.

It's not like they pulled you off of the street at random and forced you to take it.

But yes, they can make a condition of your willful employment with their company that you must complete a personality test.

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Mar C
keep in mind when they fire you , you will not be able to collect unemployment....

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Who are "they"?

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Dr. KIA GCG says Suckit Whores™
No, but they also can fire you for no good reason, it's called "at will" employment, so i'd just be careful what waves you make. In this economy you don't want to be fired for being uncooperative, or insubordinate.

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Make you take the test? No they can't.

Not hire you, or fire you, if you refuse? Yes they can.

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No, you don't have to. This doesn't so much categorize as much as demonstrate aptitude or some natural ability. While it is fair to judge people based on performance, it is also important to assess personality to gage your ability to work well with others among other things. Don't put too much emotion into the results as it is mostly a personality assessment that attempts to determine if you are an explosives expert, opera singer, or race car driver. All of us have natural ability or things we prefer to do.
Example, in our county dispatch center (police, fire, EMS) one of our best performers is 7 foot tall. Guess what? hates basketball. Loves Golf. Is personality is one that loves analysis, excitement, and we pick this up in the Myers-Briggs test.
It is really meant to help you.

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"Maybe I don't want to be categorized."
" Maybe I would prefer to have my work judged on my work rather than a personality test."
" Maybe I don't want to know the results because I don't want to put my mind in a box."

who implied any of these issues would be brought up or become an issue due to a test.
the test may be a tool for management to determine the things you have stated and to deal with you accordingly.
the test results determine much more then your personality they are used to develop a plan to increase performance, retention, improve the workplace atmosphere, improve teamwork, determine prospects for advancement opportunities and leadership roles etcetera...etcetera...

and oh yeah........they can not force you to do anything BUT they can terminate you.

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