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I Qued her too many times in online chat at work, essentially I was saying a kindly as possible, "dont drag me into your project I've enough to do" ...

 what are the limits at work regarding:?
what are the limits on when you should have a break at work or take a lunch.
My work sometime doesn't give people breaks for five hours and lunches for six hours.
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 I would like contact with someone who knows about Employment rights and the law for employees please?
my son has just had the most awfull experiance with an employer and we need to know if the things thay have done to him are right and what he can do about it .
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Which job do you think is better? Why? plz dont just say cuz ur a doctor/lawyer
Which job gets paid more?
how many years of college?
any other info you want to add, ...

 My employer promised to pay me for my trial day at work, but she didn't...?
She said she'd pay me after the trial day, as it was not like my first day at work, it was just to see how it goes. However, she did not pay me, how should i bring this up? Should I wait until ...

 Can employer fire me because he finds out I've put in applications elsewhere?
That was their reason... they heard I was looking for a job somewhere else, and they don't think I'm happy with my job, so they are going to have to let me go.... can they do that?

 Is it legal to make an employee work 7 days a week 8-12 hours a day?
Can an employeer have a 40 hour a week employee who is on salary work like that? He should at least be paying overtime, right?...

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on my feet the whole time and I don't get a break. I share the shifts with another person, we work between 10am and 9pm. Our boss has now decided to open between 11am and close at 8.30pm but, BUT...

 What place were you hired at, at 14?
Not like babysitting or mowing ...

Can an employer take your cell phone from you?
I work in retail and my employer all of a sudden wants me to surrender my cell phone at the beginning of my shift. I am uncomfortable giving up my personal property and am wondering if there is anything legal about this. Thanks.

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turn it on vibrate and tell them you dont' have it on you, that you left it in your car,, they can't make you go out and get it and give it to them...

then just let them know you have it on you.. leave it in your pocket..

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no he cant take your cell phone it is your property if he does it again i would quit the job cause that sounds like a bad employer..

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no its ur personal stuff he can ask u to not have ur cell phone while working. someone has complained about u using it while at work.

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Why did your employer change his mind "all of a sudden"? I bet you've abused the privilege (not the "right") of using your cell phone during company hours. Until a dozen years ago, it wasn't a problem. All of us worked all day, without talking, and texting throughout the day. Now, every minute there's "an emergency situation and I just gotta talk..." No, it's not legal to have your phone confiscated. If it is important to you, you could talk to your employer about it, and ask what happened for his change of heart. As others have mentioned, you can keep your phone in your car or at home.

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Do you need this phone to do your duties? Most likely not. I have a friend who works in a grocery store and they just implicated a new policy of no phones while working period.

The reason is that in most cases, the employees text constantly and do not help customers, do other jobs etc since they are too busy texting. Also they had cases where "friends" of employees stole or robbed the store due to the employee using the phone to "alert'" them when safe to come in and steal. They were able to prove this and the employees was fired.

If someone had to reach you in an emergency, they could call the retail store and call you. So you do not need this phone while working.

Either surrender the phone or leave in your car. If you value this job, then do as they say.

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This is an easy one - just don't bring it into work. If you drive, leave it in your trunk. If you take public transportation, leave it home.

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Then don't bring your cell phone into your work premises.

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Can an employer take your cell phone from you?
but if you bring it to work, the employer ask for it, and you refuse, they may discipline you up to termination...................
just don't bring your phone into work.

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conditions of employment need to be spelled out in policy manuals. If it is in the manual, it is usually legitimate action. If clown hats are not part of the uniform, it is legitimate to request employees remove their clown hats before working. those who wear their clown hats to work can legitimately have them confiscated.

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