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 Can my employer keep me in after my contracted hours without pay?
It is usually for about 5-25 minutes every night at the end of my shift. I work for a supermarket in the UK. Stacking crappy shelves. If you could refer me to some kind of law it would be great. I ...

 how to I contact a law firm over seas viva email?

 Advice on the radiology field.?
I'm interested in pursuing a career in radiology. I worked in a veterinary hospital for 4 years & I LOVED taking x-rays. I know it has a rep for being a difficult field, but also one for ...

 does an employer have the right to decrease your PTO?
I've been working for a social work company for almost 2 years. When I was hired, every employee was eligible to receive 21 days of PTO which had to be used by the last day of the fiscal year. ...

 Employment Legal Advice?
I work for a small company and have been lucky enough to build a great relationship with the this company. Such a good relationship that when it came to time to sign a work contract with them, they ...

 What are my options to get my final paycheck?
I quit my job on the spot on Feb 25th. It left 2 shifts uncovered for the pay period. My former employer is trying to say that I was fired for quitting with those shifts uncovered. I feel that ...

 How do i get my baddriving record cleared for a job?
okay, i just graduated with a Bachelor's in Social Work and want a governement job, they have the best pay and benefits, etc...however I had a lead foot in the past and have a 3 page long ...

 What field of Law makes the most money?
Lawyers, Detectives, Police, etc, which job makes the most money?...

 Is it illegal to work in a store, office, any place if you are not an employee there and you are not being tra?

 Which law sector will allow me to travel the world?
I'm only 14, but and im doing a career investigation for my future. I want to study a law that will allow me to travel the world like japan, usa etc.

I'm interested in Commercial ...

 has anyone had an unemployment hearing?
i have one today and i dont know what to expect if anyone has details that would be ...

 A question about unions?
I don't know if all unions have generally the same rules or policies, but I am curious about this. I am in a union for work, and I am at work right now. I have been dying to use the washroom ...

 Im currently having a cbr check done , is the following paragraph normal on an application?
Im currently having a cbr check done , is the following paragraph normal on an application?
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please wait for the Disclosure before making a recruitment, employment or licensing ...

 unemployment whats this? petition of appeal?
hello everyone,

I just received notice that I won my unemployment hearing yesterday. Today i recieved a "petition for Appeal" .... what is this? it also has a stapled piece of ...

 buissness law class ....HELP I LOST MY BOOK AND THIS ASSIGNMENTS DUE TODAY I CNT find the answers online?
my new book dont come in till wed and this is due tonight

. Which of the following is not a duty of an agent to a principal? (Points :5)
Due care

 False information in my personnel file?
I have recently been terminated from a position for reasons I disagree with and am dealing with in regards to my former employer.

However, I have obtained a copy of my personnel file, and ...

 what's the legal way to ask the ratio of men to women in the department I'm interviewing for?
I'm interviewing at a major company (it's the accounting field), and my job will consist of high interaction daily with the members of the team. I am a woman, and I already know that I will ...

 Who is the best constutional lawyer?

 Legal Lunch hour entitlement for working in the uk?
Hi Everyone,

My boyfriend starts work tomorrow. he has to work from 8.00 till 5.30 and he has to commute 2 hours each way (as company said he would work local but now changed the contract ...

 How old do you have to be....?
to become my beneficiary?
I am a Wal-mart employee and I need to decide who will receive my money if something were to happen to me. I must choose 4 benefactors, two of which are my parents. The ...

Can an employer refuse to pay unemployment if...?
If the employer follows company policy on terminating an employee IE verbal/written notice, 2nd notice and then final notice, can they deny unemployment or refuse to pay a severance package?

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2010-03-19 12:35:29 +0000
The employer doesn't decide if you get unemployment or not. Only the Employment Security Commission can do that. I will say that if an employee received all those warnings, it's more than likely they will not qualify for unemployment benefits.

Severance packages usually are factored in when there is a lay-off. I don't think I've heard of many cases where a terminated employee qualifies for severance pay.

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2010-03-19 12:41:52 +0000
Unemployment and refusal of employment is totally different aspect. You should see this link for details on that:


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