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 If you fail a routine employment drug test after doing a government marijuana research study are you excused?
I'm considering doing a government research study for consuming marijuana in various ways (I think the study focuses on non-smoking consumption, IE: marijuana tea and marijuana food products) ...

 Is this process legit?
Ok, I've recently opened an account on eBay and i have been buying and selling. Things have been going good. However, about two months I started buying gold from as much as $5-$35, and then ...

 If I'm single/ dependent ( my mom claim me)?
Can I file income tax? Do I receive money at the end of the year? Or my mom puts together her income and mine? ( I didn't last year because I was exempt from taxes )

So far for ...

 Under legal laws, can an employer ask an underaged (17 year old) to provide proof of work?
So basically, I signed a contract with a theatre to write just one play - it wasnt like I was employed to continue to write plays them full time. then out of nowhere they ask me for my right to work ...

 Help ? Petty Theft at the age of 15?
I live in Canada. Last year I stole at the age of fifteen. I just turned sixteen this year and they would say they would erase my criminal record. Is that true? And if I were to apply to any random ...

 Can this girl fire me?
I work in a petrol station which has two owners. The owners are the ones who pay our wages but only visit the site every couple of months as they live over 200 miles away and own severall other ...

 Is it legal to not pay your employees for the time it takes them to close?
We don't get paid for the ten minutes before our shift that we're required to be there, or any time after closing time. If it's busy right up until closing time, it can take an hour or ...

 please help me , this is important :'(?
ok. i reallly wannt to be an fbi agent when i grow older but heres the thing.

i am english and i moved to florida about 1 and a half years ago, i am only 12 but i am pretty good in school ...

 I am trying to apply for a California state job?
I have taken the written examination for the Office Technician but have not received my results yet. Once I receive these results, how do I proceed?...

 how do get employment law help?

 how to become a lawyer?
how do you become a lawyer
how long does it take?
do you have to go to college or law school if so for how long
how much years does it take exactly to start ...

 how i being an army officer get a job?
I am an army officer in rank of Lt.col.with 23 years of distinguished service and a MBA.Can I get a
job in pvt. ...

 How should I go about pursuing a career as an FBI agent.?
Hello there,
I know to many this may seem unrealistic and almost ideal. But I am honestly very serious and interested in becoming an agent. Right now I am merely going to be a Junior in High S...

 Returning to work from maternity leave, is employer being unfair?

Before having my daughter I was employed by a restaurant owner to be the manageress. Now after writing to them, giving them the required month warning, they have responded by ...

 Can a previous employer in the state of Indiana give a poor job reference?

 if i work out of town can i get exempt?
I work in Fort worth every week. so do I have to serve on a jury....

 If I'm not in America, can I...?
I live in Romania and I want to go to Law School in the USA. When I finish high school, do I need to go to America to do the admission test? please help! Thanks! :)...

 can i sue for wrongful termination?
this job is not an "at will" employment.
Additional Details
I was "let go" for working overtime. I was told on Thursday not to work overtime, written warning. Then ...

 Legal advice please?
I am a 23 year old Canadian living in Ottawa Ontario with a university degree and am trying to get a job with the federal government. The problem? I'm a white male, NOT a woman or visible ...

 Which Canadian or US companies directly entertain foreign job applicants?
I am from the Philippines seeking to obtain a managerial position in any Canadian company. I want to know which companies these are so I can browse their sites for available careers. Monster.ca, ...

Chris W
Can Lawyers Specialize in More than One Field?
Say that If I was to become a Attorney and I wanted to be apart of more than one field, is that possible and has it ever been done before?

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Sgt. Midnight
Yes. Being a lawyer can open many doors in other fields. You can teach law/paralegal courses, you can act as a personal adviser to an executive in a company or politician, you can run for office, you can be a consultant for a corporation. Depending on your area of law, say you specialize in medical malpractice, you act as a legal adviser for a hospital, or if you specialize in business law, you can offer legal advice for someone opening a business/corporation.

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