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 Can I Become A Lawyer? PLEASE HELP?
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 Need advise....?
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 Is commuting difficulties a legal excuse for an absense?
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 Is it legal for an employer not to hire someone solely on the basis of a misdemeanor?

 10 POINTS!!!!! is there a gov't website that tells me the standard regulations/laws of a job in the workforce?

Additional Details
website for the state of texas?...

 Can my work fire me for having a doctor's note and taking off time due to miscarriage?
My doctor's have had me off since Monday. I went in Monday in the afternoon to the after hours clinic for bleeding and pain. Since then they have been trying to figure out if it is an ectopic or ...

 can a person get a good career if they have bad records?
okay well like if a person had done felonies and other crimes in the past and they totally changed, is it possible that that person can get a career?...

 I filed for unemployment after being terminated but my employer is claiming I resigned?
I was written up at my previous employer for things I was not properly trained in, and when I refused to sign the document I was terminated. I returned my keys, uniform, etc. and got copies of the ...

 Employer over paid me. Do I have to pay it back?
I was an independent contractor for a company, gave my 2 week notice and was done with them. I received my last paycheck from them and they paid me for an extra week. Now a 2 months later I get a ...

Can I quit without giving notice when I haven't signed a contract?
I recently started a new job. I originally applied for the job a while back, was offered the position, left hanging a few weeks and then told the position was no longer available. Soon after the employer contacted me and asked me if I wanted to cover someone's sickness, no guaranteed hours, although they'd endeavor to keep me on with at least part time hours, once the full time sick leave cover had ended. I agreed and was bought in for four days induction, then waited a few weeks, before starting properly. I have only worked four full days so far, and I can already see that this will not work out. The job is not what I thought it would be and even after just a few days I'm dreading going in. So, I plan on quitting.
In my contract it stipulates that someone who has worked less then a month but longer than one week must give four weeks notice, or else the employer will deduct the equivalent pay. However, I have not signed this contract, and neither has my employer. I was given a copy of a blank contract to read it through, but I have not signed or returned it.
So, do I have to work out the notice?
Thanks in advance for any replies!

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☆**•¸Hey! You asked!¸•**☆
They cannot Legally deduct anyways pay.. once you worked it they have to pay it.. even if you did sign the contract. They do this to scare employees into giving them notice but they know they cannot legally enforce it. You don't require any notice to quit a job.. they of course would highly prefer you give notice but there is no Law out there that says its required.

You have not even worked there a week.. just tell them your not coming in to marrow and you quit.. that's all you need to do.

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Jason W
Careful! They might be able to legally deduct! (In many U.S. states, anyway. I don't know about Britain).

In Massachusetts the law is that an employer can require an employee to give a certain amount of notice before quitting *if* the employer agrees to give the same amount of notice before terminating the employee. In other jurisdictions, there might be no such restriction.

Also, don't count on the fact that neither you or your employer signed the contract. Legally, a signature is only one of many ways that a person can signify their consent to a binding agreement. (This is how you are able to order stuff online and "electronically sign.") Basically, any affirmative act that definitely indicates that you have agreed to a contract will be construed by a court of law as indicating that you agreed to the contract.

In cases of employment law, a court might find that you knew the terms of employment being offered by the employer, and by accepting that employment, you therefore agreed to those terms, even though you didn't actually sign the piece of paper. In fact, employers often have "policy manuals" or "terms of employment" that are given to the employee before they start work. If the employee takes the job, they will be bound by the policies contained in the manual, even though they didn't sign anything.

It is immaterial that your employer did not sign the contract, because they are not the ones against whom the contract is being enforced in this situation. If it were the other way around and you were seeking money from *them*, then it might be relevant that they did not sign it.

Bottom line: Your pay is at risk, and a court could go either way on this question, depending on what jurisdiction you are in. You might as well give notice.

Besides, what if they do withhold your pay? Are you ready to hire an attorney and bring them to court?

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yes just don't show up any more, if asked why just let any future employers know that you worked there but was never given any hours so you had to find other employment.

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Please take care about who you take advice from. If you are in the UK, the fact that the contract has not been signed makes no difference. By turning up for work and doing the work, you are accepting the contract, so the employer could persue you for compensation for terminating the contract early.
I would suggest that you come clean and tell your employer that you have been offered another job which you which will suit you better and would he therefore accept a week's notice form you. No employer likes being messed about, but if you are up front about things, you will not be leaving under a cloud.

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Just to second fengirl2's answer, which is similar to what I would have said. A contract of employment incorporates the advert, the application form, the interview, what you agree orally, etc., long before you sign the actual terms.

Do the right thing and they might let you go anyway.

Good luck.

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