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 Requirements to be a paralegal in Tennessee?

 bad reference - what can be done?
If you have a reference down when you go for a job but someone you didn't have as a reference from your previous company gives the reference but gives one that is bad saying false ...

 Would this be considered a type of discrimination in the work place? Do I have any legal grounds?
If I were to get fired for dating an employee (myself being her supervisor), could it be a form of discrimination if I knew of other supervisors who didn't get fired, only transferred, for the ...

 Types of Lawyers and Salary?
I am considering becoming a lawyer but I have quite a few questions:
*What can I expect as a criminal or family lawyer?
*How much can I expect to make yearly if I work by myself, out of my ...

 I work full time, and want to know if it is possible to study for a law degree in the UK?
I will be on Maternity leave as from Feb 08 so I wanted to started something around, then like an open university degree or part time degree at an university.
What qualifications do I need to ...

 Have you ever lied about your driving record on a job application?
Ok so I applied for a job about 3 weeks ago and I have an interview tomorrow. On the application I forgot to list one of my traffic tickets for attempting to elude. I wasn't trying to out run ...

 LAWYERS- what are the advantages/disadvantages of being a lawyer?
i know money is an adv....however a p/time week for lawyers is meant to be 60hrs (ridiculous)... I am trying to see if its possible to have a good lifestyle/quality of life as a lawyer....
any ...

 doctors,lawyers, architects, maybe a dentist.?
I am 20. 1 year left to transfer to University to get BA.

Lawyer. 4 year ba, 3 year law. Cost of schooling: 60K/yr x 3 = 180K ...

 Is it legal for an employer to reduce your hours when you come back from sick leave?
So I work in a restaurant. I had full time when I left. I had a small stomach surgery but I was only out for 10 days. I kept them informed the whole time. I gave them notes from my doctor and got ...

 Are disgruntled employees to be helped or fired?

Additional Details
This strange employee, a woman, was hired and acted normal for about a year. After which, she began to act strange. I thought her boyfriend was the problem, since she ...

 Employment issue.?
I have joined the company two months ago. In my offer letter it is cleary stated that if I leave the company in probation period I would not be given any letters and I am liable to pay two months ...

 Is a law degree worth it? Seems like the answer is a clear NO. What do you think?
So here's my question for the Law school experts out there: Why should one invest 3 years and 150k for a Law degree where the only clear ROI is entering BIGLAW after graduation. Attending Law ...

 My mom gets no days off at work ?
she works for a company call turano its a bakery. She works 12 hours 7 days a week ! it's mandatory or else she would get in trouble. isn't that illegal for the Co. to be making their ...

which employer pays?! I worked with my most recent employer for less than 2 weeks before being evacuated do to the fires in the area and could not return to my home, therefore, I felt that b/c i had ...

 I am a CPA. Would it pay off in my career to go to law school to become a tax attorney?

 How long can an employer put off paying you?
I am a freelance editor/coder, and the company I work for currently owes me for 5 books. The oldest book was submitted in early September. They have been happy with the work I have done.


 Can you legally fire someone who had made a formal, though unsubstantiated, sexual harassment claim?
...If their work performance is sub par and they've been disciplined, in writing, for insubordination and inattention to duty?
Additional Details
Basically she made the claim ...

 To all lawyers out there....?
Hi....I currently hold a Master's degree in Counseling and Psychology and have been considering going back to law school. I am 27 years old. Is there anything that you wish that you would have ...

 hubby is being let go from his job and he is disabled?
My husband works for the state and he had a 1 year probation period. He did not pass. He found out 1 month before his last day (april 30). He has told them about his disability and asking for ...

 employer contract rights?
i have been employed with a company since dec 2005 when i joined i was a temp member of staff, after 4 months i was offered a perm contract which i agreed to and signed. In april 2008 that job title ...

Can I hand in my notice before a disciplinary?
I have been working at my company for just over 2 years now. I have been wanting to leave for a while now due to they way that they treat their staff. Over 150 staff have been and gone in the last 2 years (mostly sacked!) and we only have a workforce of about 40. I am one of the highest earners and have been expecting them to try and get rid of me for a while. They have now suspended me for using the internet at work. I have had no previous warnings. I am confident that I could find work within my months notice period. Can I hand in my notice and get paid for my notice period if I am due for a disciplinary?

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Yes Jacky, Katherine is right. If you choose to leave, future employers may well want to obtain a reference from this company. If your employment is terminated, again they will at some point probably be approached for a reference. I do think that your best bet is to attend the disciplinary, as hard as it may be. If they sack you, make sure you appeal. This will obviously help if you then decide to take them to a tribunal.

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Yes you can, it might be worth talking to a manager before you do it. It does sound a bit of a poor excuse, I can't believe they would sack you for that - you'll probably just get a warning.

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katherine g
they would probably be glad if you did resign. The main issue to think about is your reference from them; they are legally obliged to be truthful to other employers; and what will you say to potential other employers?

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You can certainly hand your notice in now.
However if they decide that you are guilty of gross misconduct then they in turn can sack you immediately and you will not get your months notice or months money.

your choice.

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