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 Can I take legal action with my employer?
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 Is this illegal for my employer to do?
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 Missed work due to flight cancellation and had taken a days holiday away automatically by employer?
I was scheduled to fly back sunday evening but flight got cancelled due to bad weather and I was home 19h late and missed one day of work.So my employer automatically booked/took away a day from my ...

 what do i do if someone is opening my mail? in England?
Ive moved jobs and my old boss has been opening my post and i know this because that a friend who works there found it and questioned her and she said she opened it all by mistake, i think she may ...

 Is it possible to train to become a lawyer at 55?

 is it legal for your employer to cut your pay twice in two months by 4 dollars?

 What is the legal term for the implied promise of continued employment?
For example, if you take a new job, and in doing so you have to turn down other jobs, incur moving expenses, etc. You have an expectation that your new employer used due diligence in creating the ...

 Do I qualify for unemployment if my employer hasn't laid me off but my hours got cut down to nothing?
I have been working for this company since January and was getting 40 hrs a week. My hours got cut back to 2 days a week, 5 hrs a day, and now in the lat 3 weeks, I have gotten no hours at all. I am 5...

 I really need a job immediately, where does people hire directly and temporary work? ?
hi. I really need a job. I am unhappily unemployed. I am in depression now because of unemployment. i am trying hard to look for the jobs but it doesn't work out it takes time. But I really neee ...

 Bullying policy and place of work?
Our bullying policy says I can be moved away from the department where I was bullied. I'm off with work related stress because they wouldn't move me. Now they want me to return, but to ...

 Is this company downsize legal?
The company I am working for is purposely firing employees that have been with them for numerous years. Anywhere from 5 years to 15 years. This is an obvious pattern that they are displaying.
My ...

 Does it take 8 years of college to become a lawyer?
I want to be a lawyer, but does it take 8 years?? How much does a lawyer make? I'm not in it for the money, I'm just curious. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a lawyer of some ...

 Being Fired Based on Age?
I just got Fired from my Job at Bluenotes
My manager said it was because I was 15, &I had to be 16 to work there.
I know she legally cant ask me for my age when interviewing me but ...

 Is it legal for me to back out a job after signing the job offer letter?
I signed an offer letter for a position at a new company. My current company wanted me to stay and offered to match the amount. Is it legal for me to back out of the deal with the new company after ...

 my employer has changed my hours of work but they are not suitable can they enforce them or can i do something?
i was working 9 days straight then having off 2 days then working1 day then having 2 days off then back into the 9 day cycle Again.i asked for this to be changed because it was to much with the 9 ...

 At 59 years of age, is it too late to start a career in law enforcement..?

 The hippa law has my rights been violated?
an ex friend informed me that an employee she hates has herpes. she accessed this information checking this woman's medical records at the same hospital they work at. ( this ex friend hates this ...

 What are my legal rights with regards to an offer of employment that was rescinded?
About a month ago I was offered a job with this company. Once I had received the offer in writing, I handed in my notice with my current employers. That was 2 weeks ago. Now this company have called ...

 iS this legal or not?? To fire someone for having diabetes?
I get a lot of great answers on this site..thank you so much! i also have a question for my friend... he has diabetes.. and has to take a break every few hours to check his blood glucose levels. His ...

 I have a bit of a speech difficulty and I was wondering if this makes me a 'retard' and...?
I have a bit of a speech difficulty and I was wondering if this makes me a 'retard' and if I could technically claim some sort of disability allowance.

I live in the UK lol ...

Are benefits required for full time work?
If you are a full-time employee and work full time hours (40 hrs) is it required that you receive benefits? Whether it be accumulated vacation time, some type of insurance or etc. I know somebody who's been working the same full-time job for over a year and has absolutely no benefits and is never going to get any. They even gave her a hard time when she wanted to take 1 single day off because she was in the hospital! It does not seem right to me and I thought benefits were required for FT work? BTW, I am in the state of Georgia.

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No, it's not required to have benefits beyond laws regarding workers' rights (i.e., lunch breaks). Sound like a really crappy job! You should find somewhere else to work where you do get medical, dental, life, paid vacation, stats, sick leave, etc. I THINK it's also law that you have to be paid more for official stat holidays like Christmas, but don't quote me on that, and overtime is also required IF you are paid hourly. But if you are on salary, most places that aren't union just pay you that salary no matter how many hours you have to work.

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Harry Ball

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It is not illegal if a business does not offer benefits. If you want them, you need to either negotiate for them or just turn down any offers for jobs that have no benefits. If she is working there it's because she did not want them.

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No, benefits are NOT required even if someone works full time.

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Common Sense
No, there are no laws requring benefits.

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Ryan M
Nope, benefits are BENEFITS, not entitlements. Benefits are COMPLETELY up to the employer. They are called BENEFITS because those are the BENEFITS for working for that particular employer. The only "benefit" that someone is really entitled to is overtime.

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Are benefits required for full time work?

NO, not in Georgia or any other state....
in fact by "law" there is not even a definition of full-time or part-time employment.

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in the US, benefits are just that, an extra the employer offers his employees to make it more attractive to work there.
Most employers offer a certain number of vacation and sick time days with pay
I know that an employer must give a certain amount of break or lunch time each day but have never heard if vacation or sick time off is mandatory.
the best way to find out is for your friend to call the Labor Commission in their state and ask.
You can usually find the number for it in those blue government pages in the front of a telephone book.
The link I provided makes interesting reading and basically indicates that vacation and/or sick time do NOT have to be provided.
I would still call your local labor commission and ask

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