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 Do politicians understand the difference in the "rich" and "super rich" and paying taxes?
o.k. obama is raising taxes on those those making between $250,000 and $600,000 who are restaurant owners, home builders, labor contactors, architects, surgeons, engineers, hospital executives, ...

 What is the Cyber Security Act Of 2009? What do you know about this bill?
I heard that this gives the government the power to shut down the internet? Isn't this just another way for the government to infringe on our freedoms by censoring information? Why should the ...

 children in state cps/dfs custody...help?
In january of last year a my ex husband was able to win a modification of custody and he was awarded primary custody of my daughters. My defense was that my ex husband was not able to hold a job, a ...

 Akmal Shaikh's execution - unfair criticism of China?
I disapprove of capital punishment but I feel that much loose thinking has been scattered over Akmal Shaikh's execution. He took a case containing 4kg of heroin into China in 2007. This is a ...

 Do you personally feel threatened by gay marriage?
So how is that going for you? How are you overcoming your fear? How will gays ruin marriage for everyone else if they are allowed to marry. Will Congress stop them?...

 Should the Death Penalty...?
I've asked this question in a different category, and thought I should ask it here too.

Do you think the death penalty should be brought back?

If so, for what crimes?

 Is MDPV drug now also illegal?
I'm not sure what category MDPV comes under so am not sure if it's included in the mephedrone ban thats just been legislated in the UK?
I don't want anyone telling me how these ...

 is this even legal for a cop to do this?
ok so there was a woman that was tailgating my uncle. he was RIGHT on him. my uncle pulled into a parking lot to let him around. the woman followed him into the parking lot. my uncle got out of his ...

 My friends 16 year old daughter participated in a fun conversation on Facebook that was taken seriously, now ?
She has a class D felony, it is the first time that she has ever been in trouble. That happened in Indiana, what can she expect? The charge is intimidation. She did not threaten anyone. She made a ...

 What made Racehorse Haynes such a prominent criminal defense attorney in Texas?

 Don't we have a right to know how MPs spend our money?
They are still delaying revealing their expenses while telling us 'if you have nothing to hide there is nothing to fear'.
Additional Details
Paolo D. I do not need ...

 Gun control?
I have to debate for gun control and i was looking for some talking points. I am currently an advocate for the right to bear arms so this goes against in what i beleive in but i have to do it for ...

 In Okla., if you terminate your rights as a parent will you still have to pay child support?
General question, please no negative comments.
Additional Details
The guy isn't a dead beat, the mom is....

 If someone committed a crime on international flight,the person will be charged with the law of which country?
1,Country where airplane is flying in the airspace of.
2,Country of the airline company.
3,Country of the criminal's nationality.

Does anyone know?...

 When you have been deliberately underhand in a business venture: Have you ever felt any remorse or guilt?
I'm wondering how you separate emotions in business, especially when it has the potential to destroy the lives of others?...

 what is 123 agreement between India and USA?.Why is it called 123 agreement?

 Is physician-aided suicide equivalent to homocide?
A discussion we're having in one of my classes.......

 An odd question about gay marriage. Is this possible?
Pretend that there is a couple, a man and a woman who are married. Then one of them gets a sex change, and they decide to stay together. Technically isn't it a gay marriage and isn't it ...

 Besides privacy violations, can you believe this about red light cameras?
ok... I won't even touch the privacy issue on this question... I am going to fight my ticket on grounds of 4th amendment violations-----
can you believe or justify that I have to PAY my ...

 Tell me what happened when you got a DUI?
First and second time offenders please. And please from people who have actually gotten them. This will be my first and I was pulled over in Colorado with a BAC of .169. I was driving alone and the ...

what is the role of capitol punishment in contemporary society?
what are your view regarding the use of capitol punishment?

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Ed S
For murder. Dead people don't kill people!

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Carl P
I do not believe the Prisons can reform people.
I do not believe only guilty people go to prison.
If a person admits guilt or is proven beyond doubt (as in DNA)
then the taxpayer should not pay for and cover the burden of the crime.
At that time only I agree with capitol punishment

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freedom_isn't free
When capital punishment is deserved and justified beyond all reasonable doubt then it should be enforced. The role of capital punishment is to prevent those who are a danger to society from escalating and causing more pain and harm.

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I think they ought to reserve it for the most brutal and senseless crimes. And I think they ought to use it more. The violent crimes in this country are becoming more vicious and more frequent. If you know for certain that you'll die for your crime and soon, you're less likely to commit it.

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There have been 209 post-conviction DNA exonerations in United States history. These stories are becoming more familiar as more innocent people gain their freedom through post-conviction testing. They are not proof, however, that our system is righting itself. Some exonerations come AFTER execution. For more details on those were exonerated (the crime, and the time) see http://www.innocenceproject.org

Because we are killing and imprisoning innocent people we can not ethically or morally have a death penalty.

Former, prosecutor, newly elected Dallas County District Attorney, is on a mission to change the system in the most notorious county in the UNITED STATES.

Self Justification can lead to wrongful convictions because the prosecutor of the case is convinced that she could not make such a mistake and put an innocent person to death or in prison.

Eyewitness misidentification is the single greatest cause of wrongful convictions nationwide, playing a role in more than 75% of convictions overturned through DNA testing.

One of the driving forces is that good people in law enforcement want to get bad people off the street. It is not always so simple.

If you are really interested in this question see the book referenced below.

The southern (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas) portion of the US has the highest crime rate and the most people on death row. Capital punishment does not prevent crime.

Capital punishment is very expensive. There are constitutional legal procedures that are necessary when you are to take a person's life away. It costs more to do this than leave someone in prison for life.

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