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what is the law regarding nude sun bathing in your own garden?
interested in the law regarding nudity

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I think it's completely legal in your own garden, or on your own property, given that you don't go shouting it around the street. Yeah - probably completely fine!

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who the hell cares, its your property, you should be allowed to do what you want on it >.<

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PA Sue
Providing you are not overlooked by neighbours or can't be seen by passersby you can do as you please - think about all those who do gardening in the nude! Just slap on the suncream.

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Don't sit in the poison ivy

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You won't be caught pants down by cops if you are not having any complaining peeping tom above your head; measure the height of the window of your neighbour's balcony.

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The Circus Bearded Lady
Which country? In the UK, there is a law against indecent exposure. In Singapore, you could be fined or imprisoned for being naked in your home if any member of the public can see you. In the USA, some states are very strict about what you can let hang out.

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crystal spring
well maybe you can do it, but like make sure no others can see you!

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Depends where you are. In English law there is the offence of Outraging Public Decency As a common law misdemeanour, the offence of outraging public decency is triable only on indictment and is punishable with imprisonment fixed for a period at the discretion of the judge. The act must be done in a place where at least two members of the public might see it.

There is also Indecent Exposure. Oddly, only a man can be prosecuted for this under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847. This law makes it an offence to expose one's "person" to the annoyance of "passengers or residents" and it specifically stipulates that "person" means "penis".

In short, as long as you have good fences so no-one can see you, do what you like. Just mind the wasps.

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I live in Texas and if it can't be seen from a public place (street, etc.) then it is legal.

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~~*Paradise Dreams*~~
As long as your neighbors can't see you, I don't think the law can prevent it. Unless you live in an area with an HOA, then you'll have to look into their rules.

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If you're in your own garden and can't be seen by anyone sunbathe away and to hell with em!!

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David L
depends on your garden...

but if it is overlooked it is public indecensy... and is a nasty fine.

the only way you can get away with exposing your self even in your house is if no one sees... or if it was by mistake (gap in the curtain.. forgot the curtains were open when you got out the shower) ect...

but purposly being naking in the view of others is public indecensy!


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Vampire Killer
Even on private property, you just can't go outside nude if you are in an area where you can be viewed by the general public.

If you have stockade fencing around your garden and nobody can see inside, you are fine...but if you have a chainlink fence or NO fence, you better have some clothes on.

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depends on where you live, neighborhood CC&Rs, if you're fat &/or ugly, etc.

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There is no objection to it if nobody is able to see you and object. http://gouk.about.com/od/uknudebeaches/f/nudity_law_uk.htm

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Letting It Stand
you must not be see-able from neighbours.
you cannot undress in the window overlooking a street for example.
But you can go on national TV and and have millions of people see you undress including little children in the name of family entertainment.

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Perhaps you should be worrying more about the damage to your health and less about the law.

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John T
In the UK there is no law which bans nudity - even in public.
However, if anyone sees you can complains then you would likely be done for causing distress or offending public decency or some such thing.

If you are in your garden and it is easily overlooked by other houses etc then you may be pushing it a bit unless you have decent neighbours.

Check out some of the details here http://nuff.org.uk/factfile/content/view/24/72/

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