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 can i sue someone if they hit me from behing but i dont have a license?
i work in home care, i was driving my patients to the doctor in her car and got hit from the back, now i got my arm dislocated and i have to go to physical therapy for it, the catch is that i dont ...

 I am under 24/7 harassment and surveillance by the us government, what country should i escape to

 OK...for all you ppl who are pro-life....which scenario is better?
Ok so i'm a pretty regular 14 year old girl. Not the one who plays sports and whatever but the other 50% of all teens...

Say I got pregnant at 14....

1st situation- I didn&#...

 BILL OF RIGHTS, important!?
If you could take away one of the 10 amendments, which would it be and why?

thanks so much....

 does the court actually charge for court-appointed lawyers?

Additional Details
my fiance is going to court tomorrow and got a call from an attorney today telling her that the court would charge her like $700 for the court-appointed attorney, ...

 Do I have a right to listen to religious radio at work?
We are permitted at work to have our own radios and listen to the radio at work, there are people all over here listening to everything from gospel music to rap, but when I want to listen to Catholic ...

 How do I report a statutory rape?
I'm 17 and in my state the age of consent is 18. A few weeks ago I slept with a 21 year old guy. I told him I was 19 at the time and he believed me. I have his contact details, his phone number ...

 Sociopath housemate: what can I do?
I live in a house with two other girls. One of them has treated me really badly- taking and breaking my posessions when I lent them to her, trying to humiliat eme in public, being generally ...

 Are you for or against the death sentence?
Why or why not? I just watched the Boondock Saints! :P I am 100% for it. No way do I want those criminals around to destroy more lives. If they are unwilling to repent, they need to leave. That'...

 what's your stance on the death penalty?
I'm torn: sometimes murderers are truly repentant and rehabilitated, but often repeat offenders (not just murder) are so beyond hope, why does society have to shoulder the cost of warehousing ...

 Why do people think banning guns helps reduce crime?
Hear me out- Criminals mostly acquire guns illegally, and most guns bought legitimately are not used for crime. If everyone owned a firearm, crime would be reduced, home invasions brought to a near ...

 is it statutory rape in Virginia if a 18 year old female has sex with a 17 year old boy...drugs involved?

 can your landlord ban your friends or family from visiting you at your home. ?
My friend lives in a moble home park and his landlord has kicked me out of the park from visiting him and says that if he sees my car in the park he will call the cops and have me removed now is it ...

 my boyfriend is 17 and im 14 is this statutory rape?

 what would be wrong with denying health care to illegals who are unable to pay?
im serious. CA has a huge deficeit, why not make a law that prevents illegals w/o cash to be denied services?...they broke the law to get here, and taxpayers should reward them with "the ...

 Is it legal for me to sit in front seat of a van?
well i am 14
90 pounds
and well i been sitting in front seat for like a month or two adn i just wondered if it was legal or not (my mom cant afford to get a ticket) and well ...

 Someone stole my dad's CC # and has been making purchases.. help?
Also, it was more than just 1 purchase they made.
Additional Details
Okay, so today my dad got a bill from Cengage Learning saying he paid 1,262.12 or something like that for 9 books. We ...

 What if Obama is proven to be born in Kenia?
Will Biden automatically become president? Will Obama go to jail? What does the constitution say about this eventuality?...

 What to do? I don't know if i should try to get emancipated or just move out of my parents house?
okay well me and my mom get along really well most of the time and occasionally have problems but resolve them fairly quickly. Me and my dad though haven't been getting along good for a long ...

 Is it a law that you have to attend all saftey meetings that your employer holds?
Can they write you up-legally?-...

Jennifer G
what happens if you are sick and can not make it court?
If you are sick and can not make it to your court date what happens or what do you do

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2008-03-09 19:11:02 +0000
The best way to avoid a punch is not to be there when its thrown. Take an Advil and bring some tissues. I would suck it up and just go.

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2008-03-09 19:12:13 +0000
have a statement from a Doctor and post it with the
court clerk 5 days prior to court date.Your hearing will get a new date to show.

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2008-03-09 19:09:17 +0000
You better have a doctor's note.

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2008-03-09 19:12:18 +0000
You take some responsibility for yourself so you don't have to lie. You probably have a warrant out for your arrest by now.

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2008-03-09 19:13:46 +0000
They issue a bench warrant for your arrest and you get to argue it from a jail cell!!! You better deal with thi differently.

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2008-03-09 19:09:57 +0000
you get a warrant issued for you, and depending upon the seriousness of the crime, you may or may not have the swat team drag you out of bed at 3 am sometime in the near future.

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2008-03-09 19:18:59 +0000
normally you can call and re-schedule, but sometimes its not allowed. i would call the courthouse if i were you

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2008-03-09 19:10:32 +0000
you have to make a court date unless you have your attorney ask to change it.

If you are told to go you HAVE TO GO other wise the could issue a warrant and open a whole can of trouble you really don't want.

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2008-03-09 20:04:40 +0000
If they won't let you reschedule, throw up on the judge's shoe.

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2008-03-09 19:16:48 +0000
make sure you let them know and be prepared with a doctor's note or some other verification to back you your sick claim.

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