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 Going About Eviction?
When my family moved to VA my dads estranged brother came with us and he left two months later. He had paid rent up until december and when he left his stuff stayed in our garage which him and my dad ...

 My husband committed bigamy. What should I do?
I am separated from my husband. (not because of bigamy) I live in Mississippi the law say that bigamy in MS they could get up to 10 years in prison. I highly doubt that will happen. He is still ...

 Pictures of children kissing, can you really call that child abuse?
The question is self-explanatory. Well.........?...

 Its my understanding someone filed for my daughter without my consent. I want to know how to stop that person?

 can one be found guilty of speeding, if they can prove that 1 or more speed limit sign's were removed ?
this is regarding VA state police
Additional Details
it was a speed trap and 2 weeks later they put back up the speed signs....

 Police blotters that post names in the newspaper, do they violate rights?
I have a friend who lost her job due to a police blotter that posted her name and what she got the ticket for in the local newspaper. She got the ticket for being a bar, that didn't ID her, to ...

 this who guy who calls himself mr big came into our town and he is dealing heroin how can i stop him?
i dont want to call the cops because they go the books and we all know that means they wont get anything done!!!...

 What exactly does an "arrest on my record" mean?
I got arrested for something minor that was blown out of proportion. I was driving a vehicle that was reported stolen, but it was a rental car that I kept longer than the return date. Originally they ...

 what is the legal definition of drunk in public in Columbus, oh?
i recently got an ovi, and would still like to go to the bar for karaoke and such. so i have to walk. im just curious what exactly drunk in public refers to specifically.
Additional Details<...

 What is the average jail time that a child molester gets? How can I find this out? Thank you?

Additional Details
I ask this question because in many states a child molester will get a slap on the wrist, while someone possessing drugs gets years in prison. Rob a bank and get 50 ...

 Does anyone has received a email saying that you won the lottery?
I did received one of those emails and it says that I won 850.000.00 dollars in a lotto draw where they randomly selected a batch of 50,000 international emails and that my emails was selected and ...

 if i am not served with the sopena will i get introuble?
court ...

 Attacked by guy with mental issues?
A female friend of mine was at work when she had a customer complain, when she resused to return the item (as it had been wrecked and worn already) the grown man (apparantly with mental issues) ...

 Does anyone know what to do when I have asked my boyfriend ex to stop sending me text messages?
My boyfriend has an ex which is the mother of his 4 year old son. The mother continues to text me and call me all the time. She keeps talking bad about my boyfriend and he continues to tell me that ...

 Can under 18 kids sign consultant contracts without parental consent?
Note, not an employment contract, just a freelancer or consultant contract. Is there a min age?...

 My friend said she doesnt have a birth certificate and social security number but that she was born in the US?
She said her dad didn't want her to pay taxes or something and that she has this other document that says she was born to her parents but she's not the state's property. She said she ...

 when have you witnessed inequality?
when have you witnessed inequality? describe a time when you were the target of injustice and ...

 can he get caught?
I know someone who recieved a letter in his P.O.box meant for someone else and there was a signed check inside made out to a violin repair shopnot a name .He says he can sign a fake name on the back ...

 Can you get arrested for buying tobacco as a minor?
I just started dipping smokeless tobacco, that I get from my brother (He's 15. I'm 14). Do not start on the dangers, I don't do drugs, drink, or smoke, but I enjoy it and know the ...

 Can My Friend Be Charged For Anything?
He stole his parents car a few times and eventually he got caught by his parents when he came back home. needless to say that hes grounded, but they keep threatening to press charges against him. the ...

if u have a warrant for your arrest can you apply for medicaid and foodstamps?

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2010-11-12 18:56:41 +0000
Why bother applying? Your already evading the authorities. Kick it up a notch and start stealing food, too. Give it to the less fortunate. Flip the title around: Robin the Hood? Screw that. Robin from the Hood. Or you can rob the peasants, and be Robbin' from the Hood. Take your pick. Either way, you should jump head first off a park bench.

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2010-11-12 18:51:35 +0000
No. But you can get your black *** to jail.

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2010-11-12 18:53:54 +0000
So you broke the law and now you want money from the same people who want you in jail?!? LMAO Get real!

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2010-11-12 19:01:07 +0000
I don't know, but if someone has commited a crime, is in running from the cops, does not have a job, and is applying for welfare then he/she needs to stop asking and depending on others and start working for himself and cleaning up his act.

Starting by turning himself in, taking his punishment like he/she should then getting out and start becoming self dependant.

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2010-11-12 18:56:22 +0000
No, you need to turn yourself in and the judge might take that in consideration and be a little more lenient in your sentence.

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2010-11-12 18:53:57 +0000
You're determined to have the taxpayers of your good state pay for your poor life decisions one way or another, aren't you? Either you want us to pay for them through Medicaid and food stamps, or you want us to pay for your three squares in jail.

Have you ever stopped to figure out where your life went so wrong? Because that's what the rest of us are wondering.

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2010-11-12 18:55:08 +0000
Yes, of course you can apply. But applying does not mean it will be approved. If you have a warrant for your arrest then contact the court and make arraignments to take care of it before you are arrested.

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