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I am 17 and I am going to my first dermatologist appointment this Friday.
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 If You Bail Someone Out on a Felony Charge, Is the Bail, or Part of the Bail Refundable?

 What can we do about this?
We have a person whom keeps calling our phone from a restricted number and we don't answer restricted calls but they left 3 voicemails. they were all pretty threatening to me. one said that we ...

 if you have ameeting at work and you are not scheduled to work, do they still have to pay you for it?
We used to get paid for coming in for a meeting and now the boss says that we don't. Are you supposed to get paid for the time you are there since its for work and work related? Is this a law?...

 Can a lowlife dad be ordered by the court to pay child support and keep medical insurance on a child if?
he is a diabetic and if he is in college.I already have won custody and child support and the medical part but the child is 17
Additional Details
Can he be made to pay until he is 23 ...

if some posted bail for me can they pull the bond and send me back to jail?

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2009-06-22 20:18:06 +0000
yes they can

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2009-06-22 23:17:18 +0000
A bail bondsman can pull your bond, however, he must have a valid reason for doing so. The most common causes for re-arrest and surrender of bond, include; breaking the law while on bond and not following the Bail Bond Agreement.

The Bail Bond Agreement is a contractual obligation that the defendant has promised to abide by. A breach of this promise can permit the bondsman to arrest you. However, if a bail bondsman pulls your bond without valid cause, you may file a complaint with the Department of Insurance, or agency that governs bondsmen in your State, and sue him in a court of law.

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2009-06-22 20:20:48 +0000
They certainly can. In fact in most jurisdictions a bail bondsman or his representative (Bounty Hunter) can bust your door down and come get you without a warrant and at any time.

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2009-06-22 20:26:40 +0000
Sure can

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2009-06-22 20:21:13 +0000
If they believe you are no longer a good risk to return to court, they can pull the bond.

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2009-06-22 20:19:48 +0000

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