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 arrest warrent moms house ?
if i have a warrent for my arrest and my mom called the police station and told them she dosent no where i am and she really dosent can they go into her house without a warrent to search for ...

 Can a shareholder of a corporation secretly record a corporate board meeting?
I am one of three shareholders in a CLOSELY HELD corporation as well as a member of the board and an employee in the small business company.

We have monthly board meetings where the elders ...

 will my boyfriend really turn me in when there are felonies on his own record?
I've been with a guy off and on for a year now. Of course he can be funny and sweet and hes very good in bed. Other times he's controlling and abusive. One thing he pressured me to do was ...

 How much trouble would I get into if I did it anyway?
i asked my prev question twice and some people said its illegal, but do it anyway

read these first:

 Who is responsible when water runs off another to damage your propriety?

 do you know any songs about criminals/prisons/thieves etc.?
i need to find some songs related to a 16 year old who has been arrested :D
(make sure they don't have a lot of swearing words in it...1-5 words are okay)

Help Pl()x :P...

 Legal questions about stautory rape laws, plz help.?
Okay so we have the 16-24 law right. Im not sure of the details of it. If anyone has any info about it in lamence terms that would be great.
And also, is it legal for a 15 year old and 18 year ...

 hey im fed up with my parents and want to leave my house?
hey im 18 years old and i already have had enough, if i dont leave home ima explode, anyways i want to know what is the legal age for me to leave here in the USA,
my parents tell me its 21,

 If you sign another name than your own as a signature, is it legal?
If you are asked to sign something and instead sign a different name, such as "Mickey Mouse" on a credit card receipt or another legal document, is the signature considered valid or not? I...

 how long is a debt enforceable?

 If the U.S.A Is in such debt ..... Why do they allow illegal immigrants?
To slide on the laws ?The law is the law.Whats up with their unborn childern having everything given to them?And you know they( the illegal adults will not leave ). They know the law, and know that ...

 Is it illegal to pretend to be drunk when you are being pulled over?
Well, i was watching MTV's Busted and I thought, what if your being pulled over, you screw up the balance tests and stuff and when you need to take the breathing test, you get 0.00... Can they ...

 why is stem cell research unethical?
i dont get it....

 Do I have to show my reciept for this??
A certain supercenter has a policy in place to stop you on the way out the door after you buy a big bag of dog food and check your reciept.... I am wondering about the legality of this and am I ...

 False Arrest?
What legal action can be done to someone who lied to the police and on a police report to have you arrested and later the charge was dismissed?
Additional Details
What legal action can ...

 consequences of a fight at school?
I recently turned eighteen, and was walking in the halls in school going to my next class when this kid is right up behind me, starts making sounds like a dirtbike. He's a hick, and an annoying ...

 What are my rights? Month to month lease?
We rented a small space in an consignment shop that had not yet opened. My husband did a great deal of work including carpentry work etc. The owner gave us free rent until December for all the hours ...

 any other ways to punish.............?
are there other ways to punish people besides sentencing them to death ?
and putting them in ...

 fear of drug dealing neighbors, police have not acted like they care. What to do?
New neighbors moved in 2 weeks ago into the rental property next door. They have already shown their blatant attitude about not caring if neighbors see they are dealing drugs. We have called the ...

 Seperation/Divorce Mess?
I started dating a woman and we ended up going out a few times and she became pregnant. I married her because it was the right thing to do, the day she told me she was pregnant she quit her job. I ...

Jessica J
how to get a free lawyer to represent you in court?
I need a lawyer to defend me in a custody and divorce

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2008-08-09 07:18:15 +0000
Lawyers are only appointed by the court if there are no other means representation. There is an application process for this, with minimal fees. But in your case, you would probably not qualify. Your best bet would to hired an attorney.

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2008-08-09 07:25:36 +0000
You can apply at Legal Aid, but your income has to be really low for them to accept you. If they can't help you, then contact your local bar association. They should be able to refer you to local service groups for assistance. There are several states where a requirement to maintain your law license is to handle x number of pro bono cases a year. Most cities have a free attorney at their court house one day a week to handle family court matters. Ask if yours does. That lawyer will not be able to represent you in court, but they will be able to guide you through responding to all court filings and give advice on what you should do as you represent yourself.

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2008-08-09 07:42:38 +0000
You are given a public defender only if you are charged with a criminal suit. Divorce and custody cases are civil suits so you do not get a free lawyer appointed to you. You can try applying for some type of aid but you can't just get a free attorney.

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2008-08-09 07:15:53 +0000
They're called "public defenders", but they're for criminal cases.
For a custody case they're called "uncle jimmy", or "expensive"

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2008-08-09 08:48:58 +0000
You get what you pay for.

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2008-08-09 07:14:25 +0000
Free lawyers are only appointed by the court in criminal cases and in a few situations where children have been removed from the home by the State (and criminal charges may result). In a routine custody and divorce case you have to do what the rest of us do - work and pay your way.

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2008-08-09 07:14:44 +0000
Try legal aid or call a lawyer referral service.

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