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 Is it legal to shoot someone as they're stealing a package off of your door step?

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 Charged for kerb crawling?
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 my neighbors nicotine is seeping into my home, and into my children's lungs, charge them with child abuse?
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 Can you threaten your Local Council with legal action if your rubbish is left uncollected repeatedly?

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In Michigan you can buy wine and beer on Sunday....

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 Should adultery be made illegal and punishable by the death penalty?

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 Who is found guilty if there is a fight between two students in a New York City Public High School?
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 Marijuana Legalization: Your Thoughts?
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 a year ago i did something stupid i opened a drink in a grocery store was technically arrested & went to court?
and now have "shop lifting" attached to my name
the judge told me i can expunge this from my records but how can i do this? do i need a lawyer or something?

i really need ...

 What is your views on gun control?
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 Whats the difference between pleading guilty and not guilty?
How does it affect the trial and sentencing?...

 whats does Engage and agree to engage in prostitution mean?
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how can you beat child protective services?
my sister was reported to cps for abuse and these people have done alot of lying to her about different things. what can be done to win them over

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If she continues to beat her children, then nothing.

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If your sister has nothing to hide and she was truly reported because of lies than she has nothing to worry about. Kids don't get taken away because of rumors. Unless there is proof that they are being abused or neglected, they will come out, check the house, ask a few questions, and leave, case closed. The system has so many loopholes now days that a kid has to be literally on their death beds before the proper action is taken. I hope to change that one of these days.

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Norton N
If your sister has a drug or alcohol issue, leaves her children with no care for long periods of time or abuses them either mentally or physically then Child Protective Services is simply doing their job. They are Obligated by Law to investigate Any allegation.

This is as it should be, if your sister has not been proven to be guilty of anything, she should have no problem.

However, she should be represented by a Lawyer. If she cannot afford one, have her contact her State's Attourney, they will see that she get's representation.

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I don't know ....I'm going through the same thing.....Tell her to get a good lawyer NOW!!!!

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Reported for what? If you're not guilty of anything then I guess that you don't feel the need to win them over or beat them.

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More info would help, but if you or she is not satisfied with the help they should be providing, complain and request a new case worker. Finding an advocate that is not through CPS may help, but your sis needs to be doing what they want her to do. If they say parenting classes, then she needs to go, if they say drug tests, she needs to take them. She should also utilize them for their services. When she needs help, she should call them, it will make her look like she is trying. I dealt with a woman who had a lot of problems with her children. The would cut school or leave the house without permission. She would try and hide it in fear that they would blame her, but instead, they would blame her for not trying to fix the problem. If she called them and said..."I am at work...I think my kids cut school today, what should I do?" She would be showing that she understands that their behavior need to be addressed. Use CPS for their help.

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Please visit the LIFE (Liberty Independence & Family Equality) website for information on this fascist agency that commits human rights atrocities all over America, As another poster answered, AFRA is also an excellent and informative site to get information from. The LIFE website has a section called The Family Court Hearing - A Constitutional Defense, which offers some basic information to protect families against these criminals acting under color of law. The links are given below in Source.

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She could start by being a good and responsible parent nad stop abusing her children.

child services exist to protect childrens rights not your sisters so dont even try bothering to win them over , they are only interested in caring for the children.

If you want to try and win them over get your sister to care for her children instead and when they are satisfied she has done the right thing , then they will be won over.

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Lock them up naked in the basement like she does with her kids.

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I Make Avatars
Umm clean the messy house up, put fresh clothes on the kids, take them to church.

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CPS workers see the worst in people all the time. You can win them over by taking care of your children, feeding them properly, keeping a clean and healthy household and generally doing what you promise them you will do.

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be a proper parent.

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those CPS people can be a real nightmare. most of them make crap for money, can make or break a family situation...they have alot of power. Like Nazi's SS and the IRS...She needs to be really careful with those people. The faster she can get them out of her life the better.

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You can't really win them over. She just has to show them she is a good and fit parent. Making sure the kids are taken care of, the house is clean, etc should do the trick.

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Child Protective Services in the United States is a corrupt and unethical disgrace. See the AFRA website (American Family Rights Association, link below) for a start on getting help. Don't count on an attorney! They could care less.

For all who posted assuming guilt ... Hope you become their next victim, or the victim of any other of the corrupt U.S. systems that falsifies allegations or denies basic constitutional rights. Apathy and denial by the public such as you are one of primary reasons this country's Bill of Rights has become a joke.

And no, I don't have any connection with AFRA other than supporting them and exposure of government and judicial corruption in the U.S.

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I was found guilty of child neglect.. I was INNOCENT.. I hired an attorney and asked him if there was anything I could do legally and I was told no..that they have the power to decide what is proper parenting and what isn't...When I went to court, the case was dropped for "insufficient evidence" but it's still on my record. I will NEVER be able to teach again or work with kids (my current degree is social work..and my choices are limited for employment).. U can't fight them.. Some caseworkers think they are GOD and have the power to do anything even if they are wrong.. Our CPS system needs an overhaul but it will never get it.. U can appeal to the supervisor but it will just piss them off and they will make things harder for u.. Hire an attorney and see what he/she says but don't bet on "winning them over".

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