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how can i stop my landlord from harassing me?
my landlord just fixed a problem that i had ask 2 years ago now he wants to do a full inspection every month and when he is inside he does whatever he wants like taking pictures check every room . he send me letters saying that hi is coming then he does not show up then he send me a letter saying that i did not let him in and he calls me at my house and leave a message telling me to pick up the phone when i am not at home it a really pain
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By law, he is to inform you when he is doing an inspection. If he wants, he can do an inspection once a week, as long as you are notified. Plus, you do not have to be present. Secondly, it is HIS property, NOT yours! So, if he want to open the refrigerator (as long as it came with the apartment), closets, etc. he can because it is HIS place.

If you do not like it, then move!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How do you not know how to correctly spell the city you live in??? Absolutely amazing....

Just a heads up... the city you live in is spelled:

DalY City

goodluck :)

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Gypsy Red
You need to check the rental agreement you signed and see if it addresses his ability to come in and out of your place. Call the housing authority in your area and check out the legality of his invasions. Best answer. Move I know it's a pain but putting up with this guy might be worse.

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i'd move and then see if the city you live in has any type of housing agency where you could possibly report him...not sure what else you can do..sounds like a nut job...

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Call the authorities and make a complaint, and to the B.B.B. If this does not stop than move, find another place give a copy to this landlord that you will be moving with a date of when you are moving. That way he can not sue you for more money, and take pictures of the apt. so if you do not get your deposit you have proof of how the apt. was left.

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Unless it specifically states otherwise in your lease, the landlord cannot enter your apartment for "inspections."

You could get into a legal hoo ha with him, or--as most people are saying--it's time to move.

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ah the great state of california. In theory you could stop paying the rent and live there for free, for about 6 months, you could also walk around the property and make sure everything is up to code, Handicap ramps, ect.

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move out srry hun

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Kick his tiny saggin balls... =]

Good luck! ...and remember... recommend Enzyte for him! haha

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I would just find another place to live. People like that will never stop.

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Shawn M
Negotiate these things at the signing of the lease, preferably getting them put IN the lease as far as the landlords right to visit and the terms of that visit including how frequently he may visit.

Its not unusual to want privacy, you could still address this and tell him he needs to stop, if he refuses you can potentially sue him for harassment if he crosses the line

Review your lease, does it state that he may enter the property at any time? or that he may touch your personal belongings?

Landlord or not you have a legal right to privacy, you may wish to contact a lawyer about what your rights as a renter are and then begin enforcing them, discuss your objection with your landlord and inform him that he cannot come barging into this house randomly at all hours, I believe there are circumstances where you are able to void your lease if the landlord is harassing you

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Time to take this jerk out and beat him senseless. It always worked for me.

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Why all of a sudden is his interest in the apartment since you've been there for a couple of years ??? Check your lease and see if there is something written that he can just come over and enter at any given time.. Otherwise its against the law for him to be in there without your knowledge,,, weather he owns the place or not... If you have lawyer contact them..

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write him a certified letter with all your concerns, that way you have a record if you go to court on this, in the future. Also, get one of those tenants rights books so you can look up your rights for your state. he has to give you 24 hours in advance notice if he stops by.

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If you can't move, tell him you've called a lawyer, This may scare him into straightening up. What he is doing IS illegal, if this doesn't work, actually call the lawyer. {although it will cost you money}

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oook this is what you do you buy a tape recorder or digital recorder and when ever hes coming over, you will turn it on you will write down the days he went to your apartment and everything on papers and record your convos with him cause to me hes up to something...

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weird, i would move whenever you can. it sounds like you have been having problems for awhile now. that is what sucks about renting is that they can come in and check whenever they want. i do know though they have to give you 24 hour notice by law. they cannot just come in whenever they want. i would print something out and let him know that

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Pay your rent?

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depends on where u live in the world, taking photos and arranging dates to come round then not showing up sounds a wee bit dodgy

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time to look for a new place to live

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There are these really wonderful things called "Tenants Rights". While some laws vary from state to state... your landlord is required to do certain things. If you called himto repair something, for example, he has a certain amount of time to do so (providing it isn't an emergent issue..then he has to fix it immediately!). Should your landlord decide to let his time allotment expire, then you have the right to place your rent into an escrow account, until it is repaired. As I said before... laws vary a bit, so check into your state's tenant's rights laws. As for the phone calls and such.... harassment laws tend to be a bit more universal. You may find that helpful also. Good luck. I have been there.

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maybe if you pay him you freakin hippie, just messin you can get law involved or even take it to court for different things like invasion of privacy or something close or even harassme my bro went through the same thing

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Jack X
It sucks, but it's his property and most leases allow for him to enter on business.

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good luck mwahahahahaha

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Visit your local gun shop, mercenary office or Italian restaurant.

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mom of 4 beauties
If this were me, I'd move! Nothing worse than having your privacy violated and being bugged all the time on top of it. Move out and tell him hes an ***...

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Myles G

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If you can afford one, get a lawyer to draft a letter to cease and desist any extraneous or harassing activities outside of his duties of landlord. If he refuses, then you have a right to sue or break your lease.

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Inspection: landlords have the right to inspect. Check your lease. But once a month seems excessive, and, frankly, most landlords will never inspect a unit.

Pictures: again, fine as long as he is photographing the toilet that was repaired, for example. If you have damaged the place, there probably isn't a problem with him taking a photo of the hole in the wall while he is in your unit checking up on the leaky pipe.

Letters: those are fine, too. He is *required* to give you notice before entry (unless it is an emergency, like a burst pipe.)

Phone calls: again, fine because he must give you notice. But not polite.

This is annoying, to be sure - but it doesn't sound like it rises to the level of harassment.

What to do:
1. Write a *certified* letter tell him about your concerns. Be polite. Be concise. Give examples. And keep a copy. CC any property management company, too.

2. Keep paying rent.

3. Start looking for another place.

4. Don't break your lease.

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★ Mama★
Ok well it looks to me like you need to think about moving. Your landlord should not be harassing you like this and he SHOULD NOT be taking pictures of your belongings.
I know everybody else has told u the same thing, but it's probably the only thing you can do.
Make sure you keep all of your personal items, such as paperwork, money, pics, jewelry etc in a safe place(safety deposit box??)

If i were you I would call who ever is in charge of him.
-if u live in an apt, call a sister company ( different apt but ran by the same comp) and tell them ur situation and try to get a hold of HR

-If ur renting a house, you need to look up "tenant rights ( your state)"
eg: tenant rights california; so you can see what you need to do.
I tried looking for a website for you but I don't know what state ur in.

-Make sure ur up-to-date on ur rent, make sure ur protecting ur security deposit, keeping track of ur receipts etc.

This might get nasty if you don't take charge soon!

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