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 If you have a dui and are riding as a passenger of someone who gets pulled over fo dui what are the penalties?
What can they charge you with if you are still under probation? Someone said you can get another DUI....

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 can u sue a teacher for endangering the welfare of a child?

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 My former employer is withholding my last check and not returning my calls or emails. What do I do?
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 what should i do i sold my car wich is on finance i did not no i can be done for this ?
and now i dont even no were the car ...

 If you were hit for speeding, and the speed limit sign was obstructed......?
If you were hit for speeding, were entering the road at the very beginning of the road, the very first speed limit sign was obstructed by a tree, were radared and pulled over before the next speed ...

 confronting a theif breaking into my car/property?
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 im 16 and want to legally leave my house.?
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 Grand Larceny Plea Bargin?
I was charged with a grand larceny e felony and identity theft...the first plea bargin was 60 days...I cant take any time im in college...If they offer me that kind of time does that mean they dont ...

 can my manager make me clean the store bathroom?
is it legal to make the employees clean the store bathroom i work at???? every week one of the employees have to clean the bathroom. i want know if they have a right to do that....

 Do you think the U.N. should try to stop China's one-child policy?
I need sources for this topic, I'm having trouble looking for some. =
Can you help me? Please?

Has the U.N. done anything to stop that policy?
Have they?

*I need ...

can my employer deny my vacation check?
i requested my vacation and told i could not take it because we had no other managers. a week later i was fired. i called H.R with where i worked and they denied it. they say my request should of been in writing. i live in alabama and i worked at sonic drive in

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2010-09-24 17:56:22 +0000
In most states they do not have to pay out unused vacation or sick time at termination.

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2010-09-24 18:13:11 +0000
If your employer offered accumulated paid vacation time as a benefit of your employment, it is considered under Federal law to be considered an "earned" benefit. If you have any accumulated paid vacation time on the books at the time you either voluntarily terminate or are terminated, the employer legally has to pay you for that time. You do not have to submit anything in writing. It is not anything you even have to verbally request. It should have been included in your final paycheck.
I'd go back to HR where you worked and tell them exactly what I've stated above. This is a Federal law and they have no choice.
If forced, then proceed to Sonic corporate and file a written complaint. If no results, then go to your state labor commission and file a complaint with them. The longer they drag this out, the worse it will become for them, as they may end up liable for up to three times the amount you were denied.
Let me know how it goes.

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2010-09-24 17:56:58 +0000
i believe that if you acrued vacation time, you are entitled to it by law. call the labor board.

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2010-09-24 22:25:59 +0000
there are some states that consider vacation as wages earned and must be paid upon separation, unfortunate AL is not one of them, it has nothing to do with Federal Law as some HR people believe,

This the state of AL website which tells you what you can do if anything, it is about halfway down regarding vaction payouts in your state

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2010-09-24 18:03:31 +0000
in Canada, you are entitled to vacation pay, yes, they suggest you put it in writing, and no matter what they cannot keep it from you!

They should have paid it out in one lump cheque upon termination of your employment...if I were you, I'd look into your labour laws and how you go about getting what's yours.

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2010-09-24 17:58:27 +0000
Some businesses require written notice of your intent to take a vacation, or request vacation pay. However, if they are now denying you monies owed, take your most recent pay stub to the employment bureau; they will help go after the company to pay up.

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2010-09-24 18:01:13 +0000
Can the Employer keep my vacation pay after I leave the company?
Vacation pay is considered a fringe benefit of the company and is not a required payment by law. It is left up to the employer whether they offer the employee fringe benefits such as severance, vacation, annual leave, sick leave & bonus pay. The only exception would be something written in the company handbook stating that the employee will be given these benefits.

Aren't you glad you don't live in some socialist left wing state like California where employers have to at least keep their promises and give you what you've earned? Vote Republican if you like this.

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