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Would you kill someone if you knew/thought they raped your daughter?
In the recent current event, Lawyer Jonathan Edington killed his neighbor Barry James because he thought he molested his 2 year old daughter.

If you knew someone who raped your daughter or even your wife/girlfriend would you kill that person?

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No. It would be murder. A rational human being would never kill another regarless. I hope that lawyer spends the rest of his life behind bars. There is no excuse for murder.

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343 Remember
No. It would drive me insane to see that person go through a trial with their rights being protected. Your question starts out: 'If you knew' whereas your real example has: 'because he thought...' Well, there are 2 totally different things here.

As a parent I would go out of my mind and would need a lot of support to help me through this; however jumping to conclusions, acting on impulse and jeopardizing my own freedom and the experience of that on the rest of my family.. well, none of that makes sense.

I have no idea what Edington is going through; however in the event evidence proves that James was not the molester.. well, then Edington is a cold-blooded killer and deserves to be sent to prison. If it is found that James did molest Edington's daughter.. he still is not right in what he did.

BUT - I believe less people would take the law into their own hands if the wait on death row was not so long...

It would hurt like hell and probably make me mental.. but especially after what allegedly happened my child would need me more than a prison would.

I wish you well.

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US soldier
I would do worse we military people know painfully ways of making a person very sorry for even looking at our child. Killing a person is letting them off the hook. They would end up dead in the end but not after weeks of torture. I would keep him/her alive along to suffer 100 times more then what they did to my child. Nothing can replace a child innocent.
For example
man favorite member and a razor blade shave layer anfer layer off and include sait each time you cut.

Drowning a person and just before they pass revive them for another round or a shock test off a 24 volt battery.

Take a person member in a special jig and steacxhed them out with a cemet block on their chest ever hour till their back breaks and force them to supprt their weight by their spine.

And gets worse as the go. I would do much worse then that. They would die but would suffer less in hell then in my hands.

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Luna Winter
beat him up maybe, but not kill, that's too extreme, i should take him to court, not take myself to court and get arrested.

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I gave your question a star. It's a hard one. When I was younger, I would have said "yes" in a heartbeat, now I'm less sure. I still would most likely kill them myself, but, I'm not as sure of that as I once was.

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Jennifer L.
Hmm... maybe in a fit of fury, a few days after I'd found out. If I got over the first few days though, I'd probably do more investigating and then take it up with the police.

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Derrick: Shooting in the leg? I'd aim a bit higher. I suppose as a man that's a bit of a low blow for you though. *grins*

I'd make sure everyone knew what he did so that he would be ostracised everywhere in the district.

I don't know if murder is my style. I'd like to have him raped and beaten up. Maybe a tattoo on his forehead that says "paedophile".

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Derrick *
If it was my kid, I'd kill them outright. If it was my wife, I'd ask what she wanted and I'd do it. Preferably just shooting a leg off then letting them go to prison, but like I said it'd be her choice.

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Chuck P
I would feel like killing them ,but I would hope my conscience would allow the law to bring the animal to justice. That is what I had to do in the situation when my cousin was murdered.It's not easy, you want revenge, but vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. So I leave it to Him.

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i will not kill him instantly but will have the pleasure of killing him bit by bit. for instance, cut his leg first, leave him to suffer, then cut his arm and finally chop off his penis

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kill, no ... hurt, well i think there's a better chance of that.

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I would have to ''know'' that the person did in fact, do it. Then and only then, would I act. Yes , I would smoke check him. He may just suffer a while before he dies. I don't have much faith in the court and Justice system. The man that murdered my father. Has been on death row for 28 years. If they ever make the mistake of letting him out. I will see to it that his sentence is carried out.

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Credence of the Right
Never get your own hands dirty....

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absolutley. you can throw me in jail or wherever you want afterwards. but id rather right this wrong myself then wait for a stupidly designed justice system to do it for me. which, by the way, lets the pervert out of jail in a few years anyways, so he can rape someone else. isn't that convenient? You rape someone, live in a tax payer sponsored hotel for 5 years, then you can leave, rape some more little kids, and then go back to the hotel.

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Yes! No remorse for pedofiles and sex offenders

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if they get caught and go to court and dont get convicted, then, rage might overcome me! but if they went to prison that justice would be so much sweeter b/c we all know what happens to child molestors in prison...

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I beleive there are certain things that a man must die for. Rape and murder in cold blood are two of these things. Serving a 10 year sentance for raping a girl I loved would not cut it. I wish I could say I would let the law take care of it but I think i would be so enraged at him I would do something to him and it would end in his death (or maybe castration because that might be an even better punishment). Especially if I had a 2 year old daughter. I would have to be 100% convinced and have some evidence before I would do anything though. Killing an innocent man would be a grave injustice.

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In an instant, they would know my wrath.

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Not right away. Ever seen the movie "Sleepers"? I'd have to be there for my daughter until she's an adult. In the end...absolutely.

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Yes ma'am. Our justice system is to light on people, and all that would really happen would be : he goes to jail for a time-gets out-does it all over again. I wouldnt want some one else having to experience the same pain I would be going through.

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yes on all accounts

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Information Police
No. They might wish that I did, however.

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If I suspected it happened ..... no

If I knew for a fact it happened ..... HELL YES!

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CAUTION:Truth may hurt!
In my opinion, those who say no either...

don't have kids

have never come across a problem like this (only seen it on the news)

are the lowest forms of life on earth.

I have loved ones that were molested at a young age. I am lucky that I couldn't find the guy responsible, because I would have redone a scene from Silence of the Lambs. That guy is now serving a joke of a sentence (3 yrs) for multiple counts of molesting a 1-2 yr old.

If the legal system wasn't such a joke, people might not be so tempted to take the law into their own hands. Instead, we have to be nice to the criminals and make life hell for the victims. THAT is why I hate hard-core liberals!

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No, because that would not help my daughter, would it.

I would get help for my daughter, she's the only one that matters.

(My husband, on the other hand, might not kill him but he'd make sure the man never did it again)

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Well, i don't have any children, and i'm actually only 16 (though there are many parents who are my age), but this is an interesting question so i had to answer.
If a loved one got raped, it would depend on what sort of sentence they got. The sentences for sexually assaulting and raping children can vary a lot...for instance, someone in my area who was found guilty of making videos of himself sexually assaulting young girls was recently sentenced to 60 years in prison with no chance of parolem and he's 51. On the other hand, i heard of a man in Vermont who repeatedly raped a girl over 3 years and only got 2 months in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, i was incensed when i heard that. And no, i am not making that up, it really was just 2 months! So if the rapist got Life in Prison or a sentence that was long enough they wouldn't be likely to live to see the end of it, i would be satisfied, but if the evr got out of prison, i'd consider killing them, especially of it were something rediculous like just a few years or even a few months. I think penalties for rape and sexual assault are way to light. For raping an adult, you should get a 1,000-stroke public, televised caning and then get executed. If the victim is a child, make it 5,000-10,000 strokes and then execute them using a more painful method (e.g. burning at the stake, crucifiction. etc.).

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