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 ROE V WADE Query? Is it a law?
RvW was a supreme court ruling about the a law or part of it.
What was the law
was it repealed
was it rewritten, modified or removed
Was a new one written

Everyone ...

 Who am I supposed to report piracy to?
phishing-report@us-cert.gov always ignores me....

 If a 15 year old has marajuana in their room, could the police arrest parents for having it in their house?
Im 15, and my mom and dad think that if the police ever reviewed a surveillence tape outside of our house of me sneaking out, and smoking weed and if they searched the house somehow with a warrant ...

 What happens if someone ignores a court order and they are already in prison?
My sons significant other is pregnant and in prison. She is due soon. We have a court order for custody when the baby is born. She is threatening to ignore it and to give the baby to strangers who ...

 capital punishment?? your thoughts?
do you agree with if you kill someone premeditated you should therefore also have the same fate ? or do you believe in redemption and letting them live out there sentence ?? ...

 Is writing your thesis under the influence of coffee immoral?
After all, it enhances your mind, right? Doesn't it give you unfair advantage over people who don't drink coffee while writing their theses?...

 Can my boss sue me with a verbal contract while I was 17?
I was making a website for someone who set up the VERBAL agreement for the website, while I was 17. I'm now 18, after agreeing at age of 17. I live in Ontario by the way. We don't have a ...

 What's the law say about kids murdering people?
You've seen some movies about it. In real life, what would happen if a 7 years old started killing people? Lets say he managed to get his parents car key and drive it through a busy intersection,...

 I have a cousin whose heart was in the "right place", but the timing as wrong-- I am involved in a legal ?
dispute with my sibling, my cousin arranged for us all to be at a church service at the same time. I have no idea if my sibling knew I would be there, but I certainly had no idea they would be at ...

 If you are working at a job and your boss gives you an order to do something, but you know it is immoral..?
should you do it or shouldn't you? Why or why not?
What are your options?
Which option is most ethical?...

 can they really do this? question about labor laws?
My husband works for a company that travels all over north america and to other smaller foreign countries. They do power plant inspections, tube cleaning, and leak detection. Sometimes the company ...

 Can my uncle be my legal guardian and I am over the age of 18.?

Additional Details
I want him to help me file for y financial ...

 Can someone who knows about Criminal Law please help me out?
My boyfriend got his 2nd DWI with Resisting arrest, Disobeying an officer and Reckless Conduct (While on Parole). His Parole officer made him turn himself in and told him that her recommendation to ...

 i have a court summons and a test on the same day !! what should i do?
i live in new york...i got 2 summons for not "fully" stopping at a stop sign and driving without registration...on the same day that my court date is scheduled i have a chem test which ...

 Capital Punishment for the Mentally Insane?
Any information or opinions on this topic? I am writing a report and have some information but it all says the same information.
Any websites would be grateful!...

 is it legal to kill a deer in your own backyard?

 how do i sue yahoo for discrimination and the screeners?
yoru screeners won,t post many of my comments but will all racist comments .that is discrimination your screeners gave some members more privliges then others i have a right to have my comments heard ...

 I live in Ohio and i am 16 years old. i am also pregnat and recently got married. Am i emancipated?
I am trying to take my GED and i am not able to get parental consent so am i automatically emancipated once i am married in the state of ohio?
Additional Details
It states that you can ...

 Why do Republicans want to ban junk food from school lunches?
Republicans say that they believe in personal freedom and responsibility. Then how come California Republicans such as Arnold supported banning junk food from high schools? Teenagers, many of them ...

 how much jail time can someone get for 2 felonies?
unlawful restraint & simple assualt?...

Why give out an application if you are not hiring?
Why give out an application if you are not hiring? Even though some people ask "Are you hiring?" They actually still give out an application.

My boyfriend has been searching for a part time job while he's in College. He puts in all his information on the application. A few stores hand out applications when asked by a customer applying for a job, but the truth is their not really hiring. (It doesn't say on the store "Help Wanted") So when people put information on the application, where does that application/information go, even though some stores are not hiring?

Do you keep it on a stack on how many people applied for a job, but really the manager wasn't hiring or that stack is just look how many people want a job, but how many got accepted...

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2010-09-20 22:24:16 +0000
Some places like to take the applications (a few) until they have some qualified candidates on file so if someone up and quits, they have already looked over the aps. The higher the turnover in that location the more applications that they keep on file, and they keep updating them...throwing out the old every so often assuming that good candidates would have jobs by now.

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2010-09-20 22:26:11 +0000
they more than likely put the application on file, and contact the people at the top of their list when and if they are needed. I kno thats how the state and city does around here. after 6 months or so the applications are through out of the system though.

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2010-09-20 22:23:29 +0000
Because they go through the best ones and keep them for future jobs.

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2010-09-20 22:35:23 +0000
I used to work in HR. I cannot speak for everyone, but sometimes when someone submits their resume and the manager is not in a position to hire someone at that point, the manager will keep it on file in the event that a position does open up. If a position opens up that seems to be a good match for the individual who submitted the resume, the manager may opt to phone the applicant for an interview. Keeping resumes on file often makes the recruitment process easier for the manager - he/she will already have applications on file of interested applicants when it comes time to fill a position.

When your boyfriend submits an application, he should be sure to inquire of whether they are currently hiring. Not all stores post a sign when they need assistance. If they say no, it wouldn't hurt for him to still leave his application and invite the manager to call him in the event a position does become available.

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2010-09-20 22:55:02 +0000
The corporate policy at our store is to hand out applications to anyone who wants one, even when we're not hiring. It prevents questions about discrimination in hiring. We even give them out to people under 18 when our store doesn't hire anyone under 18.

We keep a file of all applications for a year. Generally when we hire we start at the top of the pile (newest apps, since they're most likely to be still available) so it pays to reapply every so often.

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2010-09-20 22:22:15 +0000
You never know when you'll lose an employee so if you hand it in and you're available - you'll be first to get interviewed.

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