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Why do Fathers have absoulutely NO rights when it comes to child support?
Mothers get free representation while fathers just get screwed and have to pay money out the butt to get a lawyer. My husbands ex has been completely deceitful. She has tried everything in her power including lying to get as much money possible out of him. She could care less if we are on the street. She's evil. lol She continued to collect insurance payments for my step daughter for 6 months when she was on the state insurance the whole time.

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Huh? Whats the question? Fathers have rights. Use them. Why not get joint custody then you don't need to pay support. of course then you get to raise another womans child...

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Meryl T
Fathers have lots of rights regarding child support. Child support, in almost every state, is an automatic calculation. It is not discretionary by the judge. It is based on the father's income. Period. The issue of child support, is directly connected to CUSTODY. How much time the mother has to do the parenting and how much time the father does it. A court might consider the wife's income if the father was the major breadwinner.

The "theory" behind child support is that the child should be allowed to live in the same financial comfort he/she WOULD have lived in if there had been no divorce. The child is not responsible for the divorce. Therefore should not be penalized in lifestyle because of the divorce.

The court also could not care less if either spouse gets remarried and now has more bills. The new spouse knew of the prior children when he/she decided to marry this person.

If the wife is doing illegal things, (collecting the insurance) then have your husband contact the insurance company. Believe me, they would LOVE that information.

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First of all, child support and custody are two entirely separate matters. In some cases, just because one parent is required to pay support does not mean he is entitled to custody.

Since your husband is this child's father he has an obligation to pay support since his ex is raising the child. Now he can go to court and fight the support if he feels that his ex is lying about how much money she needs. Child support isn't picked arbitrarily, there's a formula to it based on all sorts of factors.

You know, if his ex has the state paying for insurance then she probably doesn't have any money for a lawyer. Just sayin'...

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Well you married him you had to know he had a ex and a child or children from her. State insuracne does not cover every thing in fact if your husband has insurance it will only cover what his insurance does not pay. Feel greatful for that that could be another expence to pay.

All I am saying is when you get married you have to look at the whole picture and if you was not willing to except the ex wife you have NO RIGHT being with him like her or not you will have to deal with this the rest of your life....

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Cara C
because the law is totally screwed up and totally unfair. but i dont know about the dads having to pay for the lawyer and the mom getting automatic custody, but that is probably because whenever there is a separation and the man is living alone then the mother gets automatic custody bc by law the man HAS to have a woman living in the same house as he is bc he isnt supposed to be alone with the for the fear of the man raping the kids. the law is wierd.

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michael h
I almost passed up this question until i seen "Homer" saying that if you get joint custody then you dont have to pay support.......WRONG. I have joint custody of my 2 sons and 1 daughter. My daughter i pay support on yet i do not get the visitation with her due to her mother constantly being an @ss because each time she pulls something like contempt of court i have to hire a lawyer [$1000] because here in Indiana she is represented by legal aid so it would be a conflict of interest for them to represent me. Now i have had my 2 sons for going on 3 months because their mother abandoned them they are 2 yrs and 5 yrs old, yet i still have to get a lawyer [$2000] to go to court to prove i have them in my care, the prosecutor still takes my support payments and gives to the mother, took my stimulus check also for good measures, has been shown i have the kids, CPS has confirmed this due to the mother being busted for child endangerment [public intox, DUI, and possesion of a legend drug] but we have "JOINT" custody so that blows the idea of not paying support out the window. My daughter is 13 and i have joint custody of her, but still pay support with no visitation, have took it up with the prosecutor and have been told there is nothing they can do, yet if i fall behind on support they can send me straight to jail......????? My boys mother was slick by waiting till tax time collecting the tax check by claiming the 2 boys and screwing up my taxes due to her not legally able to due so [court ordered that i claim them] then abandoning them to me, yet the prosecutor cant do nothing, but they can collect more child support.......see where this is going......in circles........the same way im sent when it comes to my kids even though i pay i still get jerked around and end up paying even more.......glad to have my kids but the system is not set up for men that is well known....if you dont believe me ask a man that is single with kids and see if they get the same treatment as others do.

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Your getting ahead of yourself really.

As far as i have seen, a fathers rights are getting stronger and stronger. Especially for a father with a DAUGHTER. There have been numerous rulings lately that show a female needs their FATHER more than the mother.

Let her do whatever she needs to do short of showing him to be a bad father in court. Then get dirty when she has no more ammunition.

You do what you want,but a court of law is a dirty grimy place in reality and you have to become dirty to win. Wait her out, and then pounce at the right time.

Report her if she is conning the state insurance out of money, report her for WHATEVER crime she MAY have committed. Call department of child services if you THINK she may be neglecting or mis-treating the child.

Then when you go back to court,the ball is in your "court"

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In some states the law says that child support is paid by the father meaning that in that state there is no law saying that a mom has to pay child support.

I did a speech in college on this subject. I used an example from Texas where a mom was imprisoned for selling drugs. When she got out the court gave the kids back to her after 5 years in prison. The father was a good dad by all accounts. She didn't work and had no place to live. He was ordered to give up his house to her and to pay child support all the while her boyfriend lived with her for free. The judge said-children belong with their moms.
A woman can have an abortion against the fathers wishes. Its sick.

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Not sure where you are but I've never heard here of mothers automatically getting free representation and the father having to pay for the lawyer. Maybe she gets a free lawyer because of her financial status or something, not just because she is the mother.

Bottom line is, there are some crazy and mean people out there who try and screw over their ex and exploit their kids. These can be both male and female. I know there are females out there doing what your husband's ex do but there are also many males (probably more) lying about their income, refusing to file tax properly, working illegally etc to avoid paying child support. We can't generalise.

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