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 How do you report illegal disability claims of a recipient from a different state?
I live in "AB" state. My next door neighbor, who lives with his girlfriend, claims he has an inheritance of close to $1,000.00 a month. I did a background check and hired an investigator (...

 Do you think prisoners on death row should be used as human test subjects?
I mean there are some really big murderers and terrorists out there we have in our prisons do you think those ppl should be used as test subjects for all our new inventions, medicines, crash tests, ...

 what type of lawyer do I need to get so sue someone for defamation and being falsely accused. - Thanks!?
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 Will you please explain to me the difference in the court systems?

Additional Details
Sorry..in the U.S....

 how to adjust in with new boss?

 why have two men and a woman walked away after trying to kill my husband.?
my husbands neck was broke and now he is paralyzed and I cant get anyone to listen to us the police tell crime victims of texas we are not cooperating which is a lie I have proof I call them every ...

 Should marijuana be legalized?
Its not physically addictive and its natural....

 How do I get a pen-pal in another state whose in jail/prison or on death row?
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 Do you think it is fair that someone can still be sued for wrongful death after they are acquitted?
Obviously I am referring to OJ. They were debating this topic at work today. I'm interested in your thoughts....

 Did you hear about the woman suing Victoria's Secret over a thong...what do you think of this case?
I'm sorry but I don't think she should be trying to put that kind of underwear on a bum so big and the jeweled heart would not have come off flying off and hit her in the eye. How will ...

 I witnessed a family member commit a crime?
Someone else is now serving 7 YEARS for what my family member did. I want to help this innocent man with his appeal. What will happen if they grant him a new trial? Will I have to testify against ...

 Should there ever be a system that allow's some to have a greater number of votes than other's?
Just because the majority thinks something does that make it right. should more intelligent people or those those how impact society more be given a greater vote. Would it be acceptable to grade ...

 Can you bring a felony down to a misdemeanor?
I was arrested, convicted, & sentenced to 6 months house arrest & 2 yrs probation. I was a part of a BIG insurance scam in Brooklyn(made front page in the NY Daily News). Never even had a ...

 Help! I tripped and fell into Al Gore's big, ol' fat carbon footprint, and broke my leg. Who should I sue?

Additional Details
Hey HughMorris... It's a well documented fact that my wife is MUCH hotter than your boyfriend....

 splitting up community property?
my ex and i were married in 93 in 98 we were givivg a divorce with child support and community property pending a child custudy evalution in 98 since we finish the evalution in 98 my ex dismiss her ...

 Will the everything in my power quote bring us more of the same from the Clintons? She didnt know? yeah right!
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ last time he did everything in his power...

- The only ...

 Are there any laws on bullying in the uk?

 Should torture be reinstated as a form of criminal punishment?
After reading the latest news on 'Baby Grace', the poor 2-year old child who was deliberately tortured and killed by her own parents, I've lost most all faith in our criminal justice ...

 UK answers only: would I get compensation due to a dog bite ?
I was bitten by a dog at work yesterday while delivering goods to a private address. I needed medical treatment and reported the matter to the police. Is it worth claiming compensation, and if so ...

 what is the role of the house of lords?

What type of evidence is required/qualifies to convict someone of a sexual crime?
If there are no physical signs and a visit to the hospital was not required/did not take place at the time for recording evidence.

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This has happened to me. I was sexually assaulted, but since I knew him, and he said it was "consenual", he was not prosecuted or anything. It was a "he said, she said" kind of case, even though I did have blood on my sheets. I would suggest, if you're the one who got assaulted, go see a sexual assault rape crisis, they are in every state. Talking about it, even if it doesn't go to court, can let you know you're not alone. If this was written by the perpetrator, you don't want to know what I wish was done to you.

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Jacen T
Without a physical checkup or DNA evidence, it's basically he said/she said....it might not even see a trial depending on whether the DA feels there is a compelling enough argument. (IE, there was an eyewitness, the rapist made comments admitting guilt to a third party, etc, etc.)

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Whoever was sexually assaulted should have a liar detector test done to prove if theyre telling the truth. If the person was male, then a physical examination should be done. If they were female, then a PAP smear should be done to search for any signs of rape (torn tissue, etc) plus a physical examination to check for bruises.
Whoever he/she claims to have sexually assaulted them will need to verify where the they (the assaulter) was that day and that time.

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To be credible enough to convince the factfinder (judge/jury).

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