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 Are rape stats accurate?
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 my neighbor has been having sexual relations with my pet horse, what should i do now?
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 Do you agree with the statement "Marriage is one of the "basic civil rights of man"? Why or why not?
The quote is from the Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia:

These statutes also deprive the Lovings of liberty without due process of law in violation of the Due Process Clause of the F...

 Why can’t the police allow the Dr. Rajesh Talwar to speak to the media & tell his version of the story?
My heart felt condolences to Dr. Rajesh Talwar & Dr Nupur Talwar. My the child Aarushi’s soul rest in peace. Please do pray along with me for their family before you answer this question.

 My employer is preventing me from choosing my religion, what should I do?
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 Anybody but me notice that only ones not covered as "Hate Crime" victims are,Christian, Straight, Whites?
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 Is it illegal to pay someone to have sex and you just watch?

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 RAISING THE DRIVING AGE TO 21? What are your current attitudes on this?
Please leave a comment and your age for a better result. This is for a uni assignment.. Thanks xxx
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This is for a uni project where they have asked me to get people'...

 I need your help, it takes one minute please?
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 Is Sen. Max Baucus In the Pocket of the Health "Care" Industry?

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DAR, So he has DECIDED to Serve his Own Interests, and Not those of his Constituents?...

 Why is there a disparity between the age of consent and adult media?
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Why is ...

 How much compensation for unfair dismissal?
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 If I did not tell a woman about my vasectomy, does she have grounds for a lawsuit?
I doubt it! What do you think? Exactly what can she expect for a settlement? I think nothing.

I had a vasectomy when I was 21. Being a father is NOT on my “to do” list. I have ...

brian8907, VT
What rights DO we have left in America?
Well it seems that because of the ACLU we can't openly practice our religion(and not just for prayer in school...I'm also talking about cases against Muslims and Hindus that have been in the news lately)

We can't bear arms unless we have the proper permits...(what's next? no guns at all?)

Freedom of Speech is being stepped on, little by little....

Freedom of Press......as long as it doesn't tell any secrets, then it's "they're despicable!"

Etc. etc.....

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The US is the best country on earth, by far. And all you do is bellyache? See if you can find one good thing about yourself and one good thing about your country.

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Christo Minaverus
Rights in america are rediculous. Its time to move to canada. The fact they just vetoed the gay marriage proposal in california is still not helping rights in america. As always we have to fight and claw for everything we get. Women voters, African American Equality, and now it seems gay rights are the next issue. After this fight Im not sure but it seems to me that america isn't learning from its mistakes at all. Just being as stubborn as usual.

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Ok well obviously you have freedom of speech if you are on here complaining about the rights you DONT have. Would you want every person to have a gun? That would be a very bad idea. They have all the permit laws for everyones safety not to just be asses. Im deployed in Iraq right now fighting for so called lack of rights. Would you rather be like these people over here where they are killing each other over religion for no reason. You are luckier than you think and if you dont believe join the military and come on over here and see for yourself. If you dont like the rights you have then do us all a favor and leave and let someone else enjoy them. Alot of people would do anything to trade places with you.

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freedom to disobey the man... its wat makes everything worth while in this country. the character is unparalell

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You have the right to free speech... you complaining proves that.
you have the right to due process and the right to gather peaceably.
You have the right to taxation with representation.
You have the right to a fair trial.
You have the right to practice your own faith in private.
Etc. etc. etc.

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Brian D
Fewer an fewer each day including, but not limited to the reasons you eloquently articulated. Thanks ACLU!, we will be a dictatorship in no time at all.

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Debt Free!
the right to remain silent

the right to an attorney

it's worse in other countries, trust me. we have more rights that they're wrong.

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Spiritual Gunslinger
uhhmm...taxation without representation?

oh...sorry...uhmm...the right to be silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Uhhmmm..the right to an attorney, if you can not afford one, one will be provided for you.

You have the right to burn the American Flag (political free speach), but can not assemble in front of abortion mills. (I suppose if you're burning the flag, they may have to make an exception).

We also have the right to drive SUVs and talk on the cell phone at the same time. (never mind how many accidents that causes - we're talking Constitutional rights buddy!!)

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I agree, and unless we send emails to our Senators, and State Reps, they are going to continue to take even more of our rights away. Do you know that in some counties it is against the law to smoke in your own car or your own house, or standing on your own lawn? Do you know that the tax that they charge on cigs supports all of those little children that don't have insurance and need medical care? What are they going to do if everyone stops smoking? Where will they get the money from then? Did you know that they are talking about passing a law that will charge you 1/2 cent for every email that you send, and the money will go to the United Nations, even though the U.S. already supports it by giving over 25% of the money to fund it? Yep, that is right, we are one nation out of hundreds and we pay 25% of the funding of the UN and we are treated like crap by them. Now if they pass the bill to charge us 1/2 cent on every email, it will raise five hundred billion dollars for the UN and I don't know about you, but I don't want to give them that kind of money to build war machines against us. Americans need to start to write or e-mail their Senators, and State Reps. and tell them what they do and don't like, and instead of listening to the stupid local news stations, they need to listen to public radio, that is funded by the people and they tell you the truth. The Republicans have these stations that are ran like a business and people donate money or they get it through advertizing and then they tell what is happening in our Senate, and House of Represenatives. They tell you all of the bogas bills that some of these air heads are trying to pass, like the one that the guy from Minnesota is trying to push through that will give the Government control of all the water in the United States, and they will be able to charge us for every drop that we use, even if we put in our own wells, and they will be able to tell us how much water we can have for the day, and what we can do with the water. I think that we have too much government control and unless we speak up we will loose all of our rights, so contact your elected officals and start listening to the real news that tells you what these sneaky jerks are up to, so you can write intelligent letters to speak against these stupid ideas. The problem is our main line media does not tell us what is happening in the government. They will tell us about Paris Hilton, or Opera , or who got drunk, but the really important things they don't tell us, and when they do share any thing about government it is an opinion, and usually a very liberal one, and they try to control what we know, by only telling us what they want us to hear. That is why it is so important to check out the government sites, and listen to the real news.

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maybe the choice of food but no tat has been on pull backs maybe the air we breath but no that is polushion maybe the water but no it is said to be polutied, wow lookin at those freedoms we might be taxed to walk.

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Don't vote for Hillary or we won't have ANY rights what so ever. She'll discard the 2nd amendment and the rest will follow quickly. The 2nd amendment upholds all the rest!
Get the US out of the UN!!!

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You can vote forn people who believe in what you do. Call
your congressman or senator.

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Mangy Coyote
We have the right to vote our current idiot politicians out of office, and to elect lawmakers that will create laws for the people and by the people. We have the right to elect officials that will represent and vote the will of their constituency, instead of being self-serving morons. We have the ability to take most of the politics out of government. But in order to do so, you must be proactive, educate yourself on the processes and laws concerning elections and votes, believe your vote counts and encourage others to vote also.

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sugar spice and everything nice♥
Pretty soon the only freedom we will have is breathing.

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With more people you add to the population less and less freedoms we have. With higher population now we have accommodate more people and Multi cultural-ism.

We had more freedoms fewer laws when we had less population and required new immigrant had to assimilate to our culture. Our country was multi- ethnic we were a real melting pot with no hyphen in our nationality. Just Americans.

So we either stabilize our population return to a country that meant something to everyone. Or get use to want is going on and embrace being a multi cultural third world country.
One can not have rights if one doesn't have freedoms. Rights follow freedoms.

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There will always be those that are normally law abiding that have unregistered guns. I've seen how easy it is to get around the loopholes. A friend has several guns still working that don't have to be registered. But I'm kind of on both sides on that debate.

As for the schools you'd be surprised how many the ACLU haven't reached that still pray in school, have prayer meeting there, allowed to carry their Bible & share their faith. Especially in small towns in the south where they would lose more than they would gain. They can't take anything to court w/o someone directly affected being the petitioner. Often there is little to no money involved and they don't want to make waves with others in town while living there.

Freedom of speech I agree with you on. My son was like 4 or 5 when Clinton had a whistlestop here. None of the desenters were allowed to go in and my son collected a little poster for daddy bush. Not because he or I wanted him elected but just to remember the day. When I got my purse back I discovered that poster had been taken. Though a democrat I was throughly p*ssed off. It seems like only those who agree are given the freedom to speak and that's wrong. Healthy debate was what gave us the strongest government in history. If the other side is silenced there is no debate.

As for freedom of press sometimes I think they're more guilty of releasing secrets in such a way more people are believed guilty until proven innocent. You get both sides but you have to tiptoe to the garbage to find the truth in the middle sometimes.

Then you have Ricco laws being used for things it was never intended to be used for such as manhandling peaceful assemblies.

I don't agree those who aren't citizens should have american rights or control them. Or legal substances be banned (cigs) from towns. Or idiots made to wear helmets on bikes if they're that dumb. Government is fast becoming like a displinarian father and overprotective mother. I don't know where it will end but hopefully enough will wake up to what's happening before it's too late to reverse the trend. But I don't honestly see it.

But one of the great things about America is still being able to speak out at all.

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i'm also glad to see someone attack both sides because both sides are this countrys biggest problem and both sides will eventualy need to be dealt with.

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After this coming presidential election, maybe NONE.

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good points. i like how you went after both the left and the right, you don't see a whole lot of that on here.

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You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you.

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Ellen Fudpucker
I still love America...... Its because we let them take away our Freedom..... Its because we don't speech up for our self's..... God Bless America.....@

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