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 suicide (prosecution)?
can anyone tell me if attempted suicide is a chargeable offence within british law, does it carry a custodial ...

 Suitable Sentances for the McCanns?
Assuming that in the fullness of time the McCanns go to trial and are found guilty for accidentally killing their daughter what sort of prison sentances would you think appropriate??


 Car partially blocks my driveway daily, what should I do?
There is a car that parks about a foot in front of my driveway almost daily. Usually the only way I can get out is to turn the wrong way down our 1 way street. I have knocked on my neighbors doors ...

 Should 16 year olds be able to Vote?
I'm taking a survey and need at least 10 people to answer back. Should 16 year olds be able to vote? Why or why not? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ANSWER BACK!!!...

 Why this have to happen time and again in the USA? Why the guns can't be fully banned for public use?
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ http://news.yahoo.com/s/ The US to say as the champion of democracy is hollow, when we ...

 Why can't children watch porn?
If i show my 10 year old brother a video of a girl fingering herself, whats the harm done? I dont get it, no one gets hurt, and nothing happens. So whats so bad about it?...

 How can some people be pro-life, but they are FOR the death penalty?
Killing babies, or killing adults in jail...
How can someone be against abortion, but agrees with the death penalty?
I mean your killing someone either way. Its just a baby (that might not ...

 can you tell me some arguments why sharia law should be granted legal recognition in the UK ?

Additional Details
i know it's hard to find positive thinks about sharia law but it's just a mind game ;) thanks, peace ^^...

 Survey: If you saw a wallet lying on the ground, what would you do?
If you were on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, etc. and you saw a wallet...

1. with money and an identification card in it, what would you do?
2. with money and no ...

 Bystanders criticize me for administering CPR to save Dog before the person?
I only know CPR for Sm- Animals.
I am in my 3rd year of veterinary medicine.

Question:How can anyone criticize me for saving a dog before the person of a pedestrian car accident.

 Whats the difference between a burglar & a squatter?
I have an empty property, so if there were squatters can't I ring police & say they r burglars or intruders?
Additional Details
Note: the house is empty no belongings or ...

 Could A Lack Of Conscience Be Used In Court Like Insanity /or Temporary Insanity Is ?

Additional Details
I will not thumb on this
I am just curious....

 my stolen phone is on ebay... what action can I take?
My expensive phone was stolen and next day I found it listed on ebay. I'm pretty sure that its my phone. What action can I take? Should I inform police or ebay? How can I get my cellphone back? I...

 When does child support end in New York?
My son is 19 and lives on his own, works full time and goes to a 2year college. his mother moved out of state 6 months ago. I want to help him out, but do I still need to pay his mother?? $$$ every ...

 When someone dies without leaving a Will and has no relatives who decides what happens to his estate?

 I live in wa. state....where do I go to report a corrupt lawyer?

 Can you be charged with assault and battery?

 I have been scammed, I was sent a $5800.00 cashiers check, I took it to the bank..they cashed it. How could I?
know that it was counterfeit???The bank admitted that they have a policy for cashing checks, that was not followed. All of the money was withdrawn from my Mom's account, they had to give her ...

 If the American flag is flown upside down is that a distress signal?
signal I believe it is, or am I wrong?...

 Does it say anywhere in the bill of rights or Declaration of indpendence?
we had a discussion today in my Government class about how some brazilian CHILDREN are working instead of going to school, now, My Gov/Eco teacher says that there is a statement in one of those two ...

What do you do when your lawyer's office ignores you?
Almost a year ago, I paid a lawyer $2000 to initiate a child custody case. My ex got served in jail (imagine that..lol). I owe a small balance, from several re-servings, and would like to pay it. Also, since Ex was served, and chose not to reply, it's time to move on thru the process. The lawyer's office rarely returns my calls, and I am tired of the BS. I can't say for sure if it's my lawyer's fault, or his secretaries. I am currently on Active Duty for the Army, and can't just drive over to the lawyer's office, at least not for a few more weeks.

How do I force action?
Additional Details
Yeah, "new" lawyer sounds good, but I already paid this guy, and LovesTheConstitution, I can't pay the balance, if no one will tell me what it is. That's the main reason I am awaiting a return call, so I can carry my **** up there, and pay the fool what I owe him.

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Sue your lawyer with another lawyer. And if that one stops returning your calls, sue that one with another lawyer. Et cetera.

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Calls are judged on the amounts of money you are willing to pay them. Offer them more money so you can ask them a question.

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i love red tank tops
I'd definitely get a new lawyer if I were you.

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As a paralegal, I can tell you that their case load is such that they don't file a case until they have to. They'll wait until the last minute and often have to run to the courthose when they had plenty of time for action. All this time, the client is calling in and asking the status of the case after lying out their life savings. They got your money, that's what is important - to them. Any phone calls will also be charged to you, if and when you are actually put through to an attorney. The particular one I worked for would have me lie to people. I am not ethically okay with this. He would have me lie to his wife about his girlfriend as well.

I don't work in this field, and am glad to have gotten a good dose of reality of how our extremely flawed system works. It's designed to be inefficient, and it is.

I don't know your particular lawyers problem, and you can call the american bar association if you suspect ethical issues.

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Joe G
get in touch with the local bar association. File a complaint.

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Hire a new lawyer.

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Tell them that you want this thing either finished or in the pipeline by the time you return. If its not, you will not only take your matter to a new attorney, but you will also initiate a complaint with the state bar based on your lawyer's failure to take care of your interests. Also them that you will sue if any deadlines have been missed due to their negligence.

Send it by a certified / registered letter or email so you can prove they received it.

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Voice of Reason
Stay on their case...they work for you...don't feel too bad though...I have a lawyer representing me in a 1.3 million dollar personal injury case...she stands to make 400,000 off my case, and I have trouble getting up with her.

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Get a new lawyer!

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Don't just "like to pay" your debts to the law firm...PAY THEM! Most attorneys cannot afford to spend time on cases in which the client has stopped paying. $2,000, as you realize, only initiated the case. A custody lawsuit will cost MUCH more.

Realize that paying up just catches you up for past expenses. You will need to pay for the anticipated work that will follow.

When you are paid up for past and anticipated expenses, if the attorney does not respond, tell the receptionist or the answering machine or his email that you expect a response by a specific date and that, if you do not re-establish an appropriate lawyer-client relationship, you will refer this matter to the state bar grievance committee. You will get results. If not, file with the grievance committee and get a new lawyer.

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obviously you need a new lawyer.

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John Milton
Find a new lawyer.

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Well as you know JAG cannot help you with this, except to give advice. I am Army and had a similar problem....I went to JAG and they called the lawyers office for me and I was amazed that things worked out within 5 min. So you can try that. Other that you can file to have the attorney removed and proceed without him. It sounds like all you need to do is file the final paperwork as your husband would be in default. JAG can help you to fill out the final order.

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