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Someone is stealing my trash. What should I do?
I live in a 4-unit apartment complex and every tenant has their own separate trash bin with the letter that matches their apartment printed on it. These trash bins are located in a 4-car parking lot in the very back of our complex and are all lined up next to each other. For a few months now, someone has been stealing my trash. And what is weird is that they don't steal my neighbors trash. Every 2 days or so when I go outside to throw my trash, the trash that I had previously thrown is gone. One of my neighbors said some old Chinese lady comes to collect cans every morning, but why is it that only my trash is missing? I've opened my neighbors trash bins, and they are full... mine is empty.

They only way I can see into the parking lot where my trash bins are located is if I climb into my bathtub and peek out a small window that I have in my bathroom. Today, I heard what sounded like someone rummaging through my trash, so I climbed in my bathtub and looked out the window. I saw a woman, Caucasian, sporting a bowl haircut, wearing white sneakers and fitted clothing taking my trash! She was wearing gloves and carrying my trash out of the parking lot. I'm the only one in the apartment complex that uses black trash bags, and there she was, carrying a black trash bag out of the parking lot in broad daylight. This was around 3:30PM.

And another thing that is weird is that I came home late one night around 2AM on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago and my top lock was unlocked. I have two different keys for my top and bottom lock. I'm POSITIVE that I locked it.

I haven't called my landlord about this matter yet, nor have a filed a police report but I plan to now that I'm positive it isn't an old Chinese lady stealing my trash. It's weird and I'm a little freaked out by it. I live here with my husband and our 3 year old daughter. The only reason I could think of why someone would steal a persons trash is to find out information. I highly doubt someone is stealing my trash for cans or bottles because if that were the case then why aren't they taking my neighbors trash too?

What should I do?
Additional Details
Also, why is this person only taking a personal interest in my trash? If they wanted to steal someones identity or something of that sort, wouldn't they go through my neighbors trash too? It's just a question that comes to mind. I don't know who this person is and I don't know if this person is crazy or watching me or my family. They know exactly when to come so nobody will see them. I've asked all my neighbors and no one has seen anything. Only one of my neighbors told me that they've seen an old Chinese lady collecting cans and bottles. Its very bizarre to me.

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2010-11-01 00:15:02 +0000
That is really freaking creepy.

Definitely complain to the landlord. You could get to the point of either you or your husband could dispose of your trash at a bin off the premises.

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2010-11-01 00:15:10 +0000
Simply dispose of ALL personal documents and letters, including things like those random credit card offers etc via some other means, shred them, save them in a bag and dump them at work or something
(You should always shred them anyway)

Then let the trash fetish have their fill, what do you care right? ;)

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2010-11-01 00:20:16 +0000
Start using a paper shredder for everything you throw away and if you have a cat the litter should be mixed in.

I also like to throw a little motor oil, sprinkle paint thinner and coffee grounds in.(anything to make it undesirable to feel, smell and touch)

You can do nothing about the trash, you threw it away. The lock on the other hand needs to be changed immediately.

MAYBE? change the color of your trash bags an use your neighbors bin too?

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2010-11-01 00:45:13 +0000
Simply, trash is something you have thrown out, therefore you no longer own it. It is free for the taking. If you are worried, shred your paper and always top your trash with leftover food, the smellier and goopier the better. And the more items you recycle, the less trash you have and the less chance someone might need to go through your discards.

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2010-11-01 00:26:48 +0000
People can steal your ID by getting in your trash. Get a shredder and shred anything with any personal information, especially social security numbers or account numbers. You might want to change your locks. Get a chain or something to hold door in case you have to open it. When your lease is up, you might want to think of changing locations. Could you or your husband have come up on police radar or homeland security?

You could go to the police and report this. I am not sure they will do anything. When you put out the trash people can get into it. So be sue to completel y destroy anything with personal inforamtion. May cost you $90 for a fairly decent shredder. You can get at Staples, Office Max, Office Depot. Or some other office supply store or even at Walmart. Don't get too cheap of one as they don't last well. So go up a stage or two from cheapest ones.

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2010-11-01 00:42:31 +0000
Add dog or cat shiit, used cat litter, rotten tomatoes, potatoes, meat or other disgusting smelling rotten food. You could even add urine to the garbage. It will be smelling within 24-48 hours. You could also add various glues to the top of the garbage pile. A few ideas.

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2010-11-02 18:46:38 +0000
Well, it's common for people to rummage through trash for recyclables or reusables, and that's not really a problem, but if they're targeting your trash specifically it does sound like they're trying to find out information.

You should shred any documents containing personal information before putting it in the garbage, and for bonus points separate the shreds over different bags. After that, whatever the person wants to do with your garbage isn't as much of a problem. If they want to look through your daughter's dirty diapers, then that's their right. Unless they are trespassing, it is legal to take anything in a garbage bin.

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2010-11-01 00:14:35 +0000
Dump some feces in there and see if they still take it. Then you'll know if you have a problem.

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2010-11-01 00:21:31 +0000
Save any mail that could have personal information to burn or shred.

You should not bother to call the police. Once your trash has been taken out, it is generally legal for people to sort through it or take it because courts have found that you no longer have a privacy or ownership interest in your trash after it has been removed from your home.

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2010-11-01 00:28:29 +0000
Someone is out to get information on you. Easy way for identity theft. If you happen to be a drug user, or the like, easy way for the Police to gather info for a pending case. The idea of throwing dog crap in there is a great one. Won't stop them but it is still a great idea

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2010-11-01 00:44:25 +0000
Welcome to 2010, er, 2011. :)

Basically, what the others have said does apply. But, if I may add some...

First, sort your trash. Things you can recycle, you should. :) More for other reasons than nature, since most people could care less about that even today. Aluminum cans, plastics, and so on may be worth some money if you find the right place. Sure, you may have to take them somewhere instead of having the ease of dumping them out back, but... Everyone can use some cash, right? Two, this allows you to divide your trash up, not just dump it in one place. If there is anything in it worth money, it's better in your pocket than someone else's, right?

But, when you are dividing your trash up, put your bills, receipts, old checks, and anything that has ANY information on it, in another bag. This should include envelopes that have return address' on them, as they can still be traced back to someone, and then lead right back to you. For THIS bad, purchase a CROSS-CUT paper shredder. Then, either when you junk something, or once a week, shred the stuff. Then, put it in a different color bag, or have one that has a ribbon or something on it, so you can ID it. Seal it, with tape or something, so you will know if it is opened. Optionally, you may soil the contents with something, like oil, urine, and so on, to make it more unreadable, if you like. I, prefer burning the shredded paper. Of course, this works if you have a fireplace, stove, or exterior area where you can do this. If not, you are limited to soiling it.

There are other things you can do, such as ink 'blockers' that you write over the information with, and it makes it illegible, but this can be bothersome for most people. Booby-trapping, such as rat traps, is usually illegal, so I wouldn't do that.

Now, here comes the fun part. Paranoia. If the police have reason, or a private investigator, they can legally steal and/or search your trash. And, since you live in the USSA, you can't complain. If they think you are a terrorist, they can do a lot worse. What does your husband do for a living? Could he know something that someone would want to learn, such as company secrets? What about you? Today, you can worry from everything from affairs to pedophiles, when it comes to such 'attacks' on your privacy and 'freedom.'

Of course, this could just be a simple case of a scavenger. But, why would your neighbor say a Chinese woman, and you saw a Caucasian? Could you be wrong, or could they have lied?

I would also change the padlocks, both in style and for coding. If you can find coded locks, invest in them. High Security locks can also help. And, while I was at it, I would see about some form of internal security, for your home, if it is nothing but a noise-maker, tripped when someone opens the door. If no one is home, then you don't have anything to worry about. But, if you three are home, the alarm will give you first warning, in the event of an intrusion.

Evaluate your situation and see if you see any risks, and plan accordingly. Today, you could be a simple stranger to a dope addicted robber, or a business partner who is targeted for espionage. And, the one common fact is that you cannot TRUST or count on the police to do anything. :(

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