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 I was terminated from my job after working with them for 8 years?
I was told that I am terminated, however they never gave me a reason. However, the rumor is I was terminated for doing something I did not do. I applied for unemployment and they have filed that I ...

 3yr old girl being "touched" innapropriatly by another 3 yr old in a Daycare?
A friend of mine takes his daughter to daycare where she has been being touched by another 3yr old boy. The girl told ...

 What do you think about the alleged racial discrimination at a private pool club in Pennsylvania?
I thought that a private club was treated in the same manner as a private residence in the sense that they could decide who to let in or not let in based in any criteria of their choosing- including ...

 how much would a bail charge be for a 19 year old hanging out with a 15 year old ?
just hanging out. like nothing happend no kissing , sex , drinking , or smoking. no pressuring what-so-ever.
can you even get in trouble if you didnt do anything ?...

 What would happen if I reported my stepdad for hitting me multiple times and my mom knew about it?
Okay so heres the deal. I'm 13, and my moms been married to my stepdad for a little over a year. And we've lived with him for about that long too. And I'm not saying I don't like ...

 Can evidence obtained by "bugging" someone be used in court?
If I bug someone's room without their knowledge and record an incriminating conversation, can that be used as evidence in court?
Additional Details
Clarification: this in an Ontario ...

 Can I sue a college admissions for lying on their website?
Can I sue a college admissions for lying on their website? "Applications received after the deadline will be considered on space availability."

One week after the deadline they ...

 If I own an Island, does that mean that I make the laws there and don't have to answer to any government?
Say if I own my own island, and I want to grow and smoke marijuana all the time. Would anybody be able to say that it is against the law?...

 My grandpa left the money to me in his will. The problem is he is not a blood relation.?
My grandma & him raised me. He has two grandchildren from a previous marriage. Can they contest me being a not being a legal heir?...

 my son is in prison for 22 years for a crime he did not do.My wife (his mom) has all of the evidence to win?
my son was in prison 17 months of the time they say he was out makeing meth with someone I dont think they let you out of prison to make meth. His Mom has all of the evidence to prove him not guilty....

 i got a ticket for weed last month in aug. my court date was on sept 2 its been 3 weeks i haven't gone no time?
will i get a fee or jail time or what?...

 Can you get a DUI on a bicylcle? What if I'm drinking and going bar hopping via bike?

Additional Details
haha..domestic diva..i live in a college town..everyone rides bikes and smokes ciggerettes..but we're not cool burlesque models like you.....

 What do you think about Arizona's new immigration law?
I think it's fair. It's unfortunate that many Hispanics will be profiled based solely on the fact that they are Hispanic. But something needs to be done about illegal immigration. I'm ...

 Michigan tobacco tax increase!!! Are you as mad as I am?
For those of you who don't know already, Our 'wonderful' governor had added a tax increase on tobacco. the hardest hit by this are the working class michiganders that have been ...

 Can i get sued for driving while someone is holding on to the back of my car and then that person gets hurt?
okay im 18 and my friends little brother had come over to skate i was going to drop my friends off at their house but then my little brother and his friend garbed on to the back of my car, i didnt ...

 i need arguments about why abortion is wrong!?

 Can i be sued by another sibling for scattering my fathers ashes without their blessing?
I have recently gained possession of my fathers ashes from his mum after 11 years of trying and i would like to scatter them in a local cemetery where other members of my family have been laid to ...

 What could my husband be charged with?
My husband came home drunk. I was in bed asleep. He pulled me out of bed by the hair, dragged me to the shower, and turned the water on me. I told him I was going to call the police, he blocked the ...

 what if i don't show up to court against someone who raped me?
my boyfriend raped me and i went to the hospital did a rape kit the police came found him and locked him up but then he got out on bail so we set for a court date but i don't want to come i just ...

 how many witnesses do i need to have a civil marriage?

Suz M
Should an employee be aloud to wear his personal cell phone bluetooth headset at work?
We have a warehouse employee where I work that wears his bluetooth headset all day long. Lets forget that he looks like a dork....but its for his personal cell phone. I would think there would be safety issues, and the fact that you shouldn't be taking that many personal calls in a day that you would need one. No one is sick, dying or preganant in his household. Should this be aloud?
Additional Details
This is the real kicker, the same employee called the Health and Safety board and complained about people coming through the warehouse with no steel toes shoes, and we had a HUGE audit here from the Ministry.

If your a Seinfeld fan you will get this nick name, we call him "the warehouse nazi" (instead of the soup nazi).

He's even reported me for not keeping the first aid box stocked in the warehouse, (we ran out of bandaids in that box)...I don't have steel toed boots because i'm just a the receptionist and I'm not on the health and safety board....

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2009-10-07 13:50:42 +0000
Not if he is aloud. That would be very disturbing to others.

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2009-10-07 13:48:55 +0000
Most companies/employers are prohibiting employees from using cell phones during work hours, so the fact that they are allowing this person to wear his bluetooth all day is surprising.

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2009-10-07 13:40:54 +0000
I'd not allow it.

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2009-10-07 13:58:59 +0000
Most companies are like Churches - personal cell phones/headsets are to be turned off. This is due to safety & respect for others. I was in a restaurant when a waitress came up to a couple who were both on their cell phones & she stated that they were in the " no cell phone section."
Everyone who heard her applauded & they put their phones away! ROTFL!!!

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2009-10-07 13:51:25 +0000
I would say HELL NO. Sorry buddy but your on MY time. take your personal calls during off hours. I can over look a few calls every once and a while but to have your PERSONAL blue touth on!

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2009-10-07 13:52:51 +0000
Does your company have a policy against it? What kind of personal protective equipment, if any, do you wear in the warehouse? (Steel-toed boots or hard hat, gloves, etc.) Does the headset interfere with any safety protocols, like impair his ability to hear shouts of warning, or a horn on a fork truck, etc.?

Is anyone else permitted to carry his or her cell phone and keep it with them while on duty in the warehouse?

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2009-10-07 13:43:09 +0000

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2009-10-07 13:54:26 +0000
Most companies prohibit personal calls at work except for emergencies. And most prohibit wearing bluetooth, headset or anything else which interferes with hearing, especially where other employees or customers need to communicate with you, or where not listening could endanger you or others.

If his company has such rules, it is up to his supervisor to put a stop to it. If it is interfering with the work he is supposed to be doing and disrupting workflow for coworkers, then they must mention it to his supervisor to deal with it in accordance with company policy. If it is not interfering with your work or your interactions with your coworker, keep your mouth shut!

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2009-10-07 14:33:22 +0000
i own a small computer business and i really frown upon personal calls. if it's very important or involves family no problem. i pay a better than average wage and look after my employees very well and expect them to work not talk on the phone. if one of them showed up with a headset there would be one warning then out the door. i don't care who it is.

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2009-10-07 13:44:18 +0000
If it's that 'aloud', it certainly should not be allowed!

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2009-10-07 14:35:17 +0000
it is allowed,for now at alot of companies but when a holes like him abuse the privilege and get hurt the privilege will be taken away.dont think his actions dont go unnoticed,im sure management has plans for him.

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