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 if someone was trying to hang themselves but i kicked the chair away, would this be murder or manslaughter?

 Eating for free at restaurants?
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 US: Here's a gun.....dont shoot anyone. Here's a ton of alcohol.....dont drink and drive. Im I on the right
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 Is it legal for an apartment manager to video tape tenants?
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 are ebay going to sue me?
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 My dads wife left him 7 mths. ago he's got new girlfriend moved in, can wife get him 4 adultry?
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 PLEASE HELP; it's for my report about the ban on public smoking.?
i was wondering; when are they going to pass the ban on public smoking in fort wayne, indiana?and where can i find information about it online.i need any info about it and tell me if you think it ...

My neighbor below me smokes. I can never open my window for fresh air because it stinks. What do I do?
My neighbor is very friendly, but doesn't seem to speak fluent english. I think he is from the middle east. I don't want to stir up any problems but I am starting to get very annoyed. Even when he doesn't smoke outside, if he has his window open, I can smell the stench from his house through my window. Do I just need to gather up the courage to ask him to not smoke outside and not open his windows. I feel like this is too much to ask? At the same time... he is kind of asking the same of me, so that he can have the luxory of smoking.

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Try talking with him. Or buy him an ashtray that filters the smoke.

To the people who say that he has a right to smoke on his property, that is not the point. No one said that he doesn't have the right. Someone is just asking how to deal with it.

But since the question was raised, does he have the right?

He doesn't have the right to make loud noises at all hours of the day and night. He doesn't have the right to throw garbage outside and into neighbor's apartment. He doesn't ahve the right to run a pig farm and create a bad smell from that. How is creating toxic air and sending that around the neighborhood and into other apartments any different? We are not talking about someone who keeps the smoke in his own house.

Yes, he has the right to his addiction and to commit suicide, but does he have the right to addict others and murder them?

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helo pilot cfi
yes do go and talk to him and also ask not to eat have s*x unless he ask you first come on who are you related to Mussolini that his domain and castle close your window or move out

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You need to go through your landlord, not directly to your neighbor. File a complaint that the smoke is making you ill, and make it clear you will move out if he doesn't stop. The landlord should designate an outdoor smoking area for residents and NOT allow it inside. They will have a difficult time renting out the apt. after the smoker leaves.

You may want to ask other neighbors if they're bothered by the smoke, in which case you can go to the landlord together and demand change.

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Well if you live in an apartment tell the rental office but remain anonymous so he don't know who it is complaining if that don't work politely ask him to burn some incense or something or work something out were he would smoke out side away from your open windows or just get him some incense and a smokeless ashtrays or something that should work good luck

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Miss Behavin
If you live above him it really doesn't matter if he is inside with windows opened or closed you will still smell it. DISGUSTING...I know..it is gross. Unless you own your apartment I would try to find and apartment building that is for non smokers. Smokers have rights and it is not illegal. Try doing this, spray some very strong perfume on you and walk around outside his door. People often find the smell of strong perfumes offensive and it is not illegal either.

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So you want him to NOT have any freedom, sahite we cant smoke inside anywhere any longer, now we cant smoke outside anywhere. Where can we smoke.

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William Henry H
he's smoking outside so him and his family can enjoy fresh air inside their home... idiots like that are the ones that cause public smoking bans in states like california

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Take it to the Apartment manager and let them handle it. If it dosen't work then look for an apartment unit that is vacant in the other part of the complex. If this doesn't work then I suggest you pay your friendly manager and neighbor a visit with some smelly Limburger cheese in hand and stuff it somewhere when they are not looking.

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Damn, I'd sure be worried about that situation, a middle easterner who does not speak fluent English. I think I'd be calling homeland security and let them ask him to stop smoking for me.

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I mean DAMN can a mothafoya smoke in they're own damn apartment

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I really know how you feel....it sucks big time. Not much you can do until or unless smoking is made illegal. Keep your window closed...buy a fan for air circulation.

Good luck to you.

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You are overstepping your bounds by insinuating that your right to fresh smelling air outside trumps his right to smoke.
News flash- it doesn't

How do you feel on trash day?
Do you think everyone should bring their trash cans inside and keep their windows shut so that you can have spring breeze fresh air?

Get real- lighten up and respect that the world is not your oyster alone.

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Susie D
It is too much to ask. Smoking is not illegal, and it is your neighbors right to do so.

If you are so bothered - move.

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☆ღWifey Wifeyღ☆
It's his property, if he wants to smoke on it or in his home that's his business.

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As terrible as your predicament is, there really is nothing you can do short of moving.
It WOULD be too much to ask a smoker never to open his window or never to smoke outdoors.
It's too bad that he smokes, but he obviously is not doing it to hurt you. You can't ask him to stop what he's not doing to you.

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Buy an air-conditioning unit.

He has a perfect right to smoke in his own property.

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fairly smart
I don't think you can do anything. I had the same problem, I was upstairs & the smoker was down stairs. They were nice people & I had to close doors & windows too. You can ask for another apartment, maybe a downstairs? That is a pain, but I don't think you can actually do anothing other t han that!
Gad, smokers aren't allowed to smoke inside or outside anymore! They should take the hint & quit, it would be so much better for them too!

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