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Me and My children being Harassed By Neighbor, What can I do?
For a couple weeks now My neighbor and her son have been harassing me and my 2 children, My son is the same age as her son but he is half his size, This woman will tell her son and his friend to call my son bad names and push him and tease him.
I told my son to do nothing but to come in and tell me when these happen,
It has gotten so bad that i do not even dare to send him out.
And there have been fights on my lawn with this woman.
We will be out on my porch talking (me and another neighbor). And she swore up and down hill one of us said something about her when she drove by.. No one said anything, she got in our faces, swearing at me and Swearing at my children. This woman has no morals at all she is a very evil woman. She lets he son do anything and everything and does not make him mind at all.
So after that I report it to the landlord (he owns all the rentals in that area).. He does NOTHING. Says that we need to keep away from eachother.
I try to but she will send her son and his friend to ride around and To Harass My children and their friends while they are minding their own buisiness. They will ride around them and try to hit them with their bikes and swear at them and everything, All the while this woman is over at her place just laughing.(not very good morals as a parent).
Then over the weekend. My son who is only about 40 lbs was sitting on his bike and her son who is about 80 0r 90 lbs comes up behind him and then you hear her yell push him off and the kid pushes my son off his bike and laughs about it and now my son has marks all over his legs.
I call the landlord again....Still nothing.. She is telling the landlord it is my kids doing all this, When I have witnesses to her actions.
So I have been afraid to let my kids out to play, I don't know what else to do, I am so afraid one of them will get hurt by this kid and nothing will be done then either..

Well then tonight. She had friends over. And they had left their son at her house to play with that mean little boy of hers. Well my kids and some friends were on my porch playing minding their own buisiness.and those kids kept going by swearing and making racist remarks, So naturally my kids said something back,
Well then you see her walk over to the boys and whispers something to them and start laughing so they go around again saying more stuff that she obviously told them to say..
Well then the boys parents come back and they get out of the car, you see her say something to them and they come hauling over to my yard, cursing and pointing at me saying that one of us said the F word to their son,
No one said anything...They start coming in my yard, Calling me names like stupid and saying their kid was smarter than me and my kids. and swearing up a storm, I think every other word out of their mouth were the F word. and the guy even told me he was going to hit me in the face, and the woman kept saying wanna fight, I just kept telling her to get out of my yard. It was crazy..
And these people do not Even Live here. It was the first time We have ever seen them...
And All the while that boys mother was just standing there laughing with a smug look on her ugly face,..

I am at witts end. This is making it for me and my kids to live here..
What do we do? What are our rights?
Why does the landlord say that he can not do anything to remedy this situation?

I am to the point where I am ready to move out of here.

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2 much 2 read

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Take a video of what is going on. If She or her kids hit you or your kids get a restraining order.

Turn her in to DHS. If she has been in the system before they will give her a bad time.

Move only as the last resort.

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the landlord isn't going to do anything. you are an adult, keep the children away. you are not five years old to be acting like that and crying that someone said you were stupid. i'm sure you know well enough to keep your kids away from them. . no one is going to help you, unless they actually hit one of your children, then you can call the police. who still probably won't help much.

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Try to make a police report against them.

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You go girl and call the police. They will send someone over to take a report and hopefully make a regular route by your house to catch them.
Now get the info in order, call for an officer to come over and make a complaint. They will go talk with her and son, telling them what is up.
Then you need to call as soon as this happens and make another report. Keep it going to show them you had enough as there is laws to protect your family.
Please do it today and get the paper work started, before something bad happens to someone.

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Johnny A
Tell her to mind their own business or your calling the police. If they threaten to hit you, tell them to do it and then press charges or try to get a restraining order.. That's about all you can do, if you lay them out you go to jail and you create a record for yourself. So that's about it. Hope things go well for you.

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call the cops and tell them youre son got hit or ounched but not by the kid they wont do nothing there tell them she did it then you will have a formal complaint and anything that will happen after that you can call cops over and over , hell you can send her to jail if you want to

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loves christmas lights
Move. That is all you can do.

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why dont u call the cops?

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you can go to your jdc ant get a tpo my mom works their Juvnial and famliy court ask for a T.P.O it helps so they can stay away.

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Be patient. Karma isn't far behind. Talk sh** get hit

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stupid girl
call the police and ask them? secretly video tape this stuff. i'd guess you'd have to break your rental agreement to leave- which might be the least bothersome option- unfair but least bothersome. ask them what you legally need to break the agreement with your landlord. or better yet, consult a lawyer.

some people are astoundingly loathsome... to the point where you experience stuff like this and still can't believe such people exist. i was in a vaguely similar situation and it is quite likely going to get worse before it gets better. no matter what you choose to do or how this is dealt with, this woman will never ever change save for the grace of God. Heaven save that child of hers. Speaking of which.... i wonder exactly what his life is like- maybe a call to child protective services is in order. Best of luck.

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Mr. Taco
What do you expect your landlord to do? He hasn't any right to control how they live their lives. But have you called the cops? Disturbing the peace. Getting on your property. Assaulting your child. Threatening you. Those are crimes, by dear. Don't move. Get the law involved.

Good luck!

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Smell This
...your Landlord doesn't want to get in the middle of anything; consider calling the Police... do you have a Video Camera...? start taking videos of everything "she" and her kids do... build a SOLID case for yourself... (Is there a "father" in all this to intervene...?) ..."If' this woman is as "nasty" as you are saying... there must be "others" in your building that have been the target of her wrath as well... get some solid witnesses with dates and times to support a solid report for the Police...

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John U
I think your landlord is not the police, he just collects rent. If they come into your yard again or physically touch any of your children again call the police. If you are on someone else's property to harass it is called trespassing. Pushing, shoving, verbal threats of physical harm are all degrees of assault. This does not sound as though it is going to get any better until you start involving the police.

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