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Is it right to send a mentally or physically ill person to jail?
This subject is hard for me because sometimes I think they don't know what they are doing is wrong and they can't even function in society let alone prison. For example someone that is autistic or any other illness they are mentally unstable but very strong and cause harm to others. They can be easily manipulated and can be manipulated to do wrong. Then there are those that are mentally ill like sociopaths. Can they be cured can anyone be cured and released back into society?

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USS Midway, the Magic
I think they should be put to sleep. We do it to rabid animals, why not the worst of the human animals.

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I think jail should be like it used to be, horrible cold wet places and if you died there that was your punishment.

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Gavin R
Right no psychobabble,the reason mentally unstable people are sent to prison is because.....................THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO SEND THEM.See easily answered.

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Well, they've done away with mental institutions that formerly housed the sociopaths and mentally unstable people that might cause harm to others. They've permitted those people to enjoy freedoms that were previously denied to them or were limited by institutionalization. They have been released back into society and given all their freedoms.

Now the pendulum has swung the other way, and when they become a danger to society because they've broken the law they're penalized as if they were fully functional members of society. We now house mentally ill folks in facilities that are for the elderly or physically infirm when they're unable to care for themselves and families do not want to be the caregivers.

The consequence of criminal acts may include imprisonment, but we've chosen to let the courts and legal system determine the penalties and the extent of those penalties. The legal system does permit pardons, probation, appeals, work release, and early releases.
We just can't have it both ways.

I can't agree with you either that they don't know what they're doing is wrong. There are only a few types of mental illness that might impair that judgment. Autistic people are usually above average in intelligence, depressed people are not generally a threat to others only to themselves. Bi-polar people can be stabilized if they accept the treatment medications prescribed for that condition. Its the "criminally insane" that threaten society. My opinion would be that anyone who kills another human being might be diagnosed as "temporarily insane" because no rational personal would do that.

If they are sent to prison, and serve a lengthy sentence for a crime, once they're aged, we support them in state funded nursing home facilities with our tax dollars. They have a comfortable life as senior citizens, often better than if they were outside.

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A person who is mentally ill and has committed an offence, he will be charged and subject to trial.
however at trial the defence of Insanity will be raised by the Defence Counsel, the Judge and even the Prosecution Counsel ensuring that the Defendant has the defence.
When convicted the Judge will not sentence the Defendant to a Prison but to a Secure Mental Facility for an indefinate period. this is for Public Protection.
Those who are criminals and sentenced to Prison can be rehabilitated but this is subject to there own want to be rehabilitated.
Mentally ill persons will not be released until they are better and this will be judge by an independent panel.
Realistically we must remember that the Defendant has committed an offence and there is a victim which has been subjected to harm, they must no matter what there mental state or capacity be punished for doing wrong. the current legal system we have in place is by no way perfect but it is the best we have got so far so we have to settle with it.

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Some people feign mental illness to commit crimes. As someone who had a long period of physical illness, now fully recovered, any crimes I had committed during that time would have got me off the hook according to your reasoning.
Of course, supporters of criminal acts never become concerned about the victims of the crimes.

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Gnomes are sexy
I agree with you but at the same time why give them special treatment? u know its hard because they still committed the crime even if they didn't know what was going on so its hard to say

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Mary Hart
There is one form of mental illness that most people do not know about and it can cause real trouble for society. That is PTSD which most if not all ex-service men / women seam to be suffering from they have been taught to fight and take life, so when they lose control anything can and does happen. When some one who has been in the Army commits a serious assault they are usually sectioned under the mental health act as they are some of the most violent mental health cases known. Seeing some of the answers that some people who say they are ex-forces give they are very abrupt and aggressive, it may be years before they realize they have this problem.

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If its a crime you should go to jail, no special treatment just away from ''regular prisoners'' for there own safety

People not saying you, are too soft, the british way of sorting out criminals is pathetic, you see american jails and u think my god its soo different, in the national paper the other day one prisoner has shown with tonens of electricals including wireless laptop which he had facebook ( this is how it was in the paper) and he had a nice sized room all the different foods and drink under the sun a nice 17'' tv ...his crime attmpted murder and assult!

Its so simple you have cat a b and c if u get cat a u do 5 years (regardless if its drink driving or stealign a ipod)

cat b assult , robbery you do 10 years
cat c rape murder 20 years ( no reduced sentence for any of the 3 categorys even if they are extra nice)

and they all have a cell now bigger than a public cubicle and they get brought 3 meals throug h the door a day and they get one page of newspaper to read thats it, locked up 24/7..... we are too kind!

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People who are mentally, or physically ill, obviously need treatment in hospital, before going into prison. People who are seriously mentally ill, can be detained in Psychiatric hospitals indefinitely. There are so many mental illness. Some people only have one incident of mental illness, get better, and are never ill again. Some people suffer from several bouts of mental illness during their lives, but are well in between. And others do not appear to ever recover fully, even with treatment. Most people who suffer from mental illness are not a danger to other people. There are a few people who can be violent when they are ill. Autism is a learning difficulty. Sufferers find it difficult to develop social and living skills, and need a lot of support from teachers and other professionals.

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Mentally unstable criminals should be assessed at a psychiatric facility if it's been deemed that it's the illness that has caused them to commit the crime.

A person who has committed heinous crimes such as a serial murder/rapist or anything of the sort can claim he was ill to not be sent to prison. So, that person does their term in a psychiatric care facility, plays the act of "good behaviour" they let him out under the supposed "good behaviour" This person goes back into society. One of two things will happen. A) He will be fine, and commit no other crimes B) He will start wreaking havoc on society because the doctors/judge believed he was ill in the beginning. Meanwhile this guy is laughing at the judicial system for believing him to begin with.

There are those who can be cured, and on the flip side, there are those who cannot. If a serial rapist commits crimes against women/young children, or whoever...do we not think that once released back in society that they're going to think of nothing but rainbows. We need to remove the blinds from our eyes if we think that. Of course they'll think about committing a crime at some point or maybe they'll try to do it again. They're human...ill but human.

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Ray K
if i had raped you should i go to jail?
you dont know if im mentally ill or not
id say jail if sane hospital if insane,
its still locked up.

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This is about money. It cost less to keep a menatlyy ill person in prison than in proper confinement for their needs.
The good thing is that prison officers and other prison staff are very good at taking care of prisoners with mental health issues.
The general public do not understand and most dont want to understand what goes on in prisons. I have seen excellent work in prisons (UK) the problem is the "real criminal element" need watching because the bully boys and Psychos will cause problems for weaker mentally ill prisoners. The prison Officers Association have been agueing for years to have mentally ill prisoners held in proper secure care. But a cell is a cell and as long as the prison staff continue to do such an excellent job what incentive is there for the government (Jack Straw) to move them at a far higher cost. I have seen a large number of prisoners "cured" orbecome manageable in society. But, the occasions when this goes wrong become headline news.but you dont get a change of policy from te government, they still lock them up in prisons.

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tony c
the dangerously mentally ill should be put in hospitals and kept there-prison is not the answer-the prison authorities have enough on their plate without dealing with psychopaths as well-besides they do not have the expertise.

it is not their fault they are the way they are but how many times have the so called "experts" released someone into the community only for them to attack and in some cases rape or kill an innocent person just because they forgot to take their tablets one morning.

most of these individuals do not need manipulation-in fact in the main they are mostly loners.

they consider the dangerous acts they do as part of normal life and they simply cannot be cured.

think about it?-how many cases have you heard of involving someone who is suffering paranoid schizophrenia going around maiming and killing suddenly being "cured" and becoming a pillar of society?

so rare it is almost non-existent-and how many nutters-potential murderers are roaming our streets at any given time-thousands.

and they can't all be cured.

when one of these walking time bombs explodes it is always the innocent bystander that suffers-another family ruined.

yep!!-put them in institutions and keep them there.

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I don't think ordinary jail is the place but defiantly any ill person who is harming others needs to be in protective custody, not punishment.
It would be cold comfort if a mentally ill person killed or harmed one of your family only to be left in the community to do it again. ..
It is also unfair to the mentally ill person to have to endure public animosity. In our country all the mental homes are closed down except for the criminally insane and those needing to be protected from public and them selves. and even they can go to supervised half way homes and enjoy a fulfilling life.
A physically ill person who is not mentally ill should do the time if they did the crime.You have a kind heart to be asking your question.

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depends on the situation...

in all states i know of.. if a person is incapable of determining right from wrong... they can't be imprisoned in a jail they are instead sent to a prison for the mentally insane.. quite a bit different from jail

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The fact that a person suffers from physical illness should not prevent his being treated the same as other people when it comes to sentencing. I think as I write this of a particular gang of robbers with whom I had dealings, one of whom operated from a wheel chair!

Mental illness is another matter and before sentencing a mentally ill person the court should order psychiatric reports. If a person suffering from mental illness is given a custodial sentence, it should be specified that the person in question be remanded to the psychiatric wing of the prison concerned so that he should receive treatment. There is, indeed, a special prison for the criminally insane known as Broadmoor. In sentencing the court has to look at the whole picture -- the need of the person before them to be sentenced appropriately and the need of society to be protected.

Where a person is mentally handicapped and has a mental age of under 10 (the age of criminal responsibility), he will fall outside the jurisdiction of the court, as he will be deemed to be unware of the nature of his actions.

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