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 is the parent to blame in this case?
at the store yesterday, this 4yr old just slapped this sales floor worker like that.
b4 u could say "what was that", the girl flicked the kid over and spanked him 3 hot times.

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 Would you press charges against a family memeber for stealing personal checks and cashing them? Why or why not
My uncle recently discovered he had over $500 dollars worth of his personal checks that were stolen and used by my cousin, his daughter. he did not press charges, but he chose to not speak or have ...

 Do you think juries should decide guilt or innocence?

 If you put up signs that your home has a booby trap is it still illegal to have them?
Just curious, if someone has some sort of booby trap in their home or around their property but put up a sign telling what the trap is would it still be illegal to have?

Think of it as ...

 Is Michael Reagan guilty of a FELONY here?
It don't matter political side you are on, you just don't make statements like this and call for the murder of an American who, whether you believe him or not, has NOT committed a crime and ...

 Is it illegal to.....?
Shoot the tyres of a car that comes into my street every evening and toots its horn instead of knocking the door of the person who's attention they want?
Additional Details
Tom - No ...

 Can she sue the company?
My mum went out for lunch with some friends yesterday and they had a glass of wine in the bar beforehand. On the way to the table she was carrying her glass with the rest of the wine in it and there ...

 How is the death penalty not "Cruel & Unusual"?
If our constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment, how can there be a death penalty?

I understand the mentality of wanting to get back at someone who has taken a life, especially ...

 What happens if a teenager gets caught downloading free song from lime wire ?
Do you get fined?...

 Should I hire a lawyer?
My neighbors are drug dealers who blast rap music all the time. How can a lawyer help me if I hire one? What type of lawyer should I hire?...

 is there anyone?
that truely believes a person has no right to defend their life with deadly force if it is the only way you will live?
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since every one is in agreement why do our gun ...

 Is it legal for parents to give their children alcohol?
I know it is not legal for people under 21 to purchase alcohol, but it is ok for a parent to allow alcohol to their child in a protected enviroment like a home right?
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 If killing a mother and her unborn child, ("fetus") is "double murder", why is abortion legal?
In the US, killing a woman and her unborn child, ("fetus") is considered "double murder". In other words, the accused is charged for two accounts of murder; one for the mother and ...

 Should Hazing be illegal?
In the state of Florida they are trying to pass a law that would deem Hazing illegal and it would be a felony....

What r your thoughts on this.....

There was a Chicago incident ...

 Help me and my friend out?
Ok read this:

My friend brought his camera to school (which are not allowed but we diden't lnow that). We brought it to videotape a fight. The 2 people fighting were doijng it just ...

 would you vote to legalize marijuana use?
would you vote for legalizing marijuana use for medical use? how about both marijuana for medical and recreational in california?...

 If I made a sex tape w/ my girlfriend and posted it on the internet without her permission or signature?
Is this illegal or what?...

 if two underage people have sex is it illegal?
is it illegal for example to have a male and a female who are both 14 to have consensual sex? and if it is.. what do they do about it?
Additional Details
does anyone actually know? or ...

 How many of you approve of the new HPV vaccine becoming mandatory (with ability for parents to opt out)?
I'm currently writing a paper over whether or not the HPV vaccine should become mandatory for girls before entering the sixth grade. Parents could opt out under most bills citing religious/...

Is it legal to walk around in public in your underwear???
Like in a bra and panties, just walk down the street?

Just curious =)

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zac mcpherson

depends on where you live. i suppose if you live in AFGANISTAN or IRAQ then yes considering the korans scrict clothing rules.
but it probs depends on the state law and how cute the police officer thinks you are if he sees you as to whether you would get charged.

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Randy W
This all depends on where you live. Some states and cities has indecent exposure laws that would prohibit you from doing this, while other have laws that allow complete nudity in public except a restaurant. I would suggest you check with your local police station or city hall on local laws before you try it.

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isn't it the same like wearing a bikini? do they disallow people wearing bikinis in the beach

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?My venomous kiss?
yes..it is...legal...

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Juan P
it should be a law

but curiosity killed the cat so what do you think foe

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here to help
sure,why not. the 80s had girls wearing boxer and bras. The 80s also had bike shorts. now we have sagging with no consequence.

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This reminds me of Seinfeld and the bra lady. LOL! Great Episode! I do not care to see people walking down the street half naked. Nor do other people. Some perverts might.

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The state govenment in Florida seems to think so.

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I guess so because I have seen people doing it, especially young girls, wearing short short boy's type undies with matching bra's, its horrible that parents would let a child dress like that in public, or even buy a young girl that kind of underware, its very sad

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it is for u haha j/k

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General Custer
It depends on where the street is and how much of you the public can see.

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i suppose if your pretended it was a bikini you could
i walk around in my back yard in bra and panty
i have 3 neighbors(sides and back) and i dont care
i have run to mailbox in a bra
if a bikini is ok i dont think a bra and panty is a problem

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I think it is up to the community you live in. In Canada it is legal to go topless. In Kansas I think you have to wear wool leggings and turtleneck sweaters. But you can walk around my house in your underwear anytime you want.

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Alexis .
I think so, you should try it.

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Depends. Are you 5'5" 105lbs or 5'5" 205lbs.

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I for one will assure you I would never report you to the authorities!

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come over to my house and you can walk anywhere you want in your undies

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Different states/cities have different laws and how much you can expose. It will depend on where you live and how much your underwear covers. Also, if it is see thru or not. Some cover just as much (if not more) than a swimsuit so look up the laws in your area for such. I live in Daytona, FL so our laws aren't as strict as most places (mostly due to Spring Breaks)

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