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Lisa L
Is it legal to discipline a child for talking about God in public school?
Yesterday my 4th grade son's teacher called to have a talk with me about "a problem". She said my son talks about his belief in God at school and he's been warned not to, yet he continues. She told me this is inappropriate and unacceptable. She told me, if he brings up God again, there may be disciplinary action. Can they do that?
Btw, he's not "preaching" or "soap boxing". He's a 10 year old child who mentions his beliefs occasionally though the course of the day.

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Old Cynic
I would have to slap that kid.

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As if children want to sit in Church and hear the Preacher preach; now they come to school to hear a kids interpretation of God?
Hmmmm, I wonder who's teaching him this stuff?
My alter ego suggests: "Burn the young & old radicals at the stake!"
But who listens to the devil...anymore? LOL

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well, it completely depends on whether or not he is being pushy about it or not. does the teacher say he is? unfortunately, if the teacher says so, and you arent there in school to back up your son while he talks about it, its the teachers word vs. the child's, and the teacher will win.

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There are certain things that are not to be discussed in school settings. If they school (i'm assuming public here) decides that talking about religion is one of those things then yes he can and will be disciplined for it.

There have been law suites the other way about people bringing it up in class.

Honestly though, how many times a day does a 10 year old have to speak on his/her profound belief in a hereafter and the savior?

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We can't have it both ways -- if anyone's opinion can be freely mentioned, so can everyone's.
Would you be equally upset if your child's classmate was stopped from talking persuasively about the glories of Satanism, for example? How about a suggestion to your child that he will be going to hell because he isn't a member of the "right" church.

Religion is a sensitive issue and I have always suggested to my children that it is private and not really appropriate to discuss at school, especially in the sense of trying to persuade others that "mine is right".

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all opinions are acceptable unless it's an opinion not supported by intellectual elitists indoctrination program. the only god he can represent is the new savior, 'mmm mmm mmm... barack hussein obama'. as a resident of New Oceania, you should worry less about our plans for your children and more about getting your slave *** back to work in this Brave New World. big brother is watching.

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Yes it is legal and they will try to discipline him and you. Just have your son substitute 0bama for God and they will give him an award. Religion is not allowed in public schools, but politics are required, as long as they are the "politically correct" politics.

Find a lawyer and sue the crap out of them.

EDIT: lots of passion about this one!

FYI - I am a Pastafarian and any beleifs, regardless of how anyone "feels" about them are covered under the Bill of Rights. Raman.

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This situation depends....

was the child being disruptive? Was he interrupting the teacher? Was he telling everyone that the class is wrong and God is right? If so then yes he should face discipline for being disruptive.

If he was just talking about god amongst friends then no nothing should happen UNLESS he was antagonizing the other children. I have a friend who is a teachers assistant and she told me how she had a super religous kid who would tell all the non-christian kids (especially the muslim, hindu, sikh) kids that they would go to hell...one of the kids actually cried. This kind of behavior is absolutely intolerable and that student should face disipline if he/she refuses to cut it out.

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it not legal to discipline because of free speech my wife a public school teacher and she been call a lot of bad name and thy told her that the child have a right to free speech one even wrote Mrs.Condo is a B**** on the walls all thy did with the child was make him wash the walls

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in a public school it could be taken offensively, so i can see why he'd get in trouble..but it is kinda stupid that he's not allowed to even bring it up.

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Crystal. Love Lets Live.
This is crazy! I mean a child wouldn't be punished if they talked about Darwin. And they aren't punished for discussing why they don't celebrate birthdays when they are of certain religions.
Who cares if he is preaching or not. Why should he be hushed?
I don't know where you are from. I live in IL and I have never heard of a punishment from such a thing. If they do punish him I wouldn't let that slide. I would be calling in everyone I could to fight it.

I keep hearing more and more strange things like this about schools. Im pretty set on homeschooling my future kids. hah

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Tell the school that if they try to stop your Son talking about God you will sue them under the freedom of speech act.
Everyone is entitled to their beliefs whether it be Christian, Muslin,Hindu etc. I bet if a Muslin started to talk about their faith, nothing would be said as the school; would be too frightened to say anything.

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seriously, how is a 10 year old going to "preach" about his beliefs?! I'm not sure on the rules of public education because i do not have children yet, but it's dead wrong to discipline a child for believe in God, it's his choice! Just like it's the other peoples' choice NOT to talk about God...

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TRUE American Patriot
No, they can't. Freedom of religion and expression.

They can ban school prayer all they want because students of all religions go to public schools, but they should not be able to stop individual students from expressing their beliefs.

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Abstract Lagniappe Anomaly Bama
Wow! The rumbling you hear is our founding fathers rolling over in their graves!

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All your base Are Belong To Us
This is illegal and against the rules. People are allowed to talk about their religions. This is discrimination based on religion. You could bring the school to lawsuit if they take it too far.

You are allowed to express your belifs. The rule is that you aren't allowed to harass/discrimnate based on religious beliefs, and school curriculum must be completely neutral towards religion(As in, teachers aren't allowed force people to do things that go against their religion, they aren't allowd to force people to pray)

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They cannot prohibit him from saying anything whatsoever at recess and at lunch. They cannot prohibit him from saying ANYTHING during open discussions or when talking is allowed. They can use the same discipline as they use for any other kid for talking when inappropriate...THAT IS IT!
I would tell the teacher this. Congress shall pass no laws PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE OF RELIGION, and if they try to silence your child you will bring a lawsuit. They even tried to say that my daughter could not pray over her lunch. They cited "no prayer in school". I pointed out that they could prohibit SANCTIONED prayer in school, but they would NOT take away my daughter's right to pray before a meal.

The teacher cannot talk about religion (although they seem to be able to talk in opposition to Christianity all they want) but they CANNOT prohibit kids from talking about it. My daughter's school tried the same thing. It was an easy fight to win...I took a copy of the Bill of Rights with me and the name of an attorney that they could call if they wanted to infringe on my child's rights.

Pink...the Constitution DOES protect one's right to free expression of religion. I have never seen where it says that you have the right not to be offended. Can you please site where that is in the Constitution.

ty...the teacher will NOT win except in Fantasy Land...or perhaps San Francisco. He has the right to speak about anything he wants to (at times when any conversation or speaking is appropriate) and if other kids do not want to listen, they can leave. There is NOTHING that the school can do about it.

Abigail...truthfully, I really do not give a crap what you think, my daughter has the right to speak about her faith anywhere she pleases. That is in the Constitution. If some atheist or satanist starts spouting off, my daughter has the right to debate them or walk away. And I do not care if you call your faith a personal issue. I live my faith, I love my faith, and I will not hide my faith from anyone, anywhere. And I will not tell my daughter to hide it, either. I do not tell her to go stand at recess and recite the Sermon on the Mound, but if she chooses to share her faith. GOOD!

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