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 Who thinks PROVEN murderers, rapists, child molesters should be shipped off to an island?
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 what are some reasons to change the voting age to 16 instead of keeping at 18?

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your one of they few peopolle i know who probally still talk 2 caitlin. i want you to tell her than when she foes looking for my sister and talking to her and ...

 what in your opinion, is the spudiest law?
i think some by the EU are pretty stupid kiwi must weigh 6grams, and the bendy banana laws
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oh yeah, i cant imagine what you would feel being arrested on the same day ...

 What are your thoughts on gun use for children with adult supervision?
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 Should the USA abolish the death penalty and be like Europe?
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 felony and handgun ownership?
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 Is it illegal to be part of a gang?
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Is it legal for parents to give their children alcohol?
I know it is not legal for people under 21 to purchase alcohol, but it is ok for a parent to allow alcohol to their child in a protected enviroment like a home right?
Additional Details
Well my parents give me alcohol, heck I don't think is the governments place anyway.

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No. The law doesnt say anything about parents or homes. Just not giving anyone under 21 alchohol.

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there is no exception for your children.
there is no "they can have a sip" exception.
as far as i know, no-one has ever been charged with allowing a child to "taste".
however, if your kid is falling down drunk at school, and you've helped, you'll most likely be in real trouble.

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In all states, it's legal for parents to give their own children alcohol to drink at home. However, they can't serve other children unless the parent/guardian of those children are also present. So, for instance, if everybody has a glass of wine at a bar mitzva or a Christmas celebration, you're not getting arrested. However, social hosting does have consequences, and I added a link explaining that.

In the UK, it is illegal to give any child under the age of 5 alcohol.

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I know some states have laws against this. However, I doubt that it would withstand a challenge under the United States Constitution as it interferes with a parent's desires in parenting their children -- that has been considered a sacrosanct right. I don't think the court is going to allow that right to be interfered with because it is a double-edged sword. The ACLU would take that case in a heartbeat.

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as long as you are the legal guardian of that child i know in the state of GA it is, at the same time you cant give it to a five year old - i think its more for a 17 year old, i was 15 one time when the police came in my house and i was drinking but they really didn't say anything, now i also understand if you let your child step outside of your property line he/she is considered public drunk and charged with underage alcohol consumption ( no matter the amount in ones system ) and you would then be charged with contributing and possibly reckless endangerment or something i cant think of the word right now

since you didn't ask my opinion ill keep it to myself because everyone else will probally give it to you

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No, your parents could be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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Yes, it is illegal and it is child abuse. Call child protective services.

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No it is not legal. It does differ according to countries and state but not even a parent can give alcohol to an underage child. If it is reported to the police the Parent can get in serious trouble and may be penalised for it.

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Goat Princess
No, it is nowhere near legal to provide alcohol to a minor regarless of family connection.

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No it is not legal, punishable by law. Can and will go to Jail

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Give me a break!!! I don't know of any State that says it's ok for parents to give their children alcohol! That is ridiculous! I know in Massachusetts if you get caught doing that they take your kids away. I've seen it happen. What kind of a parent would want to let their kids drink at home or away from home. These people should not be allowed to have children. Some roll model those parents are. Maybe these parents that do allow it should spend some time at an AA meeting and see how many alcoholics there are and see how Alcohol has given them such a difficult life. Hearing that parents give their under age children alcohol really pisses me off!!

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Depends where you are in the world, how old are the children, how much, what sort of alcohol (dinner wines or spirits)
On blanace however it is ebtter not to as alcohol can wreak havoc with the nervous system of a young person

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Twisted Maggie
No, most states don't bother with this kind of abuse. Nice of your parents to contribute to your future alcohol addiction. Think I am kidding? Just take a look around and see how many kids are already there. Drink enough of it and YOU WILL BECOME ADDICTED! No one is immune from this drug. Your parents are probably alcoholics too. Drunks always love company. Their kids included.

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I don't know, but I would think that would fall under endangering the welfare of a minor. I also live in a larger city area so that might make the difference.

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In some states, such as Iowa, the answer is yes. Moral? Probably not. But legal in Iowa. Here's the link to the Iowa Department of Alcoholic Beverages laws.

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Dave R
Alcohol consumption, whose allowed and who isn't, is a matter for each state to decide for itself.

When I lived in Alaska it was perfectly legal for a parent to buy and give alcohol to their own children even in public. However, alcohol couldn't be sold in the store directly but had to be sequestered by walls and a seperate door. Anyone could be in a bar but if you weren't of drinking age you couldn't be within arms reach of the bar.

However, when I moved to Nevada the rules were different, alcohol was available in the regular part of the store and there wasn't any restriction on what kind of alcohol it was. Legal purchasing age was 21 and no, its not considered child abuse there to give your children alcohol, legal or not, I don't recall.

Here in Illinois they have Sin laws where you can't sell alcohol before or after certain times on certain days and only certain kinds of alcohol can be sold in certain parts of the store and it is all very complicated to me and very silly. But consider where I lived previously.

In short, look up the laws of your state. Most states have them online and have a seach option to make finding a specific topic easier.

Also there is www.findlaw.com a very good everyperson resource on the internet that is extremely helpful in finding laws and court decisions on a variety of topics.

And if you are outside the USA the drinking age can be the same age 18 and in some countries as low as age 14 in various parts of Europe.

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