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 Are the Whites feeling guilty about what they did to the Blacks during the Slavery time?
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Ref: 435062725
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Dear Winner

We are delighted to inform you of your prize ...

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 when is a fetus a person?
from a legal stand point,not opinion,no offense but i dont really care about ur opinion
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so i guess asking for a legal defintion means give me all the worthless answers ...

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 Why is the legal US alcohol consumption age 21?
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 Is the death penalty society's correct response to murder?
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The money in your pocket has no real value, it is a symbol of value.
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 Do you think that Cannabis Is worse than Alcohol or Tobacco?
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Jonathan David Grearson, a 48-year-...

George P
Is it illegal to tell others to kill themselves?
Is telling others to kill themselves illegal in person or online? This is for New Jersey, thanks.

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yes you can go to jail for it

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Nope, that would infringe on me free speech rights.

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dennis h
well, i'm not sure wheter its non-legitimate, however, why would you want to ask someone or somebody to kill themselves? That's the question.

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Love Canada
To incite suicide?, jail

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brain child of boredom
yes, it is, my school has a law day presentation yearly and they said it was , online, it is cyber bullying which is punishable by law, and in person, im pretty sure same thing (btw, im in NJ too)
oh, forgot, if they do kill themself, i am sure that that would just be something else you would be put on trial for

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sharai w
2 tell u da truth idk but i kinda think it is bcuz dats a threat so yea i think its kinda illegal.

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Well, im not sure, but i wouldnt because ur basicly killing that person by telling them that u think they should kill them selves.So if i were u id tell anybody who asked me that question no.

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I am not sure .
But whatever it is , that person is indirectly causing the victim's death .
Whether it is legal or not , it will still weighs on that person's conscience.

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Ummm.... I dont think its illegal but its morally wrong and Im sure that if the person went through with it then it could be classified as some kind of murder.

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It can be viewed as harassment, which can be illegal.

Here's a recent case, where the woman was indicted.

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☼ GƖơώ ✞ Ѡɪηǥs ☼
It does not matter where you live in this world! are you willing to take the responsibility for this action, should it happen? It most certainly by God's laws of this universe. You may not be held accountable in a court of law, but, by God, you will!

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no. sometimes there is just no more appropriate thing to say.

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Mickey Mouse Spears
It's not illegal, although the person may be taken to court and sued by the family. They may be held responsible for the death of a person who commits suicide after the defendant's urging.

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If you assist them like maybe if you go into detail on how to do it and you convince them to i doubt saying go kill yourself would get you arrested if it did that would suck.

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