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Is it illegal to post pictures on Facebook...? (read more)?
okay, so i have some pictures on facebook of me and my friend at my graduation. she told me to delete them cause they were bad, but they're not bad at all. she just hates pictures. she then hacked my account and removed them and tried to deactivate my facebook. i got back in, and reposted the pictures. now shes saying that because its her right she can make a lawsuit or whatever.. its not like the pictures are bad or anything, she just hates pictures in general. could anyone please tell me if its illegal to post perfectly fine pics of someone else on the internet? oh, and im in canada. thanks :D
Additional Details
and to all you people saying why i want to go against my friend's wishes and all that..

number one theyre not bad pictures, theyre actually very nice. she just knows i love pictures and doesn't want any pictures of her on, just because i like them.

and number two, it's not for pride or anything, or wanting to go against my friend. is it a real crime to want pictures of my GRADUATION on facebook? if it was just normal pics at home or something, then whatever. but they're from graduation!! so everyone, please take that into consideration.

merci beaucoup :) soon i will choose a best answer.

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2010-01-31 03:54:06 +0000
This is a new phenomena in regards to the law. It is not quite clear cut. I suppose that eventually there will be some law to cover it. Look at it this way , if as you say she is your friend and she asked you kindly not to post the pictures whether they look good or not, as a friend you should respect her wishes. I noticed that you both went a little further in your actions. The internet is like a free market anything goes. I personally do not have my own pics on it because as you go along there are no boundaries or parameters. Pictures can be exploited for good or bad and you do not want that. I see that you are openminded so don't impose your freedom of expression to your friend. Be respectful... shrug it off. Is your friendship still intact?? Something to think about. Pretend you take law and this is your client--aah conflict of interest already. Ok, how would you argue this in front of a judge. Just step outside the box for a moment. Prepare your argument. Analyze the pros and cons. Pretend that there is a law that specificially states that 'unless you received written persmission from someone, you cannot post their picture on the web in any way, shape or form'. Also, if that person made an objection or is known to dislike public display of photographs, then it is an offense to do so without their knowledge and to ignore their objection. Just for argument sake.
The reason why I say this is because we do not know when to stop doing things to others period. It is sad that it has come to this. I am not only annoyed at what you did but it has become increasingly selfish and common that we take others lightly. This could have escalated further than it has.

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2010-01-30 16:28:49 +0000
The pictures sound fine.
The hacking is not.

Honestly, though, even if it is legal to post those photos, it isn't very polite. You know she objected. It takes 2 seconds to edit a photo to remove someone - crop it, block out her face, etc. No, you don't have a *legal* obligation to do so, but it is just basic manners and common decency to respect someone's privacy :) Plus, this friend sounds a little off - never piss off a crazy person!

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2010-01-30 16:39:45 +0000
You say this is your friend? Then take the pictures off. What are you trying to prove? You don't sound like a real friend to me. If making your point is more important than your friend, you need help.

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2010-01-30 21:01:10 +0000
If they are your pictures, you can post them anywhere you like. She has no control over them.

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2010-01-30 20:45:40 +0000
See http://www.askbiblitz.com/bullying.php for an excellent overview of the legal issues involved in bullying, which is what you're doing if you seek to post photos of someone who has expressly stated she's against the idea. Why would you want to prevail against someone's wishes in this way? What's in it for you but some sort of sick power trip, maybe?

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2010-01-30 16:21:21 +0000
No, it is not illegal to post pictures on the net. The fact that she knew you had the picture in the first place pretty much eliminates the privacy issue. She however could get into trouble for hacking in to your face book account and making changes. That is against the law.

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2010-01-31 01:55:20 +0000
Grad is sooooo awesome, and I would want to post pictures of grad on fb too. However, if she's in the picture- technically it is her right for you to take it off. BUT, don't fret; you could probably cut her out with a software, blur her face just like they do on tv when they're censoring something.

Although, if she hacked into your account- that's waaay against the law; something about that has to do with an FBI. If you read the fineprint in the whole Facebook registration thing; I think (if i remember it correctly), it says that if you try to hack into an account, your account will be terminated permanently or something. Or perhaps it's against the law to TRY and hack into something....but your friend didn't even try she DID. She hacked into your account- therefore breaking the law. You're friend not only broke the law, but she also intruded your personal space.

PS: was this a grade 7 grad? or was this like a grade 12 grad? assuming that it was a grade 12 grad and you are all somewhere between the ages of 17-19, your friend probably would've had some knowledge about this law.

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