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JamesL in Ohio
Is it illegal in the USA to offend someone? Do you think it should be?
I believe that if I get offended, it is my own fault; because I am the one that controls how I think. What's your opinion?

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I think Americans are very sensitive p.u.s.s.i.e.s, deffinitly yes, its all about suing people here, sometimes even for no reason, for extremy dumb redicules reason people take adventage of that to get money, americans are very very pussie wipped a.s.s.e.s thats the point.

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I may not agree with what a person says, But I would fight to the DEATH for that persons right to disagree with me or you.that's a fact.also , if you don't have something you would die for then you really don't have anything to live for, my dear mother told me Y'all.I am from a cultured mannerly Christian family but I sure have enough sense to realize that everyone is not me.When we get to a point in this country were they try to control others so much that they cant truly express themselves then were in a totalitarian society that i will leave and go to Canada.i raised my voice at someone once and was arrested and put in jail for it.

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no. if ur not able to think and say somthing bad about someone then it wouold not be a free country.

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It is not illegal to offend someone in the US. Slander is illegal and should be.

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no...but you can get sue for libel and slander...

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1) no

2) not at all

3) I agree

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George C
The Liberals don't want to offend anyone. That is why they are spineless and wont stand up when we get slapped down. Whether you like Bush or not, I for one am glad he was in office for 911, or we would still be talking as body bags were being filled in our city streets from car bombs and suicide bombers.

I only wish he would have just took the gloves off and either kick their butts or nuke them before they nuke us. If and when Iran gets nukes, you best bet Hamas or one of those Islamic Jihad groups, will bring one in and set it off, wiping out a few hundred thousand people.

Watch what I am telling you. I don't have to be Sylvia Brown to know that.

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nope in my opinion

it shouldnt be

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Count Acumen
There's a lot of truth in that. A lot of times it's the person who got offended, that's at fault for being offended. They are just too touchy or illogical. Sometimes it is the person that offended them. I don't think it should be illegal to offend someone though. Only if someone does REAL harm should they be held accountable.

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That's crap. Every single opinion out there will offend some one. It's impossible to avoid offending someone.

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κύριος κτίστης
I am fed up with people wanting to be politicaly correct. We became a nation of cry babys and worthless useless people. spineless and scared to offend someone. Everyones got freedom of speech unless you straight white male.

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Be careful what you say, next thing you know it will be a law. I think there are millions of busy bees working day and night to dream up more ridiculous laws we don't need. They might not have thought of this one yet.

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just a guy
I do not believe that it should be illegal to offend someone.

There is no way anyone can state anything without offending someone somewhere. I am certain your question offended someone and I am certain my answer offended someone.

I also agree that it is my option to be offended and I control that option. If I am offended it is my decision how I am to react to it.

This is a fine line, however, because I believe that open and forced expressions of bigotry should be illegal.

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Nancy W
No,it shouldn't be illegal. People are so thin skinned any more that it is al most impossible for someone not to be offended over something. I believe that people need to lighten up.

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I agree with your opinion, however it can be illegal in the USA to offend someone depending on in what context it is done.

The most obvious law that makes it illegal is "disturbing the peace" which can be used for almost any time you offend someone else. If it is done in media (or to other people), it could be considered "libel" or "slander". If it sounds like it could possibly be employment or housing descrimination of a protected class, it will be interpreted as illegal. If it is during the commission of another crime it could stiffen the penalty by becoming a "hate crime". If you spit on the sidewalk in Salt Lake City, UT, it is a crime (but if you don't offend anyone, of course you won't see the ticket). There are tons of other local laws which cover various other offenses that are more or less "offending" someone.

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