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Is it a crime or illegal to take stuff from other people's garbage or recycling containers?
such as bottles and cans to recycle?
in California or anywhere else?

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It is illegal yes, because you are not allowed to mess up trash collection.

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No if they dont catch you

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Legally, yes if it is on private property, i.e., in a persons yard. I believe there is a lot of tolerance, however, for people who are helping the environment and making their living. As long, as that person doesn't leave a mess behind.

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no, once you put something on the curb you are saying you don't want it. bottles and cans could be different, because the state makes money off that. be careful in CA, they'll pay someone $4000 to track you down and fine you $1000.

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Generally speaking, it is not a crime to go through someone's trash. Once they put it out for collection, they've given up ownership. Making a mess is probably illegal, and some high end neighborhoods may enact ordinances against it to discourage homeless people from scavenging their street, but in generally, it's no crime.

Recycling is different. When something is put out for recycling, it is not discarded, it is a donation to the entity picking it up. It's their property. In most places with recycling plans, it IS a crime to take things from someone else's recycling bin.

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The United States Supreme court actually wrote on this. Police went through the garbage of a person and found drug mateiral. They used that as evidence.

The defense argued that it was illegal to take it, but the court ruled that garbage by the street is just that, garbage. (while that applies to government, same can be argued as a civilian)

Of course there could be local ordinances against it.

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Once on the curb, there's no expectation of privacy.
If you're taking it out of the recycle bin, be careful. Who know what's in there.

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It is illegal to take recyclables out of a recycling bin.

This kind of theft actually impacts the city's garbage and recycling programs, as they lose profits from the sale of those recyclables.

However, these people are not frequently prosecuted for their crimes. In San Francisco (where I live) it's so widespread and organized that people hardly acknowledge it at all.

If you're unlucky, you will be charged with theft.
If you steal enough-- you'll get nailed with grand theft.

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Victoria Sparda
If it's in a recycling bin then yes, if it's thrown in with normal garbage then no.

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Computer Guy
Things put in a recycling bin belong to the recycling company.

Things put in the garbage belong to nobody. However, if you mess up the place digging through the garbage, you could be prosecuted for littering.

Dumpsters are another story. Local ordinances abound. In general, if you are neat about it, nobody will complain, but sometimes you find a harda$$.

Where I live, women with gangs of small children come and rifle the recycle bins for aluminum cans early in the morning before the trucks come. They are quiet and polite, so while they are technically stealing, nobody is likely to turn them in.


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The cans etc put in the recycle bin belong to the recycling company. Their price bid to the city for garbage pickup is calculated based on an assumption that they will make a certain amount of money from the sale of recyclables. If you steal the stuff before they get it, they lose that money.

People HAVE been prosecuted for stealing recyclables from the cans.


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Actually the court case California vs. Greenwood in 1988 resulted in the court deciding that it is legal to take one's trash after it is placed to the curb or street with the intent to dispose of it. Thus, rendering trash abandoned.

The case was based on police searching through the trash for evidence without a warrant.

Recyclables separated from the main trash are another story.

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