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If you have a felony in one state (TN) can you pass a background check in another state (VA)?
Or any other state. I have a felony on my account that is 6 years old in TN. Everyone does a background check and very few will hire a felon even though it was just forgery. I have the option of moving and am very much considering it if it means I can actually get a decent job. So how do background checks work? Especially in TN and VA? Do the background checks only go back a certain amount of years or your whole life cause some have told me to come back after 7 years and they could hire me. And are the background checks state wide or nationwide? Or is it all up to the company? Thanks in advance for your mature answers.
Additional Details
Oh, if you have any websites with correct info please post it for me. I cant find anything.

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With the passing of the Patriot Act are there any secrets anymore?

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You should be O.K. .

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It's a bloody mary morning. And I wish you'
good luck buddy, in all future promise cases.

Wishin Wells.


Don't take any wooden nickels. But I did.


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now that is tracky because it depens what kind of job you are looking for.some jobs just check for there state and others will check nation wide that is were you will get busted. watch out now.

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lil southern girl
Pre-employment background checks in the US generally look for any and all convictions of any kind in any state.

If you have only the one conviction, you may qualify for an expungement - a wiping clean of your record, so to speak. Each state has different requirements for this, so you would need to talk to an attorney in the state where the conviction happened.

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Background checks could be either statewide or nationwide depending on what the company is hiring for.

Most places ask in advance on the application if you have ever been convicted of a felony.

If you commited the felony as an adult you're stuck with it. Just tell the company what it was and how long ago it was. Some companies are more than happy to give people "the second chance" they are after.

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Unfortunately a felony conviction will follow you anywhere you choose to move to.

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Wow really don't listen to any of these responses! I work for a background screening company and your question is a hard one to answer. Each company performs different levels of background checks, while some do none at all.

For example, one company might only run a criminal check in the county of residence you currently live in. Some if you have only been at the address for a short while will run previous counties and/or states that you have lived. You really have no idea of what they are going to do before hand, and asking is probably not the best idea.

Contrary to what someone of the people on here have been saying, if you are convicted in one state, 99 percent of the time if will not show up in another state's records, even for felonies. Now if you moved to a new state and that state requires you to register as a convicted felon then it might

Also, there is no true "National" crimianl records search. And NO private company has access to NCIC records. There are "national Databases" (which could contain TN records)sold by private companies , and your record in TN could pop up on here. Prompting them to do further searching and find your felony. Again in all depends on what the company does in terms background checks.

Also Federal Court and State Court records are separate.

Sorry I can;t give you a yes or no answer

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jack spicer
you may want to find out if tennessee will let you expunge your record. many states do allow for expunging, but not all do. this will clear your record.

according to this article, tn will do it, but you'll probably want to contact someone at the courts or an attorney as well: http://tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051202/NEWS0201/512020420

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Master Yoda
Unfortunately, your felony will follow you around like a raunchy fart.

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Good answers already. If I were you, I'd be upfront about it, and stress the length of time and good citizenship you are developing. Get references. Find as many solid citizens as you can find that will attest to your character. The opinion of many carry weight. Good Luck

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No, a background check, especially with felony convictions, will follow you everywhere; in all states.

The checks are done by social security numbers.

Each company has their own criteria for length of time, but count on at least 10 years.

FYI, you cannot expunge a felony.

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A misdemeanor is a crime that is chargeable under municipal or state law. A felony is one that is chargeable under federal law.

A misdemeanor in another state (provided the new one doesn't ahve close ties with the old one) might get missed; a felony will show up regardless of the state because it is a FEDERAL offense.

Misdemeanors can be pardoned at the state level; this means the records are 'clean' as far as the local law enforcement is concerned. However, it does not 'erase' the record ... it's still visible to another jurisdiction doing a background check.

Felonies require federal pardon (and some can NEVER be pardoned). If the pardon is given, the record is sealed ... but not erased. It will come up on background checks, but so will the pardon information.

In the end it comes down to the company's policy. If they want to look hard enough, they'll find it. Best bet for you is to come clean (about the charge and/or conviction), AND about what you've done in the meantime to prove it was a one-time error in judgement. After that, it's up to the company to make the decision to pursue hiring you (or throwing your application away).

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Felony will come up anywhere!There are laws that say you do not have to disclose it. In some instances they are still able to find out....then they terminate u for no reason!

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most states (for employment by state, gun permit etc) do a print based check which involves checking either only within state offenses or the state offenses and the fbi database. The fbi file is limited to selected serious offenses (rape 1st or 2nd not stat), kidnap, arson, etc and are dependent on state giving info. BUT most employers use private listing services which will list all offenses, all states, and if you know how to read files can often determine that a person had a juvie record. Many states have laws that make it difficult for a company to refuse to hire based on a record, but companies can circumvent by not stating that is the reason..

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The felony conviction will show up anywhere. It is now part of the FBI database, so when they run an NCIC check of your record, the felony will show up. As far as I know, felony convictions stay with you forever.

What the company does with it, and how long they hold a felony conviction is up to them.

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Ice Saber
No, a crime's a crime, and it will be found on the backround check no matter what state it is.

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Yak Rider
If they do the search with the FBI's NCIC system, or by submitting your finger prints, it will show up. This is the most common search method.

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Background checks go back for as long as the companies that do them have records. Most of these companies have been around for a while and can sell their data to folks looking for it for more $ if they have more info. Companies typically do not go to each individual state; it's much easier o go to a company which compiles all that info and pay them a per person search fee.

Most companies do criminal background checks that cover convictions; the big ones will pick up things you have just been arrested for. The days of being able to outrun your past in this country are over. A company in Alaska will find out about your misdemeanor conviction in Florida at about $20 a pop.

Your problem is that the crime is a felony and that it involves stealing. It's not technically a "theft" but I would wager that most employers would consider it one. My recommendation would be to disclose the conviction to the employer before they run the background check and show them what you've done subsequent to that. They're going to find out about it, so it's better if it comes out of your mouth than from PublicData.com

UPDATE: Regarding expungement of your felony conviction, TN only allows this in very limited circumstances, and it doesn't seem like you're eligible. Under Ten. Code Crim Proc. 40.32.101(a)(1)(E), "[a] person shall not be entitled to the expunction of such person's records in a particular case if the person is convicted of any offense or charge, including a lesser included offense or charge." If you were convicted (a judge placed you on probation after a guilty plea or sent you to prison), then you aren't eligible to have the records destroyed. If you neither of those is true, talk to a lawyer in TN ASAP about getting the expunction done. It's well worth it.

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