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I am 14 and live in delaware. my mom is trying to force me to get the H1N1 shot.
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 what does `to defraud` mean?

 "Get out of town" rule in Texas?
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 How come our UK politicians can claim for anything they like...?
apparently including staff discount from supermarkets, tampons (for male MP's), porn videos, multiple televisions and second homes, often several in one year? Their expenses are supposed to be ...

 I heard some co-workers making racist remarks about our president. Should I report them to management?

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They were trying to organize one of those tea party things too and we're not allowed to engage in political activities that get a lot of press coverage and ...

 Why do people claim to be patriotic but don't bother to read the Constitution?
I know there are all forms of patriotism but why wouldn't you at least look into the most important. I also don't believe you have to agree 100% with it (like I do) but you should agree ...

 Is it possible for a brutal serial killer like Ted Bundy to be concerned and compassionate to the poor?
Ted Bundy is just an example of a brutal, unethical, serial killer - this question isn't restricted to him

My question is can cold blooded killers have compassion, have a care for ...

 If a sublessee refuses to sign a subleasing contract and?
has such terrible credit the landlord will not put their name on the current lease, what recourse does one have to protect themselves from losing money in this insane deal?
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 I need to write a contract for rent owed?
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 Is clean water a right, or a privilege?
31 billion people lack access to clean drinking water, consumption doubles every 20 years while water sources are being polluted, depleted, diverted and exploited by corporate interests (industrial ...

 If you do not believe in a God, then when you goto Court, what do you swear on?
Actually my ten year old asked me that... she said.."Mom, if you dont believe in God do you still have to do the swear thing in court?" uhmm... I would think not I replied, She replied, &...

 Why are those who are pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia usually the ones that are anti-death-penalty?
Doesn't that seem a bit odd?

Note, I'm not saying all are that way, it just seems that way.
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Lisa: I don't agree with you, but you bring up ...

 What do you think of the lesson I learned?
Lied on my resume, claimed to have a college degree and several years experience......
landed a nice-paying job......been at the same job for 7 years now.

Lesson Learned: Job R...

 I'm not sure that he is who he's claiming to be. Im waiting for an email response. How can I trust the doctor?

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Um, who is patrick?...

 Should ALL convicted murderers be denied parole?
I just read that Manson family member Susan Atkins, who is terminally ill with brain cancer, has once again been denied parole. Should ALL convicted murderers be denied parole? After all, they have ...

If something is illegal, does it necessarily mean that it is unethical?
Hi all!
Please elaborate on your view.
Thanks all! Peace!

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Im me who are you?
abortion to me is not right, but its legal?

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Cody Hamby
Yeah i agree with dude above.
Driving fast is illegal, but fun as hell.
Pot is illegal, but fun.
And underage drinking, same.

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Ethically, I include all things the law considers illegal as unethical.

Not everyone does

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Not at all, I can think of plenty of things that are LEGAL but are unethical.

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Spelling Bee-otch
No. Driving too fast is illegal, but it's not got anything to do with ethics.

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Jay-walking is illegal but it infringes on no-one's beliefs.
It's only law because of safety/liability.

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Mallory W. <33
no of course not

for example

if your wife is in labor , and you speed.

its ethical to do in situations.

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That depends on you. Ethics are entirely personal. If your personal ethics system is defined by laws, then yes, ethics and legality will correspond completely. If your ethics are defined by anything else, be it personal experience or religion or anything else, there will be times legality and ethics will conflict.

I see laws as tools of civilization. In general (barring wholly corrupt ruling classes and the like) laws are used to either force the ruling class's system of ethics upon the lower classes, or (especially in a "democracy" like here in the US) to smooth out all the differences in people's various systems of ethics. That's certainly not *all* the laws do, but there is a correlation.

It's also important to note that laws and (in most cases) ethics are constantly evolving entities, so finding an exact one-to-one correlation between laws or ethics and anything is extremely difficult. Even religions based on ancient and unchanging texts are reinterpreted over time, or read differently by different people, or applied to modern life in different ways, and thus exhibit fluctuations in this way.

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Most illegal things are unethical. There are small exceptions to the rule though. The reason most laws are made is because they are unethical.

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I believe that it is unethical to knowing break the law, if the law is righteous.

I mean if you were in a country where woman can get arrested and beaten or killed if they show their ankles, then I say it is wrong to turn someone in. I feel the same way about freedom of religion...people shouldn't be forced to worship the way others do.

But if you are in say, America...and the law relates to the common good...like using drugs, speeding or stealing, then I say yes, it is unethical and wrong to break that law.

Finally, if you accidently or unintentionally break a law then I say, don't walk around feeling guilty because you ran a red light or did something that was unethical or illegal. Just be careful next time...and if you hurt someone, and you feel it is possible to restore that person, then do so...you'll both feel better!

Hope you're okay

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* Hannah *
No, there's not always a correlation between law and morals. Often though, when something becomes against the law, we change our moral views. In the late 1800's early 1900's people took class A drugs like we eat sweets. No one thought anything of it. However, when the law declared drugs illegal, slowly our moral views changed over time. Same with drink-driving, only when it became illegal did we perceive it to be immoral.
Think about this, if a woman in a 3rd world country stole some medication to give to her dying children, from a large multi-national corporation. Theft is without a doubt illegal, but how many people would hold her actions to be unethical?

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The law and generally accepted ethics tend to go hand in hand. Most laws work to the benefit of those ethics. For example, homicide laws - as a planet, most of us feel it is wrong to kill another, and child protection laws - a vast majority of earth's inhabitants feel that children deserve to be kept safe from abuse.

There are some laws that do not immediately appear to be ethical, some feel they have more to do with being controlled, e.g. road safety rules, but in reality, then general intention is that of protection and safety. If we didn't have road safety rules, imagine the havoc.

The laws that don't always work hand in hand with ethics, for example theft - imagine being the father of eight starving children, you live in extreme poverty and you take some bread from a shop to feed them. Some feel that to prosecute this individual would be a crime in itself, but the law remains rigid, and this man would be, if caught, put on trial for theft.

Sorry it's so long.

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Fink Ployd
Would you steal to feed your children? Of course you would. Even though its illegal, it may be the right thing to do.

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I wouldn't say that smoking marijuana, for instance, is unethical - it doesn't hurt anyone but you, and it's arguable how much damage it actually does. It's not incest, it's not taboo... people used hallucinogenic drugs a lot to induce "religious visions" a long time ago (some people still do).

A lot of things are like this. I don't think that it's unethical at all to run a red light at 3am when no one is coming from either direction and you're just tired and want to get home, although it's most certainly illegal and will get you ticketed.

I think in many cases, legality is mixed up with morality because someone tried to impose their moral or ethical belief system on the rest of us... but not always. Some laws are there to reinforce common sense (like stop lights, which act as courtesy to other drivers by letting them have a clear right-of-way, while increasing the safety of our roads) and others... are useless. I won't get into those here, though.

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Nick D
i suppose it's not necessarily unethical. it probably depends on the situation. like, if someone was going to kill your family unless you robbed a bank, it would be illegal, but i suppose ethical. it all just depends on the situation.

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No, I took a ethics class and we had a huge lecture on this. It gets really interesting. I don't think everything illegal is unethical. I got a ticket because the tint on my car was illegal. That definitely doesn't make me unethical. There are many of these kinds of scenarios.

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81 Honda
no, turning with out your turn signal on is illegal but I don't see how it has anything to do with ethics.

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no...not all illegal things are unethical, for most anyway. For example...speeding through a red light, illegal, yes...unethical...not really. Its not that big of a fine line between most illegalities and ethics. laws are whats set to limit you...ethics are the things inside you and most others that define you.

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J *
Well some people eat illegal drugs (weed) to get an appetite.

Cancer patients.

I saw it work.

I think the ethics in making it illegal from them to do that are on the wrong side of the fence.

I am sure if I had cancer and had trouble eating after chemo I would give it a shot.

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Of course not. Read Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau. It may be illegal to march and protest, but it is ethical, sometimes mandatory to do so. Look at Tibet right now.

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The law defines what is legal and illegal, but nothing defines what is or is not ethical. We call them like we see them, and all things illegal are not all things unethical. Sneezing on someone intentionally, for example, is not illegal, but in most settings it would be unethical.

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Alan S
no, Marijuana is illegal but the only thing unethical about it was the motives of Harry Anslinger and his senate buddies that pushed the bill through the ways and means committee thereby denying any chance for its debate in congress some 71 years ago.

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scouse princess
No, just because it is illegal does not mean that it is morally wrong or unethical. For example, you could be walking down the road, and you happen to walk past a property/piece of land that says no tresspassing on. However you see a stranger is injured in that area and you want to help them. As human beings it would be morally right to do so, despite it being against the law to trespass on private property. Surely it would be more unethical to leave the person to suffer and not try and see if you could help?

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Madison T

Walking across the road where there isn't a crosswalk is illegal (Jaywalking). But I don't consider it to be immoral.

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