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 I sold my car in california on craigs now the buyer wants there money back or they said they would sue ?
so i sold the car on craigs list and i told the buyer my friend put a new radiator in it and it is running fine.they drove it home and said it overheated.they took it to a mechanic and he said it was ...

 Does it sound like I have a legitimate case here?
So I was discharged from the hospital yesterday and am wondering if I have a legal case or not. Went in on the 27th for side pains and a fever and they kept me for 4 hours then sent me home with a 103...

So when I was 16 I was stupid and immature. I wrote FREE VAGINA on someones driveway. and now im 19 and they found out and they have a picture. they are blaming me for it. im denying it till I die. I ...

 can my landlord charge me extra rent for my minor children if they move in with me?

 What people deserve to be punished but aren't or need extra punishment that the law isn't giving?
This can be anyone and the punishment can be anything...hell name the punishment you think they deserve if you like.
This can range from a biker in the driving lane to a murderer....

 Who gets bank money if benificiary dies?
my mother passed away in march. a long time ago she put her sister down as a benificiary to a bank account. When my mom died, she and her sister (my aunt) were extremely estranged. my mothers ...

 If someone can't afford a lawyer will you be able to get one still through the courts? I live in nj?

 what is the penalty for just tearing a sign down and not actually taking it?

 please help what are my options at protecting my child?
I have a 9 year old daughter that sees her father every other weekend. During the summer he is supposed to get summer visitation that in 7 years he has never utilized, but since he and his girlfriend ...

 Is it possible to create a crime family in the uk?
Similar to the Corleone crime family?...

 Why give out an application if you are not hiring?
Why give out an application if you are not hiring? Even though some people ask "Are you hiring?" They actually still give out an application.

My boyfriend has been searching for ...

 Would you be offended if someone wanted you to sign a prenup

 I have a question about stealing and the law on it?
Can you go to jail or get in trouble for just being with someone that was stealing, even if you didnt know it?...

 Can I have an order of protection extended even if I spoke/have seen the perpetrator?

 Is it illegal for an interviewer to ask you, "Do you have a good relationship with your family?"?

 Will I be arrested if I go back to the grocery store?
I had shoplifted from Woodman's Grocery store and was told that if I come back I will be arrested for trespassing.

I was talking to a friend of mine and they said they can't ...

 is driving without your headlights on considered a moving violation in california?

 is prostitution legal in quebec city?

Additional Details
not that im looking....its for.....ummmm.....class.....yea thats it.......

 i want to be a detective but have felonies. HELP?
hey i want to be a detective, like the ones on law and order, i hate f-ing street cops, i instead want to be a detective for murder and such, ive been convicted of marijuana charges and several theft ...

 I'm only 16 and i don't know when...?
i can be legally emancipated. im having trouble living under the same roof with my mom. it got me to the point where im now thinking of how soon i can move out into my own place and maybe room up ...

I think my boss is stealing money and taking it out of our checks. What can I do.?
I work at a subway (where they pay us with personal checks, don't take out federal taxes, and haven't even filed our w4's) and there are at most 3 people on shift at one time. I've checked the register when I first come in and when I leave and even discuss it with my co-workers. I haven't noticed anyone stealing while I'm on the register but it still manages to come up short. (80-100 dollars at a time) Once we checked the register and it was 5 dollars over in the morning then after about 20 customers the draw was 86 dollars short. I then called the owner of the store and he said to count the drawer after taking care of the two customers we had left in the store (he was watching us on the camera from home). When we counted the drawer the second time, 5 minutes later, everything was even, no overage or shortage. I have reason to believe that someone other than my colleagues is messing with the money behind the scenes. What can I do to fix this.

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2010-05-25 17:23:49 +0000
the same kind of thing happened to me. you're going to need a few things for this. first, make sure you have someone you can stay with that isnt a direct family member. next, you need to find something really heavy, but still conceilable in a car easily. then drive to his house, thru the wall. and beat him until hes unconcious. what you do next, is drag him to your car. tie him up and blindfold him, put him in the back seat, and take him to a warehouse. tie him to a chair. you ask him what he did with the money. hes going to say something stupid like "what money?" or something. hit him. and kill him.

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2010-05-25 17:22:53 +0000
Get your own camera or mini spy cam and find out!

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2010-05-25 17:19:50 +0000
enough with the fakes

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2010-05-25 17:21:56 +0000
call your local authorities & have them point you in the right direction. maybe call the better business bureau.

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2010-05-25 17:22:30 +0000
How can you check it, do you have visa on the computer? Are you authorized to check it? If you have such a system, only you are clocked in so its just your responsibility when your at the drawer. Anyway, collegue means Deux Ex, because your so trusting and they wish to keep it that way, but why bother at all? Is the boss a sh1ter?

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2010-05-25 17:37:35 +0000
I don't see anything in your post indicating he's withholding money from your check illegally. All see is that the register doesn't balance all the time. Regardless your boss is violating State laws respecting how he's paying you. He may also be violating his franchise agreement w/Subway. Contact your state Labor Board or Commission, I am sure they'll want any taxes they're owed for payroll. Finally, I'd report him to Subway Corporate and let them know how he's paying you...

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