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can I get into criminal trouble for accidentially breaking her DVD's? I have ...

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 Can You Sue Someone Because Of A Sexist Comment?
I brought my daughter to school to drop her off when we entered the classroom she tole her teacher that she really liked her shoes and her teacher said "of course you do your a girl"

I'm getting evicted from my apartment! what should I do?
my landlord wants to evicted me because, I was 400 dollars short of my rent, and i still own for the month of october, but the truth of the matter is he upset because I complained to the city on him because he wouldnt fix minor repairs. I am fully aware that yes I owe him the money but what now. I am going to pay him on friday my rent for october and I just sent him a check for 200 dollars, but now that november is comming up and I won't have my rent for november, untill maybe the middle of november, can he still evicted me after I pay off the money I own and octobers rent????? and If he says there was a promblem with me living in his building how soon would I have to move? any help would be great thanks

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the process for eviction depends on where you live. Some cities highly favor the tenent and give you 3 months to get out, even if you don't pay your rent. Others allow the landlord to lock you out with a 30 day notice.

What should you do?
1. Pay your rent. or
2. get packing.

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The Reverend Soleil



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Absolutely not he cannot evict you for the reasons you have mentioned. If you have not received a eviction notice from a court that he has attended to have you officially evicted then you have nothing to worry about. Pay your rent like you planned on Friday. Pay your Novembers rent ASAP (mid November). When you give him the rent for October give a notice telling him (in writing) that your November rent will be paid on such date along with any late fees that apply. Keep a copy of the note for yourself. He can do nothing. It is very hard for a landlord to "evict" someone and it takes a while for the complete legal process to go through. Be on your best behavior and document any correspondences between you and get EVERYTHING in writing, keep a journal of all phone calls, hallway passing by conversations ect. Even if he tells you you have to get out tell him you need it in writing with specific itemized reasons with his signature and date, on his letter head paper and that alone will make him back off. (he will think you have spoke with an attorney) If he's just being a pecker-head he needs to be brought down a peg or two but if you are late every month, or a trouble maker tenant you really should straighten your act up and do better.

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Just Me
I know this is scary.. I've been there. Go to the courthouse as soon as you get papers. You HAVE to get papers or it's not legal. You are going to then answer the court by telling them you are not getting repairs in your apt. You are going to have to pay once the repairs are made. This "answer" is called a motion to show cause - I've done all this with my landlord before. Look up the laws and tenants rights in your state. There will be an advocate for people like you, who don't understand your rights etc and are being bullied by your landlord. They can help you. If you are more than 30 days in arrears, please try and get that money together. He can evict you for this. And if you ignore any papers sent by the court, you will be evicted by default, because you didn't show up in court. It's not as easy to evict if you follow the rules... he can't just say there's a problem and you have to leave... just like you have to come up with reasons for not paying, he has to come up with reasons for kicking you out and saying "there's a problem" isn't enough.

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Yes he can evict you with all rights in doing so. Your rent is due on a ceratin date with a grace periord, paying late or partial payments is not acceptable and your living there is at the disgression of the landlord!

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Either pay your rent or find a cheaper place. If you can't afford something, don't get it. Live below your means and stop stressing out your landlord. I don't like my landlords either but I pay every month on time.

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You became subject to eviction as soon as you were one dollar short or one minute late.

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You're going to be evicted, so what you should do is start planning where you're going to be living when you no longer live where you live now. How long that will be depends on local laws, but it is going to happen if he wants it to. Once you fail to make a rent payment he has the right to start eviction proceedings in almost every jurisdiction. And he doesn't have to accept any further payments from you in most jurisdictions, although he can, up to the amount you owe him at the moment - and still have you evicted.

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Candace B
Im almost positive he has to give you 30 days to find a new place and get your stuff out now the back rent is something you will have to pay regardless you should just get it out of the way now because he he takes you to the magistrate your gonna be ordered to pay that money back anyway. Next time you have a problem about repairs you can contact a third party who will hold his rent money untill the repairs are made that way he will have no choice but to repair if he wants his money. I know there are services like that around me I don't know if there is any in your city but look it up on the internet.

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michael c

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Carley *15* & MoM *26*
stay with a friend or family member untill you get your self sortted and stay out of there way as much as possible so`s you dont get in their way x

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maybe you should try renting somewhere you can afford!

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▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
Pay the rent.

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look for another place to live.

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Jack B
As long as he follows the law , in evicting you , yes , he can . If your rent is due on the first , then your rent is due on the first !!

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anonymous :
use the money that u pay for cable and internet and pay your rent. or start packing.. the law says he's only gotta give u 30 days to get ur stuff together

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I would pay the money I owe him if I were you.

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Varies a lot by WHERE YOU LIVE.

Try calling Legal Aid.

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