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what about in an airport?

and what if youre under 18?


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How long can you go without paying rent before u get evicted?
I live in an apartment complex with my kids who I am raising on my own. I have to finish x-mas shopping, how long could I go without paying rent before getting evicted?

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they can file 7 days after you are late, and they can actually go to court the same day. Then you get 7 days to move, if you don't they put your stuff on the sidewalk.

I'm in the same boat, but I paid my rent first, Christmas isn't about the gifts, now might be a good time to begin teaching your children the true meaning of this Blessed holiday.

I'm on disability and get paid once a month. After I paid my bills this month I had $27 left. It's a long time til Jan 3rd when I get paid again. I will take what I can to Dollar General and buy a few fun things for them, then we will bake cookies, sing carols, and just have a great time anyway.

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It takes a written form of 3 day pay or vacate, then comes a 20 day eviction notice then a 10 day notice to respond to a court date to show why you shouldn't pay rent, in which you need to respond to the courts then take a copy of it to their attorneys, then go to court. On the average about 60 days.

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I think you should reevaluate your priorities. Would a nice xmas be worth living on the streets after? Sure you'll have a big screen tv but yea, living under a bridge isnt the same experience. Plus you'll ruin your credit and never be able to have another good xmas anyways. You can be evicted as soon as your landlord can deduct your deposit and give you 1 month to get out.

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Eviction proceedings can begin the day after you are late with your rent. Give the landlord a break. He has to keep his mortgage and other bills paid for the apartment you are renting and does not deserve to be put on the back burner while you go Christmas shopping.

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as long as you desire, just glue yourself to the wall

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Having a roof over your head is a bit more important that having toys. Most rental agencies can evict you for non payment after 30 days. Giving you a 3 day notice to vacate, and having the sheriff there while they put your things on the public thoroughfare. Christmas is about love, not about loot

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John G

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Speaking as a former landlord, I would advise you to pay the rent-the roof over your head is more important than xmas shopping, even if it means disappointing your kids. I had real roblems with tenants in the past who decided they'd miss rent payments or just flat out refuse to pay anything until I evicted them. It got to the point where I simply didn't hear the sob stories anymore and simply got the bailiffs & locksmiths in. Your landlord might be of the same mindset if he's had trouble from other tenants.

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Depends on your lease agreement and the rental laws in your area. Most landlords will evict after one month.

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Pay your rent instead of Christmas shopping.

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Tangie pay your dang rent. How sad for your kids to get toys at Christmas but no room to put them in.

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You may never get evicted if you just miss one months rent. It depends on the landlord, and the state you live in. It is the landlords' choice to evict, but once they make that choice they have to follow the rules of the state.
Eviction is a court order, so they have to go through that process, including a notice to quit to you, which is the notice of eviction. If you don't evict, the landlord then has to take you to court. All told it could take about 2 months or so.

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