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 I signed the birth cert. because I believed I was the Dad. I found out later I'm not...now what?
The mother and I have never been married. We all live in California and the child was born here. At the time of his birth (Oct. 2006) I believed that I was his father and signed as such on the birth ...

 Quick question! Ten Points to the best SERIOUS answer! ?
What's the legality of Private investigators?

Isn't what they do considered an invasion of privacy?
What information CAN'T they obtain legally?
Can you sue a P.I ...

 If this nation was under attack, under what circumstances would you defend it?
Would you take up your weapons and litteraly defend our Country? Just what would you do?...

 is it legal ????????????????????????
my son has been in a relationship for six months, she is legally married to another man,and my son recently told me they are engaged,and bought her a ring.they are married through common law ...

 Is it illigal for a Debit Collector to lie.....?
said he was calling about my husband being wanted for assualt and told me since I was his wife the lead deactive could tell me more call another number and I did to find out there is no charges it�...

 texas trespassing ticket for going into a school he did not belong how much is it?

 Problems with three piece suite?
With a direct debit card or credit card I am led to believe you are Insured against companies that go into liquidation. I paid for my three piece suite with a switch current account. Can anyone ...

 How much responsibility does a bank customer bear for salutary errors?
Turning around a similar question:
A woman transposes two numbers of her bank account when filling out her tax return. Her $6,000 refund is deposited in the wrong bank account. She told the bank,...

 Storm of Spin coming from McCanns this next week?
Clarrie and team McCann are building a storm of spin that will even eclipse this weeks efforts. We may well have to endure an absolute tidal wave of rubbish, if the press again buy into it (The Star ...

 Is there a statute of limitations for reporting a stolen car in NC?

 Can your boss fire you for looking for another job??
I am currently trying to get the **** outta my current job. I can't stand it. Anyway, the recruiter from one of the places I was applying called my current job to verify I work there and my boss ...

 Do people accomplish more when they are allowed to do things in their own way?
do they?...

 How "legal" is marijuana in Canada?
To what extent is it "legal"?...

 Which 4 out of the 10 bill of rights would you chose to keep if you had to? And why?

 Should the law being ammended to reflect longer life expectancy in the 21st Century?

Ellie made and excellent point when she remind us that in years gone by, the average life expectancy was indeed just 30 ...

 Does anyone if I can reopen a case or begin a new case on a case that was tried ...?
Small Claims
under 5000
NY State

Thanks Much=)...

 18 vs 21 which ones a better age to be an actual adult?
I'm 19 and i don't consider myself an adult and i don't think the law should either i think that 21 is a much more suitable age for being the age of ...

 Are medical marijuana users safe from drug test results regarding their jobs?
A friend of mine wanted me to poll the 90 million yahoo answer users about this, I'm curious to (lol). Near the end of 2007 the Supreme Court said that within 90 days they'd make a ...

 Legal Advice Needed and Greatly Appreciated?
My friend joined a sorority in Fall of 07. She stopped going after the first meeting and thought that the sorority assumed she had dropped out. After a meeting, she was supposed to sign a "...

 will oj simpson ever get what's coming to him?
i heard a rumor, so i want to know the truth. i heard that what oj pulled in vegas could land him in jail for the rest of life. it is there where he, the murderer, belongs--better yet, in the ...

Does Notary of the Public Legal across State lines in the United States??..?
My Aunt lives across the State line from me ( in another state) . We are trying to get some legal documents Notarized. Does a Notary of the Public stamp, in one State. Good in only one state, or is it valid in all states?

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Of course. It is a legal document and it is a legal seal. And it is good as long as her Notary license or permit is valid.

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Notary can only notarize documents in the state they are commissioned in. For example, I'm a notary in CA so i can notarize documents anywhere in the state of CA as long as the signer are present. If your aunt lives in the different state, you need to send that document to her and have her find a notary in her state. What notaries do is acknowledge that the signer is the person who signed the document. So a document notarized in one state is good through out US.

Document DOES NOT expire with the notary commission.
CA notary commission is 4 years and mine expires in 2012. If i notarize a document today, that is valid as long as it is the current one.

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