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Victor D
Caught shoplifting from wal-mart. Should i Plead "guilty" or " no contest"?
I recently got caught shoplifting a 28 dollar peice of merchandise from wal-mart. i was not arrested, just given a citation and court date by an officer. im currently enrolled in college and this is my first offense, other than a couple of speeding tickets. i was wondering if i should plea guilty or no contest. i just want this to be over, stay in school , and keep this off my record. Also, i was curious to what i should expect as far as sentencing. im a resident of GA by the way.

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2009-07-25 03:27:27 +0000
omg plead guilty..they dont want to take the time to prove it that u did it it just pisses them off if ur honest they will do less..(that's only applied for shoplifting not murder) lol

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2009-07-25 03:37:57 +0000
you know something i got caught stealing from wal mart to and i learned something wal mart has Wired they have camera's like mad and they have beepers on everything they have people at the front so you cant run off. Oh yea wal mart is ready for shop lifters. and a 28 dollar merchandise no wonder you didn't get arrested i stole and i-pod.

but yea don't steal from wall mat 9.9 out of ten chance you will get caught. don't steal from wall mart
steal from Zellers

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2009-07-25 03:24:09 +0000
They should give you a lawyer. If you don't have one and they won't give you one, see if you can negotiate a deal where if you keep your nose clean for a year it goes off your record. Doesn't hurt to try. Don't plead guilty, at the most do a no contest.

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2009-07-25 03:27:47 +0000
Fess up! Even though its only a 28 dollar piece of merchandise, the judge may rule in your favor if you are honest and remorseful for your act. Besides, there isn't much they can do to you for something as small in monetary value as that. At the most (if this is your first offense) it will be probation and possibly court costs. You aren't gonna go to jail for it.

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2009-07-25 03:31:33 +0000
I can't answer for your State's law, but no contest is pretty much the same as pleading guilty in the eyes of the court.

If its a first offense, the court is usually pretty lenient You may have to pay a fine and may be banned from going into that particular Walmart.

Depending on your State law, you could ask for a plea of abeyance. Usually after your probation time is up and you haven't committed a crime, such as stealing, then it can be wiped of your record where if you plead guilt or no contest, you would have to wait 3 to 5 years to get it expunged.

If your worried, plead not guilty and get a public defender lawyer and consult with them.

Good Luck

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2009-07-25 03:33:33 +0000
A no contest plea is better because it sounds like you're not admitting anything. If you got some character witnesses especially that officer that would help. In New YorK often times for small first offenders the sentence can be suspended for 6 months and if you don't do anything against the law the charges would be dismissed. or you might be fined about $100, none of which should affect your record.In any case you might want to consult a lawyer or the Public Defender, if there is one Good Luck

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2009-07-25 03:26:09 +0000
Whether you plead guilty or no contest, it will result in conviction and will be on your record.

You should consult an attorney to see if there could be another alternative. The lawyer referral service at www.gabar.org should help you.

The sentence may be a fine and/or community service for a first-offense misdemeanor.

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