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Can you sue for falling on ice?
My stepfather fell on the ice while walking to the area where we were voting tonight. He fell on his left elbow and it is very swollen and painful. He is a carpenter and needs his elbow in order to work. He thinks he is okay, but if it turns out this is more serious can he sue the owners of the area where he fell? It was at a senior citizen center in Massachusetts. Thanks.

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The probolitity depends on the situation. If its public property perhaps say the sidewalk infront of someones house then yes but it depends if the owner was aware or for that matter even build up. but highly unlikely. and yes if its in a center especially if no warning is given unless the incident happened a few seconds and then he came along and fell

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Princess Peach
Yes, you can, and you will have a strong case as well. Out of all the places they chose not to salt, why an SERIOR CITIZEN CENTER..it only takes one fall for them to shatters a bone, or worse, senior citizens need to be protected!

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Jared Powell
Yes, its their property to maintain, and make sure no one can get hurt on it. Thats why people snow shovel their sidewalks, because if some little kid comes and breaks their leg there its the home owners fault.

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I don't think he can sue for the weather being cold.

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mike g
If the establishment had shoveled the walk, or did anything to disturb what an "act of god" had created, they are liable. Often, a property owner will shovel a walk, exposing ice underneath, making the surface more dangerous than before..And if it then sleets or rains and freezes over the area they cleared, they are still liable, because they created a situation for the condition to exist. Plus, since they are operating an establishment with the intent to attract persons of age who require safer conditions, they could be found negligent even if they did not disturb what god had created.

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If he fell on city property they have deep pockets but they also have a good staff attorney. Was the area dangerous all over? You'd have to prove that it was dangerous only when he slipped. You have to show negligence in order to win this type of personal injury lawsuit.

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Depends. If he was walking on a path/walkway and there was ice, perhaps. BUT, sueing someone is very expensive and takes forever not to mention stressful as heck. I hope he has health insurance. Take him to a private doctor and make sure he's okay.

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If it was on their property, I think so.

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you can if they are suppose to provide sailt

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Truth Sets You Free
He needs to be under medical supervision for the injury first and see how the injury heals before deciding to sue

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that's corrupt.

No, don't sue....

My town does a poor job getting rid of ice off the road, ive slid off the road..car lost control, i can't sue anyone.

His fault.

* Act of god isn't legit.

There could be a strong wind, causing my property to damage another person's property. Even though it's an "act of god", I would still be on to pay

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you probably can but think about it. i understand your old man has to work but most places you vote are community buildings. your really going to try and sue the church, community center, senior cent ect.? i know major retailers usually settle out of court for situations like this. its cheaper then hiring a lawyer and fighting it in court. takes a few years to get the money tho. where i was working at the time 2 people fell on winter both got 200k. good luck. but you take lawyer fees and tax, and you brook even and you still are out of work and hurt.

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You can try, but don't be too hopeful. Ice is slick. Any first grader knows that. The owner has no control over the weather. And, you were in Massachusetts, it snows. He should have been more careful.

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Tom B
Whats wrong with you? Grow up, its the senior center for cripes sake. Its not like they have any money anyway (they don't even get a cola raise in the social security this year). Its a place for the elderly to get together, socialize and get a decent affordable meal every now and then. I busted my butt in my own driveway today because of the crap weather. Should I sue myself or should I be more careful and watch where I'm walking?

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Matthew D 2
Can you sue for being injured on someone else's property? If they can be held negligible, then yes. However your step father didn't call an ambulance and therefore there is nothing to substantiate that he received such injury at that time and place due to ice.
And honestly suing for frivolous acts of God is just the wrong thing to do anyway, even if you do think you need the money.

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Why would you do that? Did the Senior Citizen's Center send someone out to spray water on the sidewalk that later turned to ice? Seriously? How is it their fault. Ice is an act of God.

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Can he sue? Yes. Will he win? Maybe. Depends on whether or not the owners were negligent in allowing ice to build up, or if they knew about it and failed to take appropriate steps. However, assuming this place was in the middle of one of the storms that has been hitting all over the country, then there's almost zero chance he'd win. You're expected to exercise extra care when you're out and about in hazardous conditions.

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