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 Why is it illegal to have window puppet shows in the state of new york?

 What are the illegal drug laws in communist China? What about Hong Kong?
I know they are illegal but what are the penalties for marijuana, cocaine, heroin, extacy, methamphetamines etc....

 how can i file a complaint on my boss?

 Age to legally move out of PARENTS!!!?
Well, I'm turning 15 this fall.
I just live with my father.
And i live in Norman Oklahoma.

Just want to know if there is any POSSIBLE way to move out of my dads house....

 If a criminal turns himself in shouldn't he get the reward money?
I mean, theres a money reward for the person who turns him in....

 If you are a suspect of a crime,?
Their will be a time you would be brought in for questioning correct?Even if you are not aware of a crime....

 In Poker, There is a Scenario of "Calling a Bluff", Do you Have Other Real-World Examples of this?
To Clarify, One's Word isn't Good Enough, it Needs to Be Backed Up With Facts, Unequivocal Supportive Hard Evidence.

I See An Hallmark of a Scam or Con, as Being Unwilling to Do ...

 School Bus -- School District contracts for public viewing?
i'm doing a paper on school district's private company contracts and wondering if the actual contract is available to public view?...

 Help!!! My pet monkey won't stop pirating DVD's illegally. Is there a way to send him to jail?
It all started as a joke, A JOKE, I tell you!!!

I just wanted to teach my pet monkey how to make a backup. Silly me!!!

Came home from work, he made over a thousand pure T CLONES ...

 just bought a new house, Power Plant being built across the street?
I Just bought a brand new house in a new comunity 6 months ago, when i bought it the builder never disclosed that there was going to be a power plant built across the street. i am just now finding ...

 Support Or Against----> Someone Changes His Her Name ?
Ok So I Wanna Change Mine ( Last & First ) ..
So Where Should I Go , Also Do I Have To Go To Only One Place To Change It ,And They Will Change Everything ( Driving Licence , Health card , P...

 UK Police what right of access do they have to mobile records?
1. If they contact a mobile network provider for a persons correspondance do they just get given the call time and number log? ..or do they get the message phone call details?
2. If they can get ...

 Do you think everyone's fingerprints, and DNA should be on file?
I don't know....

 CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Should we bring back hanging?
Who For? what crimes should get the black cloth? Mb you think its barbaric? maybe you think its justice? whats your take and y.............

 What's the diffence between baking a cake and eating that cake?

 Is Mrs.Clinton to dump to drop out after all top party boss have told her too?

Additional Details
I meant dumb to drop out she has lost the party bosses ...

 Is homosexuality an important political issue?
During the elections, I talked with one of my elderly neighbors and tried to persuade her not to vote for Bush. She said, "I don't care, I am just so disgusted at the thought of those gays ...

 This is a clear case of moral decadence?
Embassies, Western countries Embassies, in the third world, in particular in Africa, are very corrupt and sell visas for exhorbitant prices (be it tourist or immigrant visa). I know families who sold ...

 If a muslim couple is married legally,but not islamic marriage. Does the legal marriage counts?
I've been married and me and my husband muslim. But due to some financial problems, we haven't done the Nikkah yet. Some folks told me that my marriage was not valid. And this really ...

 Is a background & credit check without consent, illegal?
A sibling did a background & credit check on myself and older brother. the family is divided and we don't get along. He took our info and put it in an email & shared it with other ...

Can you masturbate in prison?
Some one i know got caught w..a..n..k..i..n..g in prison and now they have been sent to another minimum security prison for 20 days ? This is in N.C. in USA.. Why is that? and i mean in your own cell ...
Additional Details
toadoflossers.. er yeh i am british actually, i said its a friend of mine in the USA....thanks....

I have just rang the prison and they said he was caught in his cell, apparently you cant do that...and that was an officer speaking...??lol

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Barbara Doll to you
wet dreams only.

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Of course one can if not hand-cuffed!:=)

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Andy B
"Can you masturbate in prison?"

Well yes you can, but you'll probably have lots of other 'friends' there to help you.

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♥ Jessie ♥
I dont see why you cant, your body your freedome.

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Gordon Bennet
Maybe they don't want no wankers in that prison.

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Probably a female officer, who shouldn't be in a male prison in the first place, who reported it as offensive behaviour.

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He may have been done for gross indecency.

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In the states BUBBA gives them a diffrent idea

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talks good s hit
what???/my god he must of shot in a prison officers face for that!

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What better way for prisoners to take themselves in hand is there?

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Typically American - and as usual, on the UK/I site. I just wonder how much of this story we HAVEN'T been told............
In civilised countries like GB there are no restrictions so long as you don't do it in the governor's office.

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Tim D
whos going to stop you?

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umm they rape people in prison and minimum security prison for that?? wtf

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I cant think how they would be able to stop you. It is your body so can do what you want with it

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They do a lot worse than that in prison! I don't know why doing it to yourself would be punishable when there are others forced by another inmate and no one cares about that.

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danni boy
someone somewhere been telling you lies m8
of course you can

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